Mineral - Beryllium

The discussion today concerns the mineral, Beryllium. This unique mineral is one that is really not understood as to biological function. The mainstream health community is largely in the dark with this mineral and its function.  A whole lot is known about the industrial applications of Beryllium. In fact, if I included an overall sampling of the uses outside of biological applications, this would be one long discussion. Sort of one of those discussions that are long enough that you would wise you have packed a lunch and a snack or two for the whole of it. But we will limit this to biological as much as possible. But first, the technicalities. 

Beryllium associates with the amino acid Cysteine. It is used 13,574,966 times in the DNA sequence and follows the UGC codon.  It is very light in weight, weighing only 9.01 on the molecular scale. It carries a valence of +2 and is known by the symbol of Be. 

This mineral allows us to discuss a number of associated principles.  I will go through and talk about those individually. since very little is known about Beryllium, we can sum it up in a few words. Beryllium has everything to do with the Spleen and its support of the Immune System. There is also a connection to Parasites. I would say, one of the key aspects to wiping out any parasite associated with blood. That pretty much covers most parasites, right? 

Beryllium is mined in the United States, China, and Kazakhstan.  Russia has begun ramping up production of this mineral. The US accounts for about 2/3's of the world's production and the close to 90% of that production is produced in Utah. That mine is about 100 miles due west from where I live. Normally, the mineral is found alloyed with other minerals. So most of it comes from a separation process. Normally, the raw mineral is somewhat toxic, but when the accumulated effects are considered, it is believed that it is carcinogenic, accumulating in the lungs, with no known cure from this Beryllium poisoning as it is referred to. This could perhaps be a key aspect to this whole alkaline/acid/cancer thing. As I have mentioned in other discussions, minerals have to have an acidic setting to break down and to be metabolized by a plant and even a biological entity. So as it sets in its alkaline setting, not a whole lot happens. When it gets in the lungs, the acid isn't enough, the pH is too high to effect a breakdown, and you have a foreign material that then becomes toxic. A non-acidic setting, and no benefit from the mineral. In fact, it becomes toxic. This is a pattern and an example that applies to many minerals. That is why sometimes you hear of a mineral, that is normally good for you as being referenced as toxic.  Here is the one aspect I want to bring up and it is this; it is a good example of the raw mineral is not very helpful to biological applications, so the best source of this mineral is through a plant. What this entails is the plant takes it up from the soil, processes it, and converts it to a usable form and in the correct ratios with other minerals. Part of this has to do with the idea that this mineral is normally and usually found in alkaline settings. This setting usually has characteristics of low levels of water, causing an implementing of "weathering down of the rock". As taught by Dr. Albrecht, this whole deal works like this; The wind picks up the dust that contains various minerals, in this case, Beryllium, and then transports it a great distance, to points beyond. (In the US, this generally entails dropping the dust off in the mid-west. There you get the correct amount of water to effect a weathering down of the dust and takeup by plants that are normally used for either animal or human food). Then as the winds die down, the mineral drops to the ground and is then cycled through the plants, then we consume those plants to get, in this case, our Beryllium. The Beryllium is setting in an alkaline setting, so it can't weather down to no water. So, it gets released in the raw dust form, and in this setting, it is highly concentrated, and it is usually breathed in through the lungs, then there it accumulates and causes health issues.  Now for a curveball, Beryllium is used in some anti-cancer treatment drugs. I am not privy to the exact makeup of the drugs and the exact type or form of the Beryllium mineral that they are using, but I would think it is not a raw form, but then again, it could be, depending on the targeting mechanism/protocol. 

Now we need to examine the Spleen. Many people generalize that the Liver is the cleaning organ for the blood. It isn't really a truthful observation. You need to see the Liver as a conversion facility. This is where a great deal of converting various substances from one form to another. Then those substances are mixed into various other materials and then the outcome is sent on down the line. The Spleen is the organ that actually does the cleaning per say. So you need to think of the Spleen as the cleaning facility and the recycling organ of the body. In the Spleen used up blood is cleaned and recycled. White blood cells are stored for when the need calls for a large amount in a short period of time. Also, the mechanism of setting up the blood for immune responses takes place here. This really is where the fight against bacterial infections begins. Since the Spleen is where most all things related to actual cleaning of the blood takes place, it is also the first line defense for shutting down parasite invasions of the blood. Normally these are very serious types, like Malaria for example. There are many others as well that are circulated in the blood system and works their "magic" in that system.  The Spleen drains into the Lymphatic System, so it follows that route of elimination. When we reverse engineer the support system for the Spleen, we get some solid insights to which products will likely work to support the Spleen, which in turn helps us to understand the role of Beryllium in the body system.

Essential Oil Connection. 

IN this area, we have a great deal of information to help us. While it is not wise to use Beryllium in its raw form, we need to look to plants and other animal life forms for a good source of the mineral and for support.  Keep in mind that when we are talking of part per million of this mineral, we don't see it in terms of parts per million, as that would be too heavy of a dose. We need to see it in terms of parts per billion. So in essence, this mineral gives new meaning to the term "Trace Mineral".  Since we see the Spleen involved, and the Lymphatic system involved, we need to pay attention to those and make sure those systems are in working order. So we have the Lymphatic drainage needing to be addressed. What oils would you use for that action?  Then, we need to look at what do we use for blood cleansing?  I am purposely not telling you which ones so that you might go and study just a little bit and then you might learn something from these discussions. But when it comes to cleaning the blood, ie; killing the parasites that are there. Trust me you very likely have parasites and you do need to address this issue. When we get to that point, the Fennel, Dill, Coriander mix or even by using these oils as singles, even if only one of them, works wonders for most people. We developed a blend, called Sweet Sooth that addresses this issue pretty good. Those of you with me in the trials on this blend will recognize that blend by the name of Belly. The final Belly blend, or now know as the Sweet Sooth blend contains more than just those 3 oils. Those 3 are the key oils in dealing with the Spleen and its support, which is what Beryllium does. I would go on the hypothesize that if the Beryllium is low or almost non-existent, then the oils won't work as well as they should or could for this end purpose.  Almost non-existent with Beryllium would indeed be a very small amount.  

I had made up a herbal mix that was to treat the c-ride thing, but I found out, based on reported observations and obvious signs, that it worked wonders to clean the blood. Also, as being consistent with what I talk about concerning the EO's making other things work better, this is a clear-cut case of that being every bit of 100% correct. That dry herbal mix worked exponentially better when some EO's were mixed into the herbs, then used.  But for right now, by using the Plant Derived Minerals that actually have some minerals in it that actually usable by the body, you can come up with some remarkable outcomes.  So when I say that you need an acidic setting to make these minerals metabolize I am not talking about being very far down on the scale. The PDM is pretty much neutral, same as the essential oils. They are usually on the low side of neutral, so you don't need much to push them down just a hair and then the action potential takes over and action is affected. Usually, the herbs will push them down just a bit that is needed. So how is this? Well if the herbs have their proper chemical profile, that means minerals, enzymes, acids, vitamins, hormones, etc., then the right point will be achieved all by its self and you, the user, gets to enjoy the benefits. 

Summary and Discussion. 

So how do you know if you have a Beryllium shortage? Well, 2 things. First, if you have a parasite problem, a condition where you have a chronic infection going on, and pretty much any blood illness. The second indicator? Well, I am going to drop a bombshell here and then run for cover. I am going out on a limb here. What are most people coming down with today?  Type 2 Diabetes. How is that? It really isn't a shortage in some cases, but the law of minimum coming into play. There are several other minerals that "goes a waltzing" and if any of these are out of a ratio/balance setting, then you would have a direct contribution to the good old type 2 deal. So how do you solve it? You have to have a complete mineralized/amino acid/fatty acid/vitamin and hormone condition balancing condition within your body, within certain parameters, of course, then decent health will likely be manifested.  

So the take away from this discussion. Spleen health is without question associated with Beryllium. Beryllium is directly connected with cleaning the blood. Beryllium is a mineral that is needed in a very trace amount. Beryllium is toxic in large amounts and that is a key to removing parasites from the blood. It doesn't take much for them to be overloaded with Beryllium, thus leading to a toxicity effect on them. But the key here is to have your Lymphatic system working good or else those will even be recycled. leading to more of the same only worse health condition.  Clean blood is like clean water and clean air works wonders for the good old zombie, at least maybe keep you from becoming one that is still alive.

Thank you for your time and interest.