Mineral - Boron

Today's discussion is focusing on Boron. This mineral is likely one of the least understood minerals of all of the very most important minerals in the whole system. It wasn't until the early 1980's, that any real serious study was done with Born and it's biological functioning with human beings. Since then, a considerable amount of learning has taken place, yet, what is known is likely just a drop in the bucket of truly understanding this mineral. Today, we will discuss what we know that is reasonably documented and accepted as factual and truthful. As usual, let us get the technicalities out of the way. 

Boron associates with the amino acid Serine and follows the AGU codon. It is used 15,198,623 times in the DNA sequence. It has a valence number of +3. The molecular weight is extremely light, coming in at 10.81. This number is important as I will discuss it later and what it means. Boron is recognized by the symbol of B. 

A Boron deficiency is running rampant in the western world. Boron is normally acquired through diet. However, in the western world, it has been found that the western world diet is only providing for about 1/2 of the Boron needs of the average person on a daily basis. Perhaps the driving factor here is the fact that most of the western world relies very heavy on a processed food diet. The processing of food involves heating the foodstuff in almost all cases. Because of Boron's light molecular weight, it "cooks" off easily when heated in open container systems. Also, most of the soil is devoid of Boron or the Boron is so looked up that it can't be metabolized by the plant or animal. You might say that Boron deficiency is a lot like the national debt of the United States. A person can run a deficit of Boron for years and still appear to be functioning perfectly normal. The truth of the matter is far from the appearances. When a deficit is being run, it will function but at a lower rate of efficiency than what it should be running at. Then once it hits a certain point, the system stops running as it was designed to do, then it evolves into a bad situation. I will address this more in the summary section.

Even though Boron is classified as a poorly understood mineral and that understanding is limited, we do have some solid concrete understanding and that understanding is extensive. So that which we do know, it is very critical to overall health. For starters, it contributes to the metabolism of Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus. As I recall we have covered those minerals, so it might be a good idea to go back and review those to get a more clear picture of just how critical these minerals are to overall health. Also, Boron is involved in the retention of these before mentioned minerals, which is critical in and of its self. But here is a point that is totally missed in the hormone related sector, I have not heard this from anyone that is preaching and carping about raising a certain hormone level. That hormone is Testosterone. What it does here is to raise the and maintain elevated levels of serum concentrations of the Testosterone, in both genders, which is necessary for a "little action". So if you are running low circulation serum levels of Testosterone, the "action potential of some action, ain't a gonna happen". Just let that sink in for a while. You can shoot up all the hormones you want and no action potential unless the Boron is there and being metabolized. 

Some other related actions of Boron is brain activity. What do we think we know about Alhemizers?  We tend to think that Alhemizers is caused by a collection and concentration of Aluminum in the brain, correct? OK, let's work with that. So what happens as it relates to Boron? Well, for one thing, Aluminum replaces Boron in the Brian. It is generally thought that when you lose around 3 Boron molecules, Boron is replaced by 1 Aluminum molecule. So we end up with a collection of Aluminum in the brain. The observation is correct but in many diagnostic cases, the means is misunderstood. Simply speaking, Alhemiizers is caused by a Boron deficiency using this mineral deficiency model. Since we are on the brain related aspect, other signs of Boron deficiencies related to Born and brain activity, here goes; Short-term memory, decreased motor function, fatigue, and drum roll, please...ADD/ADHD. So when we have a sufficient supply of Boron, we see the following activity; enhanced memory perception, alertness, and proper brain electrical levels and activities. So you can see that we have just the opposite of the deficiencies when we have proper levels of Boron and of course other related minerals involved in brain activity. Just keep in mind that Boron is sort of the main controller. Also, Boron will play a major roll in the activation of Vitamin D.  So we have Boron being very heavily involved in all brain activity. 

Now we will look at other areas of the body where Boron plays a major role. The Heart is the next major area. Essentially you can look at Boron as being the major defender of the Heart. It contributes to all activities of the Heart, Of course, the Heart relies on electrical activity and Boron really shines when it comes to electrical conductive. Another related aspect of this is the contribution to cell wall strength and rigidity, yet allowing flexibility to the cell wall. Now, this also extends on out to every cell, allowing both to take place as needed and on re-occurring terms. 

In plants, the general idea is that plants will thrive when Boron levels are where they need to be for that particular crop. But a lack of or too much will produce similar results. Those results being a failure to thrive or not thriving at all. One of the things that I have bought into over the years is this; the soil is devoid of many minerals, so we are screwed. Now having done these extensive background research for these E-Lectures, I have changed my mind. I don't think it is either or thing. It is a sliding scale thing. Here is why it is the law of the minimum. The Law of the Minimum is this; a plant or animal will only rise to the level of the amount of the lowest level of the required mineral/amino acid/enzyme/etc., that is available for the action potential of the given activity. So in a test, you might very well have, say, Boron and yet the indications are presenting as a Boron deficiency. Yet the real cause is one of the needed elements in the Boron complex. What the Boron complex is, is and you can insert any mineral in the place of Boron and you have to say the Calcium complex for example. Just insert the primary mineral for that activity at the top of the complex pyramid and you have it. Anyway, in the Boron complex, you have Calcium, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese and even Vitamin D. Now these are just a few of the major players in the Boron Complex. If one of these is too low to form a complete binding of the complex then you end up with something different and the Boron cannot do its job as intended. This same pattern applies to every simple mineral, amino acid, enzyme and so on. Anyway, yes, some soil is devoid of some minerals, and that is a danger of wildcrafting. But in many farming situations, a lot of attention is being paid to the whole mineral thing and progress is being made. So all is not lost. It also depends on crop cycle rotations and time with the amount of nutrition that is given to the soil. So in essence, you can't paint anything with a broad brush, if you want to be on the right side of an issue.

There has not been any established RDA for Boron, but it is generally thought that 3 to 5 mg per day is a good figure to start with. Supplementation of Boron is necessary What is good about Boron is this, it is very low cost, very, very low cost.  Boron is sourced in the US mainly from one mine in California, in a town called Boron. They produce the majority of Boron from the US and the mine accounts for about 1/4 of the world's production of Boron. Turkey produces about 50% of the world's need for Boron. World production is at about 1 million tons per year and grows each year. If you ask the question, what is Boron used in? Well, the better question is what is Boron not used in? US Agriculture production uses about 15% of US production per year. Even that figre is growing year on year. 

Essential Oil Connection;

I don't know how to say that if you take this or that oil, it will help with your Boron levels. Here is the reason why; If a plant is healthy, it likely has a higher Boron level than a sick plant. This is the point that I seem to miss all the time by these people that claim to have the purest essential oil out there, in fact, it is so pure that it gives pure a back seat to their oils. They never talk about the plant or the soil where the plant was grown. So you have to really pay close attention to "indicators" in the reports and work with those when you don't have access to the visuals or boots on the ground aspect to inspections. But I am going to stick my head out on the chopping block here and take a chance on making a claim and discuss an observation. One of the big selling points of essential oils, particularly by some companies is that essential oils will cure cancer. The oils will contribute to the healing from cancer, but they won't do the deed in and of themselves. Minerals do that job.  But the essential oils will help the mineral and mineral complex work a lot more effective in "curing" or healing of this disease and other diseases.  Here goes; one of the big problems is that people claim that cancer will grow like wildfire in an acidic environment. But here is what we do know, and that is minerals or any given mineral requires an acidic environment in order to metabolize. Since minerals will "destroy" cancer, and minerals require an acidic setting to work, since we do all we can to keep away from an acid setting, we have it all wrong. Here is what I claim is going on. The body detects cancer, so it drops the pH and orders up the mineral or mineral complex. But then nothing happens. Why? The proper mineral isn't there. So cancer grows like crazy. It would grow anyway, no matter the pH level, but it is set up to be ambushed in that acid setting and no ambush takes place. If you are using the oils, maybe, by a long shot you might get the right oil that contains at least some of the mineral that is needed, so some remedial action takes place, but not enough to stop it, only slow it down. So if you can come in with the properly identified mineral or minerals to do the job, then a healing or curing action is observed. Boron is one of the few controlling minerals that is necessary for an actual healing or curing effect to take place.  Selenium is another one. In fact, many times, if Boron is not there and Selenium is, Selenium will attempt to fill in for Boron, but can't completely do the job. in past discussions on minerals, we have talked about Stinging Nettles as being a very good Herb. Well, Stinging Nettles is an excellent source of Boron. But you have to be careful here when you make it into a tea because if you goose it with a little bit to much heat, you cook off the Boron. Anytime you have Stinging Nettles, you can be assured that you have a source of plant-derived Boron. Likely the best way to use this herb is to dry it and mix it into a dry herb mix or just take as a single. Keep the heat away from it. There are many pharma medicines that use Boron in their formulations. Usually, these are for skin care related issues and for fungus issues, mainly toenail fungus meds. 

Summary and Discussion.

In the area where I became a twinkle in my parent's eyes and lived until I was 19, we had sufficient Selenium in our soil, we know that because of the loco weed that grew in the area. Usually, it was in the foothills, and the cows grazed there before they moved on to the mountain areas. When a cow eats locoweed, it is like having someone on meth. They go and go and have extremely elevated energy levels. Locoweed has to have a high level of selenium to grow.  But we also had a lot fo stinging nettles and that indicates high Boron levels. But our family suffered from several health issues. Unknown at the time, but now know, is that we had a Boron metabolization issue going on. I have been taking Boron for a while now and have seen a lot of progress health-wise. Of course, I have been taking other minerals as well. All of this has shown me the merits of minerals. I would like to leave this aspect of this at this point for now. 

When I say the name Chernobyl, does it ring a bell for anyone? It should.  When they were trying to contain the radiation that was being generated as a result of the "accident", they were using Boron to do the job. Which Boron neutralizes it, really it does. So they paid the Soviet truck drivers a huge amount of money to do the job. The drivers knew full well what it meant, but the money was going to their families, so it was a sacrifice they were willing to make and yes, they paid the ultimate price for their decision. The Boron did its job. on knocking down/neutralizing the radiation, but no one realized at the time that if they had used the Boron on these truck drivers hauling the Boron, as in fortified their body systems with Boron, they would have had no ill effect from the radiation. 

We need to close this up, but in doing so, I hope I have shown you how extensive the mineral Boron contributes to our overall health. It heavily influences all areas of our life. I honestly believe that these people out there with the political de-rangement issues have one issue going on and that is a Boron deficiency condition. The actions are classic textbook lack of Boron. In fact all of these brain issues that people are having boils down to a Boron deficiency. A long list of diseases point toward, when reverse engineered, screams, Boron and Boron Complex deficiencies. 

So in closing, the best way that I can get you to remember the main point of this is by saying, everyone is Boron deficient. Well, 99.9% of the people. I am sure someone out there isn't. But anyway, once you get to the point of most people, down to only having 50% of their Boron needs through diet, at best anyway. If you don't supplement for Boron, then when your levels go down past that 50% mark, you will be issued a ticket for the C ride. Once the levels get down to maybe 1/4 of your needs of daily Boron, you are not functioning very well, health wise and your ticket for the C-ride will be punched. At that point, you are on the ride and the ride ends when they haul you off to the boneyard. I know I sound all gloom and doom, but there is the upside and that is sufficient Boron, and you avoid the C-ride and other D-rides (disease rides), as you age. Plus as you age, you might still feel your "oats". Those of you that know what that phrase means, are smiling right now, aren't you?  

Thank you for your interest and for your time. I would have loved to include more in this as there is so much good material, but time, and attention, so take your Boron and we won't have ADD. lol.