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Adiponectin, Diabetes, and Weight Loss: Solutions?????

Oct 10, 2021

After the last discussion regarding this one particular hormone and Diabetes, I really didn't leave you with much of a solution for the deal. (That was on purpose). So this discussion is an attempt to present some solutions and tie it in with other issues.

When doing the verification aspect of this discussion, as with the last discussion, it seems like we keep running around in circles. The solution for Weight Loss shares some cause and effect aspects to other issues. Then you look at Type 2 Diabetes and the same type of solutions come around again. About all that changes is the topic or the point of discussion on the topic. Just insert the word, Diabetes, in place of weight loss or weight loss in the slot with Diabetes. They share about 97 or 98% commonality. Many people claim that we descended from Monkeys because we share about 93% commonality of the DNA with them. But yet direct transplants usually just don't work and the other 7% or so makes a huge difference. Now when we look at Orangutans, that is another story. I have seen a much higher figure than the 93% for monkeys, but not the 99.9%% needed for descending purposes. But then again, we have seen direct organ transplants for example, from Orangutans to humans and they work, about as good as human to human transplants. Then again, they don't do a whole lot of Orangutan to Human transplants, "for ethical reasons" is the official explanation. OOKKKAAYY! So like when it comes to Type 2 and Weight loss, we see much the same game being played out. Diabetes and Weight Loss is like Orangutans and Humans. A lot of commonalities in the cause, effect and solution department. But does Humans descend from Orangutans? Sometimes I wonder. But if the truth be known, it is more likely to be that a Monkey jumped the fence and..well you know...  "some DNA was mixed up in the solution", not sure who received what here.. Maybe... LOL. Hey, we need some smiles and chuckles here, right?

Short and to the Point Summary:

What are the solutions. First off, yes, their are some Pharma drugs to help promote the expression/production of Adiponectin. They kind of work, within certain conditions. You can't really get it directly from food. There are some foods that promotes the production of ...(insert type of hormone).. in an indirect way. Some hormones you can kind of promote easily, but with this one, not really an easy project. As to getting it from food? Well, the bottom line is that with a lot of research to back up the deal, it is claimed that the Mediterranean Diet seems to produce the best outcomes for the largest amount of people when it comes to both Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes. I tried that diet one time. I actually enjoyed it. But electing to turn over my free will to the Psychopaths out there, preaching different diets, causing stress and drama with their Gas Lighting.. I drifted away from the Mediterranean Diet and tried others and gained weight and felt like crap. I ended up drifting back to my idea of eating according to your nutrient extraction DNA stuff based on your generational background. As long as I can stick to those basic diet concepts, I do really well. So when I read about the researchers making the claims based on extensive studies, about the Mediterranean Diet appearing to produce the best out comes for the majority of people attempting to "donate to charity" some weight and to the Diabetes crowd, I go, Yeah, some common sense out there in the real world floating to the surface. This is good.


As with most every nutrient or hormone, enzyme, acid, etc., they do not work alone. They always have a companion, if you will, of a related nutrient, hormone, enzyme, etc. This provides for the stimulation and regulation of each one of these actions and processes. In my opinion, it is a brilliant process. I am going to introduce another leg to this chair here. Every heard of COQ10? Yeah, that thing that you hear about once in a great while. Going forward I think we are going to hear more on this subject. This thing is another item that factors into this Orangutan/Human/Monkey comparison thing, this time it is an Enzyme, that shares a lot of commonality, or shall we say commonality on the Orangutan level with the Weight Loss and Diabetes deal. Doesn't these things stand alone? It doesn't look like it. So what is the driving force here?

We know that Iron and Sulfur clumps are formed when the COQ10 isn't working. So to keep the clumping from forming we need Zinc. We need a higher level of Zinc than just a bare minimum of Zinc on a daily basis. But in between the Iron and Zinc, we need Copper. The Sulfur thing fits in here as well. Sulfur is in a passive role on a negative charge 2 level, opposite, in an attraction role with the dominate role played by positive charged Zinc. Although for nutritional purposes we have placed Sulfur in the negative 2 charge slot, it can function in several other positions, even in the positive 4 passive charge slot, which makes for a substitute for Copper in the Iron slot, which, to make a long story short, makes perfect sense for the clumping in absence of or low levels of Zinc.  *** (One must keep in mind that nutritional minerals, the ones we talk about here, are not the same as industrial minerals. A whole different game is involved here).

So when you set back and look at this deal, one begins to wonder if these "diseases" are not just a different manifestation, or if you will, just a same species of bird with a different color of feather, of the same deal. The whole ugly deal is centered around deal GMO derived mutations. The various mutations causes different different diseases or issues depending on a list of influencing factors affecting each individual. So why do I say this? This is exactly what happens with the GMO Herbicides when applied to plants and to a lesser extent to the seeds from the plants. One of the  primary things that happens is that the Copper and Manganese levels are totally messed with. Usually, when things are running correctly you should have about 2x's the amount of Copper on a PPM basis than you would Manganese. These herbicides, either by design or by natural evolutionary/reactionary processes, makes the Manganese rise like a rocket going into space and drops or suppresses the Copper down a deep rabbit hole. This is the pattern we are seeing with these Covid people and blood clots. If your Copper drops off then the clotting will result. Then if the Manganese rises, you end up with Manganism. This is a toxic condition which results in neurological disorders, namely; Parkinson's, MS, and ADHD just to give you a picture of the deal. Yes, I am aware of the Aluminum deal with these issues, and that is another discussion. It also does the same thing to Dopamine as it does to Copper. Just stomps the expression of it through the floor. So what does a lack of Dopamine do to you? Well aside from the few things that people always claim that re really elementary in comparison, but it also does the following; Reduces Insulin production, and causes the Norepinephrine to drop through the floor. This hormone is involved in the Flight or Fight response, along with many other body functions, which is way to long of a list to record here. Basically, it is involved in many vital body functions. In extreme cases  of these deficiencies in this paragraph, you would see a non functioning, neurotic, one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel, mental basket case with addictions to any and everything. How many people do you see in today's world that fit into this category? Some people call them "hypochondriacs" or just plain nut cases.

I just decided to insert this previous paragraph into the discussion because it gives perspective to the gravity of the situation. The Diabetes, Weight gain, Manganism, Blood Clots, the need to supplement for COQ10, among many other situations, which are not good. So when you step back and look at this deal, people are more afraid of Cancer than these issues.  Good grief, if you make it past all of these other things that will kill you slowly and cruely, feel lucky that you made it to the point of coming down with Cancer. You have made it to the 25 mile mark in a 26 mile marathon. But for that topic of discussion, we need to leave it for another day.

Now when we look at weight loss we see the need for Amylin and Leptin to be working in harmony. Amylin is a hormone that is generally related to the feeling of being empty or fullness. Leptin has the primary function of mediating the effects of energy balance and food energy as it relates to hunger and physical exercise. In simple terms, you need both of these for sustained weight loss and both are involved with COQ10. Leptin is primarily found in the Hypothalamus and it's activities are consistent with Hypothalamus activity. However, Leptins are part of the Central Nervous System and interact mostly with the Hypothalamus but also with the Hippocampus. Now with Amylin, it acts on the Calcitonin receptors which involves Calcium Homeostasis and which is involved with Metabolism. So if you can concentrate on this paragraph as you read through it and walk through each step, study them in depth, one would begin to see how the weigh loss is hinged around these two Hormones. The first step with weight loss is with hormones. These two hormones in particular and if you don't fix these and bring into functioning balance, then no weight loss. Well unless you turn down the road of Selective Starvation, which is what most all weight loss plans are centered around. Selective Starvation can work well for many people for the short term, if and if they make the necessary corrections to affect the Amylin and Leptin expressions aspect.

Lets look at the deficiencies of these two and toxicity as well. A Leptin deficiency will directly affect the Hippocampus and as such affects memory and learning. Yes, that makes perfect sense, duhh, right? Low levels are directly associated with Cognitive Chaos as related to Alzheimer's and Anorexia. What? Alzheimer's and Anorexia in the same sentence? Yes, they are both in the same subject. Oh, yes, Depression is there as well. (PMC 2838501). Since we are working over in the hormone arena, Testosterone, as it rises will cause a decrease in Leptin levels and an increase in Estrogen will tend to raise the Leptin levels. I guess that the argument can be made that at certain times in a male's life, when the Testosterone raises... well he thinks with objects in his pants and not with his head, (Am I thinking Cogitative Chaos here? Yes).   Where as with women, well, I plead the 5th. here and let you, the reader form your own conclusions. (PMID 10845097).

So what do you do with this when it comes to aromatherapy? Simple, think this through... Zinc is at the center of this on a lower level, once you get that working, then you move on up the electrical charge level to the higher level of functioning. At the charge level of 2, where we find Zinc in the dominate position and that oil that works best in that setting is Red Cedar. But in order for that to work, you have to pair with with a Sulfur activator/promoter and that one is Grapefruit. I would prefer to use Onion, but in testing with the development of the Bio-Balancing Blends, the one covering this area, BB2, first used Onion EO. It works great but people did not like it very well. Most people do not like the smell of Skunk, so... (Onion EO smells like a skunk has just unloaded on a perceived threat). So I had to reformulate this blend and Grapefruit did the job, although a slightly more moderate aroma. But for the Leptin-Amylin stabilizing effect/balancing,  Zinc, a mineral, is required and the use of Red Cedar EO will make it work much better.  Just keep in mind that Zinc has a "Knack" for making Amylin behave and if Amylin is behaving, then Leptin will tend to behave as well. This action applies to working with Type 2 as well as Weight Loss and in doing the COQ10 things as well. Although when it comes to COQ10, we have to factor in the charge level 4 Cobalt because we are working with energy and energy functions at a higher charge level.  COQ10 requires working with all 4 charge levels, so we would see Iodine, Sulfur, Nitrogen and Iron. to make that work. That translates into oils in this order, Orange, Grapefruit, Basil and Thyme. It appears that all of the COQ10 stuff works on the dominate, negatively charged position at all 4 levels. I find that rather interesting. Gives a person something to think about for a day or two, for sure.

You might recall that in the last discussion I mentioned that we would look more closely at an old standby formula used that has been in use in aromatherapy for eons of time. That is the Coriander, Fennel and Dill one. Equal amounts of each is usually the version used. This has been used for anti-parasite situations and for Type 2 Diabetics. It really has worked pretty well. So lets look at it. Each of these 3 oils are from the positive side of the road. One provides for a Sodium promoter/activator (Coriander), a Potassium promoter/activator (Dill), and the Calcium promoter/activator (Fennel).  However, one element is missing, in both theory and practice. If that was there it would work exponentially better.  It becomes obvious that would be the Zinc position that needs to be filled and you would fill that with Red Cedar. Now you have a balanced formula that is made up of 2 oils from the charge 2 group and 2 oils from the charge 1 group. Since these are all positively charged, you end up with a strong oil, IE; a blend is simply creating a new single oil, if you will. If the pathogen positively charged then it will "Drive" the pathogen. If the pathogen is negatively charged, then the oil will be drawn to the pathogen, and then "escorted" away.  This is why we use clay, usually negatively charged, in working with digestive parasites. The clay will draw the pathogen and since it can't be digested, the clay is passed out the back door with the parasite attached. See how that works? With using oils it is the same, just a bit more complicated and time consuming in some cases, some cases not so. However, this blend is used with some success with Type 2 Diabetics. Why? Because it also works to balance hormones. These oils, with the 3 or even better with the 4 oils does an excellent job in balancing out these hormones that are associated with Type 2. It also pushes out the associated parasites that hang out with Type 2 situations. You will always have the Type 2 parasites manifesting long before the Type 2 is diagnosed or shows up. So with this it becomes obvious that Type 2 is a Hormone based issue because of what we know about the associated parasite load and the solutions. Parasites wreck havoc with hormones and we know of the hormone connection with Type 2, so the rest is just simple math, so to speak. Want to know something funny? What is the most basic element in all of these things for a cure? You really need to have the nutritional Sodium working and be drinking decent clear water to make it work properly. When did they start pushing anti-salt? When did they start pushing sewer water recycling? How long after words did the Type 2 start going through the roof? Anyway, lets move on.   

Now that we have worked from the Weight Loss and COQ10 side of the road, we need to come back to the Leptin hormone. It is secreted by Andipose tissue, IE: Fat tissue. Normally one would think that the more fat you have the more Leptin would be secreted. But the opposite is true. The researchers were baffled when this came to light, as common sense would think, more fat=more Leptin. But it is not the case. The less fat, the more Leptin that is produced. Leptin and Adiponectin acts synergetically.As a side note, we see a certain class of people that appear to have a hard time functioning out there, always wanting to make change, but is highly inconsistent in what that change looks like... they tend to be kind of Anorexia...IE; Amylin and Leptin out of balance..Usually a low Amylin and a toxic level of Leptin... Cognitive Chaos... Do you see the picture? This is kind of what Cognitive Chaos looks like.

Hey, wait a minute, are we talking about Covid, Weight Loss or Type 2 or COQ10? We are talking about all of them as they have so much cross over, remember the Orangutan and Monkey comparisons in the first part of this article? Yes, kind of like that here as well. Just remember this, Adiopnectin also promotes increased/healthy Brain function. Low levels of Adiponectin = reduced cognitive function. (PMC6340072 and PMID 30692905).

In many studies, the idea has come across that Curcumin, (Turmeric), Capsaicin (Chilli Pepper), Gingerol (Ginger) and Catechins (Kher) (Acacia catechu). This is a off the wall thing, as it is not a widely know herb. I have never worked with this one, so I guess I will order some in and work with it. But anyway, these 4 herbs, maybe even in EO form, does wonders in working with the Amylin and Leptin balance. By extension, it also helps with the Adiponectin relationship as well. As a side note, just today I read an article discussing a study that they have found that a particular well known herb has shown a great deal of promise with preventing Alzheimer's. You know what that one is? I have long said that this Herb/EO is a way under utilized Herb?EO and that one is one that I use in the BB3 Blend in the dominate negatively charged position Nitrogen and that is Basil. The Basil oil has many different chemo types and it is necessary to understand each chemo type when working with this Herb?EO for the desired outcomes. So another option to work with here. That one is a great EO and a very good Herb as well. It works wonder fro women. If a woman was to only have one essential oil, she would be wise to choose Basil. It is that important for women.  For men, well, it may not be the most important, but it should be in the top 3 of what he should use.

Well it looks like this discussion is getting way too long, so we can end this one here and with hopes that these discussions will give you a much better perspective on this topic that is almost the same as to solutions are concerned. Maybe we should call these articles with Covid, Type 2, COQ10 and many other disorders, the Orangutan, Monkey and Human Connection Discussion, because the the similarities, yet specifically distinct from each other points of contact. The next "Deer in the Head Light Experience" that we will discuss is the Omega stuff and how it factors in here.

End of Discussion.


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