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What does Heaven Scent EO Blend and Rosemary Essential Oil have to do with Addictions, Suicide and Minerals.

Nov 30, 2020

I was involved in a conversation about addictions and part of that was dealing with what to use in dealing with addictions, as in working with a person that has a serious drug addiction. This person is dealing with some of the hard crap. Then aside from that most recent deal, I remembered that I gave a person my perspective on it and so I figured that it was a good idea to share it with all of you as I am sure that some of you have to deal with it as well with someone you know. Also, keep in mind that this same protocol applies to all addictions, no matter how small it might be. So here goes. 

Here is the bottom line, in my opinion at least.  First off you CANNOT overcome an addiction if you have a Magnesium deficiency.  Plus, some other additional tie-ins. stuff.  When it is coupled with a Lithium deficiency, A Lithium def. will not exactly cause it, but I think it is a double whammy.  A Lithium def. will give you Klein-Levin Syndrome, KLS. At least that is what the researchers think. There is not a lot of hardcore proof of this. But when walked backward, Lithium works to fix it in a little under 50% of the cases, at least it helps to mellow out the manifestations of the issue.  But let's get back to the Magnesium deal. Once you can get the Magnesium working, the cravings will drop tremendously.  Then once you get this working, you have to bring in something like an EO to get the Magnesium working within the brain a lot quicker and efficiently.  My preference is to use Rosemary. I like to use Rosemary as I feel like it is safe and safe along the lines of close to the 100% mark with people.
Now keep in mind that with KLS, it is mostly with males. Some females do end up with it. Usually not as seriously, but still there. The route of the solution is the same for both.  I use this KLS deal as a side note for perspective.
Magnesium is associated with the Amino Acid, Alanine and Lithium are associated with Histidine and another is Serine, all of which work together in the protein function in the brain.  Serine is associated with Boron. Which is vital with this whole structure.
Also, keep in mind that I have been around drunks, drugs, and other addictions my whole life. I have worked with countless numbers of people in these situations. If you can keep them on a protocol for a month, then they can have a good chance of whipping it. Same deal with the Suicidal people that I have worked with.
Once you go through this protocol, lol, then you need to come in with some sort of an emotional support EO.  One oil that has worked well is Heaven Scent for Emotional/Brain associated issues. However, I think the emotional support oil can be varied. I think it would work best. If one was to discover a different oil that would provide emotional support would work great. It would have to be specifically targeted to the individual's need/like/preference, which would provide emotional support for that person. I do have several others and they do work just fine.
Summary; Must use Magnesium, Boron, and Lithium.  at much higher than the label suggests, maybe 2 to 3 times for a week or two then down to the label.  Pair with Rosemary, The same higher dose rate as the minerals and time frame. Then come in with a preferred emotional use oil. 
The Calcium in the body will play a larger part in this whole deal. But most people don't need Calcium. The problem is that most people have enough Calcium, but not enough Magnesium. The Magnesium has to be brought up to proper ratios with Calcium so that the Calcium is fluid and can then work. Boron helps to work and guide the Calcium and Magnesium and the Lithium provides, shall we say for a lack of a correct medical term, the spiritual guidance and mental support needed to overcome addictions. Of course, since most everyone is deficient in these before mentioned minerals and thus the associated amino acids and enzymes won't be functioning either, it becomes a difficult task to deal with. Also, I have seen remarkable results with adding Iodine to the protocol as well.
From a psychological view, the person has to feel life purpose and that he or she is worthy to suck air. They have to feel like their life matters and that what they do matters. This bull crap of warm and fuzzy stuff doesn't work. It has to be sincere and honest.  At this point, we end up in the same neighborhood as with suicide. Suicide is somewhat an addiction, as the steps in moving back from making the trip are much the same as a typical addiction.  The big difference is that suicide is largely a mental type of addiction and not necessarily a physical one.
So to recap; Magnesium, Lithium, Rosemary EO. The Rosemary helps in crossing the blood-brain barrier and stimulates Boron facilitation of in the spinal fluid into the brain.  These people strung out on alcohol, drugs, etc.,  will have their nutrient levels seriously depleted and/degraded to the point that they can't overcome the deal without seriously upgrading their nutritional levels. That in and of itself can be a real challenge to keep them on track long enough for that to happen. These 3 before mentioned things used within a protocol are the beginning core to recovery
I hope this might give you some ideas to work with when and if you have to deal with these types of issues. You can use these protocols to work for your self too.
Cheers; KK.

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