Mineral - Neon

Today's mineral is a mineral that is in a gas form. It is referred to as a Noble Gas in scientific circles. Neon associates with the amino acid Leucine. It is used 19,678,400 times in the DNA sequence, carries a valence number of -0-, and weighs in at 20.18 on the molecular scale. It follows the UUA codon and is known by the symbol Ne. 

As an overall understanding of this mineral, we find very little information on it. Most literature will say that it has no known biological role. Now that the official data is out there and now out of the way, we will look at what is currently know. Most of the literature out there is somewhat dated, but the most current discussions on this mineral, as in real time reveals a different picture. As the easy stuff has been researched to death, most in academia have to work on more original material or lesser known material, so as a result, we are starting to see some studies being formed and some hypothesis being tested. This is a very good thing. Now e are starting to get some perspective on this mineral. However, with the material being new material that is being published on a regular basis, you will find some of the information is outdated in this E-Lecture within a short time. But I will discuss what we actually know about Neon or what is appearing to be credible evidence being moved to the proving or disproving stage. 

Neon, being a gas is usually obtained from the atmosphere when the industrial processes are liquifying oxygen. You might say that it is a by-product of sorts, which it really isn't but if you picture it as that it makes for a clearer picture. It is captured and stored under pressure in a containment vessel. You have seen or heard of it being used in lighting and in making lighting much more brighter. It is also used as a refrigerant. It is something like almost 40 times as efficient in cooling as other coolants. But let's move to the biological aspect. 

Since itis a gas, it is usually trapped within a molecule of sorts. Heat can break the containment molecule open and allow the gas to escape into the atmosphere. So how do we get it? We get it through oxygen. So if you have a lack of oxygen, the Neon levels will drop accordingly. So what does Neon do biologically?  What they are starting to see is that Neon is involved in several biological functions. One is in the detoxifying aspect of cleaning the body through the normal channels of cleaning the body of toxins. This is primarily through the Hepatic system (ie; the Liver). It appears to have some action with Glutathione.  This is the route that it works in detoxifying. It works within the α-carboxylic acid group and this is where the Glutathione and Leucine have their interactions. Also as the function of Neon, it also is involved in the repair of the damage done by the toxins. We need to make sure that the term toxins also includes heavy metals, bad chemicals, and so on. I am using the term, toxins as a catch-all term for that type and class of damage.  Also, we see another area of connection and that is Neon being both directly and indirectly involved with the production of Neoplasia (cancerous growth) or rather in the suppression of Neoplasia and various Neoplasmic growths. You can read about this aspect in Tisserands book in chapter 12 beginning on page 165. He does not discuss Neon but he discusses the whole cancer deal. I would like to quote from the first paragraph of that chapter. We are going on a side tangent right now, so hang in there. 

I quote from Tisserand's book; "Cancer is a complex, multi-step process. It is the result of uncontrolled cell division (neoplasia). Neoplasms are new growths and are classified as either benign or malignant, although in some instances the distinction is unclear. The most differentiating feature is that a malignant tumor will invade surrounding structures and metastasize (spread) to distant sites whereas a benign tumor will not. Malignancies are composed of abnormal cells and will tend to show more rapid growth". End of quote. He goes on to say later on in the 3rd. paragraph that 70 - 90% of all human cancers can be attributed to environmental chemical causes. 

So in this day and age, we see this whole C-ride becoming more "unpopular" as more people get on the ride and as a result, we are seeing more and more rational approaches to dealing with it and the study of Neon and it's possible biological role being studied more intensely. 

Essential Oil Connection.

So as we examine the possible roles that Neon can play in the biological function of a biological entity, we must ask what oils can we look at in dealing with the Neon role from a support role. This is really the main role in many of the essential oil applications. The problem is that many times people will try to use essential oils as the lead or to play the leading role in dealing with some of these extremely complex issues. I know some companies and some people have made a boatload of money from telling people this stuff and when you are desperate, you will cling for hope anywhere you can find it. But from what I have learned is that very few people are "cured" by using the essential oils as the lead role. Now when the individual complexities of each individual are looked at rationally, then a program is developed using essential oils in a support role, the "cure" rate grows by leaps and bounds, it becomes exponentially better when the correct oils are used in a support role. That is my opinion based on education and observations. Shoot me if you will, but that is my opinion and I am sticking to it until I see better evidence. 

So what oils would you look at that would maybe be best in the support role of assisting Neon to do its job? Many times I have talked about the parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system and which oils are best for each system. In the role of assisting Neon, you would look at the parasympathetic system. As a blend, the Organ Master appears to work very effectively for this role.  Some of the singles are Marjoram, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rosemary, Palmarosa, Oregano, Dill, Fennel,and one of the wonder oils according to me, Thyme. 

Many times a list of oils are indicated for issues that we are talking about, Liver and cancer issues in simple terms. But the problem here is that many of the oils not listed in the preceding paragraph can have both Synergistic and Antagonistic effects from the constituents that are contained in them, then in most rational a responsible aromatherapy circles, the assumption that  the antagonist aspect will win out, even if the Antagonistic side is smaller than the Synergistic side. This is why the support role tends to be the better approach for aromatherapists to take. They will have a better picture of the issue and the oil selection can be much better and the antagonistic aspect can be better eliminated. I am actually excited about the role of Neon and it's potential in biological applications in the future. 

Summary and Discussion:

Since we obtain Neon from Oxygen, we can see that maybe a good supply of Oxygen is of necessity. But wait, lets back this up one step. We can get it from plants, indirectly. So how is that? Well, plants breath in carbon dioxide and exhales Oxygen. So as the plant has taken up Neon from the soil, the soil has oxygen in it, if the oxygen levels are low in the soil, then the plants don't grow very good and then after a while, they die. This is why we have the oils in the before mentioned paragraph doing so well in helping with the Neon aspect and indirectly by the detoxifying process. 

Before I close I would like to make mention that in this whole Neoplasic thing, I have talked about the role of many of the Herbicides out there. What many of these Herbicides do is to cause Neoplastic activity. In the description of the action of many of these herbicides, it will say that is the cause of action. So what else are we suppose to think?  So when you factor in the life cycle of the particular plants, and then do an overlay to a human life cycle, converting for the number of days from seed sprouting/birth to the natural death time, it factors in perfectly. Many of these herbicides cause cancerous growth, in a real sense, of what cancer really is, is uncontrolled cell growth. But according to the people selling the stuff, it becomes inert in a short time. But the other side will claim that they can detect many of these chemicals from these herbicides for years after the fact. So what are we suppose to take from this?  Well, one thing that I know is that based on credible current research we see what appears to be evidence that this mineral, Neon, might just be a major factor in helping to slow down this big C -ride. 

Perhaps the big C ride does not like bright lights, the bright lights of Neon Gas under pressure and the ability of the Neon gas to be really good at cooling. Should be an interesting future for Neon in our lives.  With that, thank you for your time and interest.