Mineral - Scandium

Scandium is a mineral that is considered to be about the rarest of the rare earth minerals.  First, let’s get the technical data out of the way.  Scandium is associated with the Proline Amino Acid and follows the CCU codon. It is used 16,740,216 times in the DNA sequence and weighs in at the 44.96 molecular level. It is known by the symbol of Sc and carries the valence of +3. 

The biological uses of this mineral are somewhat limited. At least the known applications of this mineral. There is just not a lot of known material on this mineral. That even is noted and recognized in some of the top medical material on the net. When you look at past publications it is even more scarce. However, there are some known uses in biological settings. The most interesting and likely the key one is that it is involved in Neuron Activation activities. They know that it is involved in the Neuron activation but the mechanism is not clearly acknowledged IE; not understood. More and extensive studies are in the works and will be more so in the future. Also, certain isotopes of Scandium is used in cancer treatments. What they use it for is to transport and to attach anticancer antibodies to the tumor cell surface. This is still in the experimental and research aspect of the tests. 

Scandium works very closely and is somewhat dependent on the mineral Boron for control activities of the mineral Scandium. So the keys to understanding the nature of Scandium, one must understand Boron and Proline. Then you need to add in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is where the rubber hits the pavement in relationship to the biological action potential of Scandium. 

Scandium is also closely associated with electromagnetic energy. This is where the sun comes into play with this mineral.  We actually receive our main source of Scandium from the Sun, or directly from the Sunlight. Once the Sunlight delivers and activates the Scandium to activity, the Vitamin D then starts its metabolism process. Then once the Vitamin D metabolism is in progress, the Calcium metabolism is activated. So in reality Scandium is really a catalyst of sorts to a whole long list of activities. To explain more about this source aspect. The Scandium is listed as the 12th. Most abundant mineral on the Sun. We receive the Scandium from the Sun through the electromagnetic process.   We need to have direct sunlight for this action to take place. So you can only consider a hypothesis of the seriousness of not receiving direct sunlight when you look at it in light of the mineral, Scandium.  So without Scandium, we have little or no Calcium metabolic activity, little or no Vitamin D metabolism. Then we end up with little or no Neuron activation. Then with or without Boron, we end up with a host of other related breakdowns or potential activity and metabolism. When you look at this Scandium, you consider the idea of how people are told to avoid direct sunlight. Then they take Vitamin D supplements to fix the issue. The Vitamin supplements won’t do any good because you have no Scandium to start the process. Then look at other activity, man this is unreal. I mean you can’t make this stuff up. What is even more sickening is that educated people will set there with a straight face tell you that direct sunlight will cause a whole long list of diseases and illnesses, up to and including various cancers. 

Essential Oil Connection;
There is not really an oil that will directly provide for Scandium The mineral is light enough to be found in any essential oil, but how do you distill sunlight? How do you do you bottle it?  So in looking at this mineral and an oil associated with it, One must look at each individual activity. For example, Scandium works directly with Neuron Activation. So in looking at this aspect, one would choose an oil that would help with brain activity. It would be hard to pinpoint a specific Neuron as how do you determine that? I mean millions of Neuron firings each and every second. So one would need to pinpoint something specific. So let’s look at say if the issue is at the calcium activation receptors. One might use Clary Sage because of its ability to promote certain estrogen hormone production that would facilitate calcium metabolic activity. But that is assuming that everything before the calcium activity is put into action. Those being the Vitamin D activity, Boron functioning, and Direct Sunlight.  So as we back up, one would perhaps consider using any of the Citrus oils, as they have a tendency to mimic the body into thinking it has been in the sunlight. But in reality that would only help, at least short term, if the Scandium wasn’t already there, from the direct sunlight. But to narrow it back to the neuron functioning. Maybe use Rosemary, Frankincense, Pinion Pine, Helichrysum, Some of the super flowery oils like Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. I am sure there are many others, but this is just a simple sampling for illustration purposes.  

Summary and Discussion;
While there are not any plants listed anywhere as having Scandium in them that are used for essential oils, there are a number of plants that are used as Herbs, in their raw form that will contribute to Scandium or perhaps could contain some acquired Scandium from they themselves being in direct sunlight. There is that theory out there that claims that we can obtain Scandium from plants due to this action, but I cannot find anything, study-wise, that would be considered documentable and that would support this theory from a scientific angle. So I can only mention it as a theory. Perhaps if you, the reader, can find some, then great. Perhaps, down the road, we will have some, but at this moment, I can’t provide any. 

Now from an Herbal aspect, it is believed, based on some anecdotal type studies, that the following plants, used as herbs might help or be useful in this Scandium acquisition from plants idea. Here are some; Note that they are all nuts;  Brazil Nut, Pecan Seed, Shagbark Hickory Nut, Filbert Nut, Black Walnut, Almond Seed, Northern Red Oak Nut, Cashew Nut, and Coconut. Looking at it in a theory sense,  I can see how this could be possible. It does make some sense.  The ppm is listed in a trace amount on all of these.  But when you look at the other places in the earth where you might find this mineral, it seems like the ppm aspect shows the more solid rock as being a source of Scandium than the more fluid types like water or small gravels. 

Now up to now, I have focused exclusively on the biological applications and uses of Scandium. To do justice to this mineral, we need to look at other aspects. Scandium is found in a number of places, usually, it ends up being Scandium Oxide. This form is found in Uranium deposits and is very difficult to extract and so as a result, only around 10 to 12 tons per year, is produced worldwide. For the most part, Scandium is used in mercury vapor lighting. By adding ti to the lamps, it makes for a more efficient light source and makes the light resemble sunlight.  This is important for Color TV and for indoor lighting situation.  Perhaps with using this type of lighting in indoor applications and then supplementing with Vitamin D, one might obtain some deficiency relief from not being in direct sunlight. However, no study to support that idea, just thinking off of the top of my head. Another use for Scandium is in aluminum alloys. The USSR of former times used this quite often, notably in the MiG 21 and MiG 29 aircraft programs. But the use of Scandium in aluminum has diminished and Titanium has replaced its use in many industrial applications due to Titanium being just as strong, lighter and carries a lot lower price tag. The price of Scandium Oxide is all over the board, with some accounts as low as $5,000.00 per pound to as high as over $20,000.00 per pound. 

So with the price of mined/extracted Scandium, I seriously doubt that you will find any agricultural applications of industrial Scandium anytime soon. So for that area, we will have to rely on direct sunlight. Which leads to another theory. Perhaps this global change that we are supposed to be having is just the Earth’s/Nature’s way of fixing its problems and deficiencies. On this issue alone, Scandium, obtained from direct sunlight… more sunlight… fixation of Scandium in the earth’s crust... Not a bad theory. Perhaps as good as many out there. 

So, Scandium. Obtained most efficiently from Direct Sunlight. Absolutely necessary as a catalyst for several vital base functions of the human body functioning, functioning, period. So with that, thank you for your time and interest. Since the mineral Scandium has a Calcium connection, we will look at Calcium next.  Have a good week.