Mineral - Helium

Today's discussion is on the mineral, Helium. I am betting that most of you know at least a little bit about Helium. But it is doubtful that many realize that it is a mineral. It is classified as a Noble Gas. This mineral is associated with the amino acid, Arginine. Other minerals that associate with this amino acid is as follows; Barium, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Selenium.  So these five minerals are basically supervised by the Arginine amino acid. So they share some of the same functions, all part of the big picture of overall biological function. But before we go further, two main items to get out of the way. 

For the drive by one line types that wants this whole deal summarized in as few words as possible; Helium is the primary delivery control system for mineral delivery of those minerals that we obtain from the air we breathe. We have discussed this and the minerals obtained by this source in previous E-Lecture. 

The mineral Helium associates with the amino acid Arginine and is used 2,362,043 times in the genetic sequence. It follows the CGU codon, is neutral on the polarity and weighs in at a very light 4.00 on the molecular scale. A special note must be noted here, it is as follows; Helium is a mineral that is awaiting more discovery beyond what is found in the peer review literature at the present time. Of course, every mineral that we have discussed and will discuss is somewhat in the same category. But Helium is "really" in that category. So we will discuss what we do know about Helium and our experiences up to the present as it applies to biological function. 

The most used role of Helium in biological applications is in medicine. Here I add a cut and paste from Pub Med that sets the stage for discussion on Helium in medicine. (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3751721/, Abstract). 
The noble gas helium has many applications owing to its distinct physical and chemical characteristics, namely: its low density, low solubility, and high thermal conductivity. Chiefly, the abundance of studies in medicine relating to helium is concentrated in its possibility of being used as an adjunct therapy in a number of respiratory ailments such as asthma exacerbation, COPD, ARDS, croup, and bronchiolitis. Helium gas once believed to be biologically inert, has been recently shown to be beneficial in protecting the myocardium from ischemia by various mechanisms. Though neuroprotection of brain tissue has been documented, the mechanism by which it does so has yet to be made clear. Surgeons are exploring using helium instead of carbon dioxide to insufflate the abdomen of patients undergoing laparoscopic abdominal procedures due to its superiority in preventing respiratory acidosis in patients with comorbid conditions that cause carbon dioxide retention. Newly discovered applications in Pulmonary MRI radiology and imaging of organs in very fine detail using Helium Ion Microscopy has opened exciting new possibilities for the use of helium gas in technologically advanced fields of medicine.
So as you can see from this simple abstract of the article in Pub Med, they point out the many, various possibilities that appear to be possible with Helium Gas that is in the process of being quantified. 

As we look at more specific activities of Helium, we see the medical field using a mixture of Helium and Oxygen, called Heliox. They have found that by using various other mixtures of gases used to treat breathing issues in a mixture of Heliox, the delivery of the desired treatment is utilized at a faster rate and more efficiently. In consideration of using Helium in various forms and mixtures, the treatment of issues like asthma is worked with much better. Also, treating RSV is done much better results when using Helium than without using Helium. From studies done by Dr. Albrecht, for many of you reading these E-Lectures that name will be familiar to you. Anyway, as a note, he and his group did some studies back in the '40s and '50s with 2 herds of milk cows. The idea was to treat the cows with raw minerals or by apply the minerals to the soil and feeding the resultant mineralized crop to the cows. The purpose was to measure the effect on both herds that have a full blow case of Bangs disease. This is a disease that in simple terms causes spontaneous abortions and other related breeding issues. It is a virus. Generally the only solution is to kill off the entire herd, actually send them to the slaughterhouse, to cure the disease, basically by killing off the hosts before the disease can spread.   In a span of 4 years the herd of cows with the disease that was fed the mineralized feed, was tested and showed no signs of the disease. That herd was declared cured and disease free. Whereas the herd that was fed the raw mineral its self, the herd still tested positive for the virus. I might remind you that the purpose of this test was to measure the effect of the minerals on these herds as it relates to a specific disease. It was not a test of Helium and its effects. But it lends support to the idea of minerals and their effect on virus related issues. Which brings us back to the RSV issue in children. The drugs used for the treatment of this virus tend to be at least somewhat based in and with minerals. The Helium serves as a delivery system for those minerals.  So a lot of the material that we know about Helium is found out through the peripheral observations and results of various studies and experiments. 

We also know that Helium has shown remarkable results with Cardiovascular-related issues. IN the articles out there related to the medical use of Helium, they all use highly technical medical language to describe and quantify the effects and just how the Helium affects various mechanisms within the cardiovascular system, but let's keep it in our easy to understand language. So in the common language speak, look at the minerals that Helium associates within the first paragraph of this E-Lecture and that explains it all. What does each one of those minerals do and their effect on the biological function, and there you will find that Helium provides for a better delivery system for each of these minerals. Of course, we also have the whole neurological related therapies arena. The same thing happens here as it relates to Helium.  So at this point, I would like to add a cut and paste from Pub Med from this same article as ti is the concluding remarks related to Helium;
In conclusion, the many applications of helium gas in medicine are due to its unique physical and chemical properties including its low solubility, high thermal conductivity, and low density. Helium has been most studied as a possible adjunct to respiratory therapy. Studies investigating helium gas regarding protection of the myocardium after ischemia has elucidated many mechanisms for a gas once thought to be biologically inert. With regards to neuroprotection, more studies are required to elucidate the neuroprotective mechanism that Helium gas has on neurons and to resolve some controversies in the literature. In general, surgery, applying helium during laparoscopic surgery has beneficial effects not offered traditionally by carbon dioxide. Helium has exciting new applications in medicine with regards to MRI imaging of the lungs and microscopic imaging. 

So where do we find Helium and what if we take in too much, as in overdose on Helium? Simple put Helium will replace Oxygen if the ratios is too much in favor of Helium. So too much Helium will result is Oxygen depredation and I think we all know what that means. IE; no longer a viable biological functioning entity. So where do we find it" It is found in the air we breathe and very low levels? We really can't supplement for Helium per se, directly, but we can assist in the metabolism and useful intake fo rit, IE; we can make the natural process work a little bit better by what we do. But first, I am to qualify my statement of not being able to supplement for Helium. Well, yes we can, but that is done medically for the most part. So in that sense, yes we do supplement for it, but overall generally, not really. Helium is a result of Radioactive decay. As a general rule it is found in and around natural gas deposits and as such, it is extracted from natural gas and natural gas associated products found in nature. Usually, the amount of Helium extracted from the natural gas deposits is a very low number, way, way under 1% of the gas extracted from the reserves. However, natural gas extracted from the ground in the 4 corners area of the US, particularly the San Juan County in New Mexico has commonly recorded Helium levels of upward of 7% of the gas extracted from the deposits. I may also note that the areas with high levels of Helium and natural gas also have high levels of Uranium. I don't know if we will discuss Uranium will be discussed as a mineral as it is too controversial. I mean if you want to see a more controversial subject than Religion and Aromatherapy, then Uranium is that one subject. But I digress, so back to the subject of Helium. Anyway, I sometimes hypothesize that perhaps the Helium is the antidote in some twisted way for radiation poisoning. Why? Because of how it works on the respiratory system and that is the primary way of contamination from the effects of Uranium poisoning, IE; nuclear-related sicknesses.I have no literature proof of this hypothesis, but when you connect the dots and add in some laws of nature as found in Herbalism, makes perfect sense. So if this might even have a trace of truth to it, then we see Boron being added to the minerals associated with Helium. Then with connecting those dots, the picture becomes more clear. However, for some of you, it may not make much sense, but for me it does. As I make a point of combing over everything and anything related to  Nuclear-Uranium-etc. Just a personal interest that I can't really explain. Anyway, moving on.

Essential Oil Connection;

As mentioned we don't find a whole lot of supporting literature as to nutritional information related to Helium. So it makes it so that we can't do a direct connection to essential oils and Helium. But when we go peripheral with it, a whole big can of worms is opened. Good worms I might add. So what oils do we find? First off we need to consider the minerals associated with Carbon. Keep in mind that Vitamin C is simply a series of Carbon molecules connected together like a string of Christmas tree lights.  So what oils are likely to contain Vitamin C or Vitamin C facilitators? Yes, the Citrus oils for sure. But the oils from Pine needles will also contain this Vitamin C facilitation factor. Some of the fixed oils will help facilitate this mineral absorption. A few oils that will cover several areas are Dill and Lemongrass. Then you would do the same process with making selections from oils that we have discussed with each one of these specific minerals. One must be cautious, however, because some people would "drink" this oil blend. If you were to use Jojoba for example and was to "drink" the oil blend, you will likely end up with a condition that is affectionally referred to as "anal leakage". That as a carrier oil will work well as a facilitator if you were to diffuse or topical apply. But not drinking it, not a pretty sight. By creating a facilitator situation by using the oils, both fixed and essential types, then you will do a better job of absorbing the nutrients that are free for the taking as well as ones found in your supplements. This is a primary reason for using essential oils, they act as an excellent facilitator for other purposes, 99.9% of the time for good purposes. 

This idea that I have presented here, the concept of "Facilitator" is a term I have been looking for for a while. As this term best describes the role of essential oils in the biological function of many actions. If you get your head wrapped around this concept, the use of essential oils will be more logical for you to understand and utilize.  I will use this more in the future. You are free to do so. Should be interesting to see how long the big companies start to use this concept. Anyway, this is why we pair up a certain oil with say the Healthy Body Packs. So by doing so, many people thought we have been trying to horn in on their game. While others think it is just a scam. No, it isn't either. If you will, either on a personal level or a professional level, use essential oils as part of the overall program, you will find better results from your efforts. Once you show better results, then your business will grow more from an organic aspect than a synthetic process. Growing Organically means to grow from a customer-driven aspect whereas growing synthetically means to grow extensively from methods like advertising, and shows, which translates into a lower efficiency and the need to woo and wow customers. Even when applied to yourself, you have to follow the same programs. You will either never forget to do your program if you work it organically but if you work yourself synthetically, you won't stay focused and never complete the processes. Anyway, enough editorializing. 

Summary and Discussion. 

The Helium is not directly a mineral that you need for a given perspective, based on what we know about the mineral at the present time. But it is necessary for delivery and metabolizing other minerals, enzymes, acids, and such. Helium makes everything else work better. You might say that Helium is the essential oil of minerals. It is a facilitator of other minerals. It is like an essential oil in that it is an extract as it applies to the terrestrial acquisition of the product. As such it behaves and functions as an essential oil with the biological entity.  

Helium has so many industrial applications that we could not even do justice or even start to list even some of those here. But one thing is that Helium is used as a coolant. So I wonder if down the road we might discover the concept that it regulates our internal body thermostat I know a few other minerals assist in that action, but I can see how it might very well be the controlling aspect to that thermostat will be shown to have a direct connection with the Helium mineral. 

So a few takeaways from this whole deal. The number one thing is that it is a facilitator for many other actions. It is an extract and appears to have real-life metaphoric connections with essential oils and the oils action. From an electrical aspect, it is neutral and essential oils are usually pH neutral. As with all minerals, too much of a good thing is the same as not enough of a good thing and Helium fits this pattern as a hand and glove might do. When you find the right ratio and balance for your Helium requirements, you have optimal performance form your body. 

With that, we will bring this discussion on Helium to a close. Thank you for your time and your interest. 

Kent King