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Aromatic Iridology

Do you struggle with deciding which essential oil from a long list that will actually work with yours or your clients' challenges? Do you wish you had a simple non-invasive system to determine the root cause of an issue instead of the hunt and peck try and fail approach to your health?

Aromatic Iridology the art and science of combining aromatherapy and a simplified user friendly approach to assessing the iris of the eye to create lasting changes in the health of your body, mind and soul

You will learn, 

  • Which single essential oils will work at the core level, not the symptoms based on eye color and other markings in the iris of the eye
  • How the iris mirrors numerous levels of physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual
  • ‘Cause and Effect’ – truly seeing with your own eyes, the holistic secrets held within and communicated by our irises.
  • An opportunity to create highly personalized cleansing and health building programs. 
  • The skills to analyze, educate and mentor self-healing with clients and students. 
  • Discover how purification, regeneration and transformation brings light, clarity and changes to the iris.
  • Experience the benefits of natural healing and become an inspiring, authentic guide for others.

Aromatic Iridology can be used to increase understanding of how a person’s stresses, lifestyle and habits interact with their unique strengths and weaknesses to create the specific health issues and mind-body dynamics that they are experiencing, and how to reverse this process through the educated use of essential oils, diet, and lifestyle changes.