Mineral - Lithium

Mineral - Lithium.
Today we will be discussing Lithium. There are two groups of people that might even take a look at these E- Lecture. One group loves the long detailed discussions and perspectives. The other group is the one that wants it all in one thought. so for this group, Lithium is the Psychiatrist of the minerals.  If you want to know what Lithium is in one sentence, for the most part then it is that it is the psychiatrist of the mineral function and activity. That is all that group needs to know about this mineral. For everyone else, we will expand on it and look at the secondary functions of the mineral and the various aspects of it. We will also look at the various connections around the mineral town and how it interacts with Lithium. But, as always, we will need to get the technical points out of the way. These really are important.

Lithium is used 17,328,533 times in the DNA sequence. It associates with the amino acid Histidine and follows the CAU codon. It carries a valence number of +1, weighs in at 6.94 on the molecular scale and carries the symbol of Li. Lithium is also the lightest of the metallic minerals.

Why do I make the observation of Lithium as the psychiatrist of the mineral function and activity? Mainly because Lithium is absolute, without question necessary for emotional stability. We know this from several angles, with the main angle being that Lithium based drugs are used to treat certain Bi-polar and schizophrenia disorders. I mention the word "certain" in the last sentence because, in pre-DSM-5 diagnosis guidelines, many times misdiagnosis took place within a wide spectrum of these disorders and the incorrect remedy was given with some of the diagnosis. But in DSM-5 they attempt to clarify this on a more narrow spectrum.  However, it is clear that some of these disorders are clearly affected, positively, with Lithium based drugs and treatments. With this observation being in a long-term setting.

Other serious health issues are associated with Lithium and those are, for example, Ménière's disease. This a condition of a person having ringing in the ears, vertigo, fullness in the ears and a number of other related conditions, including migraines. Then on the non-physical side, you end up with anxiety like on the hyper level because of the physical conditions. Usually, symptoms like these, are associated with a deficiency of Lithium, but may not always be a deficiency. One thing, however, is that these conditions respond favorably to Lithium based treatments. Also, other conditions like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, (ALS), Parkinson's disease, strokes, brain and spinal cord issues related to conditions and issues that are stroke like in nature, for the most part, appear to respond favorably to Lithium based treatments.

Now when we look at the long list of possible Lithium deficiency indicators, such as; Bi-polar and manic depression. Perhaps the most famous indicator is those that carry and at times will manifest the Helicobacter Pylori bacterium, which, as we know is responsible for some types of stomach ulcers. All of the people that have an active infection of the H.Pylori will test low on Lithium. Lithium tends to protect the lining of the lower stomach from this infection. By contrast, a healthy gastric system will have correspondingly higher levels Bismuth in the upper sections of the stomach and higher levels of Lithium in the lower stomach areas. One does not have to look very far to see the association of the gut and the brain when dealing with this mineral and its connections of gut-brain.

Before we move on I want to explore the whole Schizoaffective disorder deal. Within this, it is more than just the Bi-polar and depressive aspects to Schizophrenia only. With the Schizoaffective disorder, we see even more extensive behavior issues being manifested. We see delusions, disorganized speech and thinking patterns, and of course hallucinations. Then we see another set of issues associated with a deficiency of this mineral with brain function and that is with addiction. To explain; when people get stressed, they tend to try to calm that stress by using any methods possible at their disposal, an application within the fight or flight response. Usually, this falls more under the fight side of the response. The rationale being that they know the only realistic response is to continue with the fight.  You might picture this as the one meme that you see in social media on the occasion of a monkey dressed in business attire, with his arms crossed and a pistol in one hand. The caption is this; When you fight, fight like you are the 3rd. monkey on the ramp to Noah's ark and brother, it is starting to rain". This meme is implying that the only option is to fight and give it your full attention. But in real life situations of this, in order to fight, you need something to calm your nerves so that you can fight like there is no other option. So what do we see in people in this situation? We see some of them needing a smoke. We are seeing nicotine as a means of self-medicating on the spot. But an interesting aspect to this is that many people with a Schizoaffective disorder will resort to the use of nicotine sooner and at a higher rate than those who do not really, actually have the symptoms of this disorder.  However, we are seeing a movement of other "drugs" to serve the same purpose that is more politically correct to use than cigarettes. Interestingly, in a study that was done some 20+ years ago, it concluded that 80% of the population that had schizophrenia smoked. Whereas only among the population that did not have schizophrenia only 20% of that group smoked. Some of the ideas related to this are very interesting, but that is the simple bottom line of it.

So in short, I am trying to get to the point of saying the bottom line with all of these disorders and conditions is Lithium is at the core. Yes, we need a lot of other minerals to go along with Lithium. But if you move Lithium out of the picture, then the whole house of cards collapses. Another factor in the Schizophrenia issues is this; whenever you have a full blown case of Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective disorder, you will almost without fail, find a parasite issue working in the brain. What do we know about this aspect? We know that itis pretty hard for a parasite to find a home in a well-mineralized setting. There are a few out there that are opportunistic parasites, but for the most part, it is a cause and effect action that allows them to show up on the scene and set in for the long haul.

Before we move on to the next 2 sections, I must set up the introduction to those sections. So here we find a very interesting correlation, one in which I have discussed several times in past mineral discussions.  Lithium is not found as a stand-alone mineral. It is always found with other minerals, usually in an ion compound. As such it tends to "dissolve" in water quite easily. So we tend to find higher concentrations of it in seawater and around hydrothermal vents. Usually, it is found at concentrations of about 0.14 to 0.25 parts per million in most sources and at times it has been measured as high as 7 to 8 parts per million at the thermal vents. Now when we look at the biological aspects of Lithium, we find that in marine organisms showing patterns of bioaccumulation at higher levels and more frequently than in terrestrial organisms. However, we see Lithium being present in all biological tissue at rates of 70 to 6,000 parts per Billion. Notice I use Billion and not Million. This is due to the wide range of concentrations. So the point here is that it is a trace mineral and a very trace mineral at that. So the concentration levels in general as found in nature pretty much correlates with the levels found and needed in biological functioning entities. Of course, we have to have Lithium, in every cell as that is the main mental, if you will, driving factor in the "software" functions of a biological entity. The best source for a biological entity is through its digestive system. With that, we will move on to the next section.

Essential Oil Connection:

As a general rule, we don't see many plants that we use for essential oils as having much of a showing as it pertains to Lithium. But we do find a number of foods that contain Lithium. So first the essential oils. One thing that I have learned in doing these E-Lectures is that I have come to appreciate Thyme as a herb, as a food plant and as a source for essential oils. Thyme oil tends to carry a rather high amount of Lithium. Thyme comes in at 4 ppm. When looking at and comparing to concentration levels as found in nature, this is huge. It is found in Grapefruit at 2.3 ppm and Oranges at 1.45 ppm. Juniper Leaf, usually this is found in the Juniper Berry oil as well at trace levels. Now when it comes to foods, we see beans, all varieties at levels of 2.4 to 2.7 ppm. Then in lower than 1 ppm, trace levels of Lithium in the following foods; Cabbage, all varieties, Beets, Tomatoes, Plums, Parsley, Peaches, Cucumber, Grapes, Onions, Potatoes, Corn, Pear, and Apples to name a few of the higher Lithium containing foods. Keep in mind that even a trace amount is enough to register as being a Lithium contributing food.

Summary and Discussion;

I don't know how you can say it enough that we can't function without these types of minerals, many of which we don't even know that they exist let alone their function. Many times we search and search for answers to questions that we have questions about, live and death magnitude type questions and if we don't get those answers, it sometimes means premature death. One of the big questions that I have is this whole behavior aspect to our lives. What drives it? Why do some people act as they do? When one considers the actions of many people as a group and as an individual, one wonders if they might just have a mineral deficiency or a series of deficiencies. For example with this mineral, Lithium. We know that it plays a major root role in Schizophrenia and by that very aspect, all forms of Schizophrenia. Without actually sitting down and talking with people that you might wonder if they may suffer from Schizophrenia, it isn't totally fair, but at least we can discuss it in an observable educational format.  For example; today there was an event where some protesting was being done. The setting; Two of my sons are involved in the Turkey business. The one son is the manager and the other is his assistant manager, of a large Organic Turkey farm. The largest in this state, by the way. Anyway, a large protest group out of California came and protested at the main office of the corporation here in Utah. My son got two calls today. One was from the main office telling him to round up the portapotties at several of the farms and bring them to the main office. He didn't know why, so he did so. But he also got a call from the local sheriff's office informing him that they had a reliable tip that his farm was going to be raided tonight by this protest group and to please not take matters into his own hands and if they show up, call them and they will take care of things. So maybe they will raid them, maybe not. But back to the main office. My son called me and told me it was the weirdest crap he had ever seen in his life. They brought these protesters in by the busload. They had busses, vans, and U-Haul trucks. One of the trucks was a PETA truck. The U-Hauls and PETA truck had cages in them for the turkeys. See the company decided to appease the protesters by giving them 100 live turkeys to save them from the Thanksgiving table. They are planning to take them to a sanctuary. This isn't the weird stuff, not yet anyway. He said that the weird stuff was that they all stood around in a circle, basically a prayer circle, as that is what they were doing as they passed each turkey from one to the next one in the circle, all 300 or so of them, then sticking the turkeys in a cage in the trucks. Here is the rub. The turkeys are raised according to Organic standards. They are fed organic grain. They are only stocked at about 1/4 to 1/3 of the rate in the barns as they were at conventional rates, they are allowed access to the outside every day, and on and on. Basically doing everything the group has protested in the past they have changed to what they demanded. OK< no problem. But these people loaded the birds up into cages, they could have held them on their laps as they transported them. These birds do not do good under stress. I mean not good at all. Being stuck in the cages in a closed box truck and transported long distances, not a good recipe. The closest animal sanctuaries are far enough away that I seriously doubt that 50% of the birds will be alive when they arrive if they go to them. Any further the % of deaths will rise. Point of the story; Could these people have a Lithium disorder?

Next situation; All of these people that protest in today's politics. Now think about it. People are actually taking this political thing a little too seriously. These people that put a mock up a vagina on their heads. Then they march around protesting, what was it, their perceived treatment of women??  How do these people make the connection? How in their right minds can they justify being so emotional about an issue that they have no idea if there is any truth to it or not? Then on top of that, many of them running around naked while protesting. Then even further they think that if they get the one guy kicked out of office, then his opponent will automatically be installed into the position. I mean, is this for real?  Could these people have a Lithium deficiency?

From what I can see is that a number of activities that people engage in before the Pre-Frontal Cortex are fully developed, (I am being very politically correct and careful here, lol), then it delays that action of development, and it would explain why I mention the observed behaviors earlier. What happens here is that the one drug, naturally occurring, in the popular new product out there, will block the Lithium uptake in the developing Pre-Frontal Cortex. It is a somewhat temporary blocking action, or perhaps even an action that slows up the assimilation of Lithium, which affects the Pre-Frontal development while using the product. Most everyone will eventually catch up, a few won't quite make the trip. But once the Pre-Frontal Cortex is developed, then that one drug won't have that effect on the individual. Now if the person has some mega serious mental disorders, aside from normal development, then that particular chemical appears to help those issues. This pattern is completely consistent with most chemicals used in a person without serious issues and with on people with serious issues. 

I can understand how a rational mind could fight like they were the 3rd. monkey on the ramp to Noah's ark and it is starting to rain if the cause is rational with a reasonable and rational pattern for the cause and action mapped out and is followed with the fore site and the future in mind. But totally irrational actions and only thinking of the moment??

When we talk about these minerals, we tend to see a picture forming that one could interpret it to show that this one mineral or that one mineral is totally and singly responsible for a particular issue. I want to apologize to you if I have made that picture looks that way. That is not the intent. When I discuss a mineral and like with this mineral, Lithium, it is to show it's role in that issue. What you need to understand is that I am presenting it as a single mineral as we can't really discuss the mineral complex in this format. Not enough room for starters. Plus we don't have a base set up for you to understand the complex issue aspect. What I mean by the complex structure is this, picture a pyramid. At the top of that pyramid is the mineral that we are discussing. Then below it, the supporting mineral for that mineral to function, then below that second generation of minerals, the 3rd. generation is there and they are the ones that support the 2nd. generation of minerals, supporting the 1st. generation of minerals. No single mineral acts and functions on its own. It is a complex of balances. Sometimes a mineral won't work if another mineral isn't at it's proper ratio to another set of minerals. It is very complicated, so we focus on one mineral at a time. But hopefully, you can see the contribution of the one mineral and its primary role in the whole of the package. The way the mineral is in the ratio of other minerals, in nature, has a seemly direct correlation to the ratios that we need as a biological entity. Of course, the best source for our minerals is through a plant or animal source rather than directly from the natural form as found in nature. We really don't have many more minerals to discuss. So once we finish those we will look at some other nutritional factors than as an advanced course we will start to discuss the mineral complexes. I would have liked to discuss some more issues related to this mineral and the associated diseases with a lack of or too much of it, but this one is too long as it is. I have always known of the relationship of minerals to the physical aspect of life, this is from being involved in agriculture my whole life. But it hasn't been but maybe a decade ago perhaps that I have come to understand the effect of minerals on the emotional side of the equation.  Perhaps we should focus more on that side. In the past, I have focused on the physical because I figured that if we fixed the physical side, the emotional side would follow. But I have come to see that both the emotional side and the physical are so tied together and interwoven that one can't advance without the other. So down the road, we might or at least should look at the emotional side. as we work with the physical side.

So with that, thank you for your time and interest.