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#2 Essay on Parasites and the Current Affairs.

Nov 13, 2021

This is the 2nd essay on the parasite thing and a discussion of those little buggers.

The other day I was in the Animal Feed Store and had an idea or two come together. I thought, self, you have to do a discussion on these parasites, you have a Donkey at home that ought to be given an annual anti-parasite goose down the old hay hole, and look, on the shelf, right here is some Ivermectin that would work perfect for an anti-parasite for the Donkey and plus the starting basis for the parasite discussion. So I bought the "Horse Paste" for like 14 bucks. The propaganda on the box says for a 1250 pound horse. The Donkey weighs around 625 pounds, so hey use half now and throw the other half in the frig and use it come spring on the donkey and all should be well. It says on the label that you should really use the proper amount and not to use less than the proper amount for the body weight on the animal. I am not advocating the use of this "Horse Paste" on humans. I am using this as a point of discussion and because of the hub bub out there about using "Horse Paste" to fight this Covid 19 thing. By the end of this discussion I will have tied the whole thing together. So please, stay with me. Besides it might be worth the laugh that it ends up producing. The most comical thing about this whole deal is that these political marionettes that are trash talking the use of "Horse Paste" , really are idiots, even though they are kind of right. I will show you why in this discussion.

The particular "Horse Paste" that I purchased is a mix of Ivermectin at 1.55% and Praziquantel of 7.75%. Here is the basic rub here. Both of these drugs are approved for human use in treating a certain variety of parasites classes. But they aren't approved to be used in humans in this configuration by the powers that be, for Covid protocols. As a general rule both of the drugs have a suggested use of using enough to do the job, so the minimum side is critical. It is critical to get it right on the dosage on the bottom end. The right amount is right. The over dosing is not a great thing to do. Well, with each one separately it isn't that critical, as they pass though/elimination from the body is a rather short period of time., IE: they both pass rather quickly as to the life span of the "animal" being treated, but to these parasites, the time span is a long time for most of them. Some of them are in different life cycles, so depending on which life cycle they are in , depends on the "kill" or rather the elimination rate. Many of these narrative supporters out there are claiming the end of the world for those using the "Horse Paste" off label. So hey condemn the day lights out of those going this route. In my opinion, the bigger danger is with the users using a too high of a dosage. But there is another issue around this idea that I will present in the next paragraph. But aside for that, using these two drugs when mixed can be become an exponential issue from the norm.

Many people out there have voiced the opinion that this whole Covid thing has all the markings of a Biological Warfare Operation. Which by the way is a matter of another topic of discussion. I openly say that to confirm my personal bias in this discussion. As part of this Biological Warfare aspect I have stated that I am of the opinion that it is based around the Brucellous Bacterium. I believe that I am right, but there is some evidence that could point in another direction and the condemnation of the use of this "Horse Paste" might be the kicker on it. To review from past posts. In the 50's they were searching for a medium to use in the bio war stuff. The one that won out was the Brucellous one. But they also had been using the Vaccinia one, which is a form/origination of the Small Pox virus. So here is the kicker and why I may not be completely correct. But maybe I am, lol, stay tuned. Some of the drugs that are being used to treat the covid thing are from the "Rifampin" family of drugs. This class of drugs and the Praziguantel family of drugs do not work together very well. They kind of clash and the point in where they clash is on the RNA and DNA replication sites. Since the Covid vaccine is centered on the mRNA replication deal.. well and since this whole deal is very political and the political is directly driven by the big pharma companies... It does not take long to connect the dots. If this stuff does not have a basis of truth to it, then why are the political marionettes  screaming so load about the smoke if there is not fire? So if I make the claim of Brucellous being at the center of the C19 thing, I am likely not 100% right as this is a GMO type of deal, so in all likelihood the Brucellous is paired in a GMO fashion with Vaccinia. This is likely the most likely configuration. We see this perspective because of of established treatment protocols by good solid treatment practitioners that work.. We see it also by the treatment protocols by the political practitioners that don't work. So who are you going to go with, the scientific practitioners or the political practitioners? So with these scientific practitioners, we see them using off label things such as Ivermectin with reportedly good results. We see them using HCQ as well with good results. Not any thing is mentioned about Praziquantel, even though this drug is also approved for human use. Why? They have to do everything to not draw attention to that one because of the possible clash with the mRNA replication process that the whole Vaccine for 19 is based on.

When we look at the political aspect of this "Horse Paste" thing, we have to look into rational scientific research. In the previous paragraph I mention about the Vaccinia virus. I have to discuss this here as it is part of the whole deal. In the past, researchers thought that the Cow Pox was at the center of the whole Small Pox issue. They looked at several angles of this over time and the current line of thinking has lead them to see it as two closely related species of this Vaccinia is at the center of Small Pox and these Vaccinia viruses are at the center of Horse Pox. While Praziquantel is not touted as a direct protocol against Horse Pox, it does kill many of the parasites that obviously leads to a causative outcome directly affecting the effectiveness or rather the ineffectiveness of the c vaccines for 19.

While I am on the subject of related viruses, there is a virus that has been worked with extensively by a number of governments as a biological weapon and that is the Rinderpest virus. This virus is a single stand, negative virus, that is a single strand RNA deal. This virus is closely related to the Canine Distemper and the Measles. Although this has been around since the later B.C. era, it has plagued animals ever since. Generally, it has outbreaks with movement of and concentrations of humans and animals.

Although, and again we have an although here, it is supposedly irradiated, with the last know case being diagnosed was in Kenya in 2001. And moving forward in time, in 2019, the largest stock pile of the samples, I say the key word here is LARGEST, stock pile, was in the UK and was reportedly destroyed. There are still samples in labs across the world. Now we have some really sketchy so called evidence that this virus has shown up in this c 1 9 thing, There is not really solid evidence to show this might be the case. However, some elements could very well be used if this thing is clearly a GMO type of virus. I mention this here because of the effects that has become evident in some cases of the c 1 9. These are the similarities to the quick movement, of the virus among unprotected animals. The virus is usually spread by or through drinking water and direct contact (thus the need for social distancing protocols), and by air (thus the need for masks). LOL< Got to love it. Not a lot is known with this one as it spreads and many times will kill the infected population within days, so most parasites can't get a whole lot of action due to the life span of the biological entity, so an after the fact treatment to contain the spread is usually indicated for. They, the authorities that deal with this stuff quit testing in 2011 and declared the virus irradiated. I am sorry but 10 years from the last diagnosed to the declaration, many, many times through out history more years than ten years, between outbreaks of this disease has passed. Although it wouldn't take much for this virus to mutate and directly infect humans, the natural form of this in the past has been to affect animals. So if it were to break out here in the first world countries, and kill most cattle, the financial devastation would be unthinkable. It is not only limited to the meat/food arena. Many pharma drugs are made from animal, in this case Bovine (Cattle), by products and many of these are critical, front line meds.

Before I close this discussion, I need to mention the parasites mentioned on the label of this Ivermectin and Praziquantel "Horse de-wormer Paste". . The listed ones are as follows; Tape Worms, Large and Small Strongyles, ( of which there is a list as long as your arm as to the types of this class and in a number of different stages), Pin Worms, Ascarids, Hair Worms, Large Mouth Stomach Worms, Bots, Lung Worms, Intestinal Thread Worms, And Summer Sores, caused by a number of different parasites. Most of these are pretty much limited to the digestive tract parasites and some cutaneous type parasites. Even though this "Horse Paste" form of these drugs do a pretty good job in dealing with these parasites, we still have a long list of others that affect all parts of the body and some of the hard ones to deal with is the Blood types, Liver Flukes and the ones that get into the Brain. We will talk about some of these later on in other discussions.

I honestly haven't worked with the drug, Praziquantel, a whole lot as a single drug, but I have worked with the drug Ivermectin as a single and as a combination and I feel they are effective and as a semi-synesthetic product, better to have it than not have it. But based on the old anti-parasite essential oil blend of Coriander, Dill and Fennel, (Equal parts of each), I can say that this mix can work almost (I have to be safe in making claims here), as effective as this pharma combination in dealing with this issue, if the human has many of these same type of parasites. But as a primary front line of elements that this translates into is this, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium. A lot of other support elements must come into play for this other issue, so that is why I have updated to reflect what is likely needed to deal with this current issue and that blend is the updated Paragone Blend.

I think it is best to bring this to a close. In the next discussion we can look more specifically at some other parasites that are much harder to deal with and much more critical to your health, or shall I say, lack of health? Until next time, enjoy life.

End of Discussion. KK


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