Mineral - Krypton

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Krypton is a mineral that is actually in a gas form. On the Periodic Table of Elements, Krypton is listed as a noble gas. This mineral is always exclusively in the gas form, it doesn't go back and forth between states. Krypton is affiliated with the amino acid Isoleucine, it is used 12,589,650 times in the codon sequence, and carries a valence number of -0-. It follows an AUC sequence and has a molecular weight of 83.80 and is recognized by the symbol of Kr.

Most of you will know of the legendary Kryptonite that is associated with Superman. Sorry, but Kryptonite is just a made up thing to go with the Superman saga. But the Krytpon mineral is not harmful in any way to a human being. In fact, it is a mineral that is essential to life and really very little is understood about this mineral. Krypton is found in the air that we breathe. That is really the main source where the useable form this mineral is found. It is found in the air at about 1 ppm or 0.00011%. However, the level of Krypton at the north pole is considerably higher than at the south pole. It is believed that the polar vortex has something to do with this phenomenal observation. Other forms of Krypton can be sourced from nuclear reactions, such as nuclear fission. The half-life is just under 11 years, and it is rather quite stable, in any form or version of the mineral. Any radioactive concerns are not generally of any real concern. Other uses of Krypton is in MRI machines and fluorescent lighting. 

There is not a lot known about this mineral as far as biological functioning. But what is known is the effects of measurable and observational effects of Krypton, but only in a few situations. Indeed this is a mineral that needs to be researched more and more study of the biological purposes of this mineral.  One area where it effects are known is the effect it has on the stomach's magnetic energy and its association with the spleen. It also has a connection with the spinal nerve segment that associates with the hip bones and buttock areas, and to a broader spectrum, the lower spine area,  that has been observed. Maybe it has an opposite effect on the normal human beings than it does with Superman, and could be associated with getting up and get your butt moving.No Krypton, associates with no movement, the more Krypton found there, the more active the movement. Hey, I am trying here, give me credit for that, at least. 

Essential Oil Connection. 
This would be a tough one since very little is known about it. So an experienced Aromatherapist might use an oil or oils associated with that area of the body, both from an internal perspective and a topical application. You would not be supplying Krypton through the oils per say, actually, you would in a way, as the plant's ppm level at the time of harvest would be trapped in the plant and then since it is light, would come over in any of the extraction methods used. So all oils would or could potentially have Krypton that could be delivered to the body and utilized. Any plant that you ingest would very likely have some Krypton stored in their tissues, so any food source could potentially be a source of Krypton. 

With the oils, outside of what an experienced aromatherapist would choose, one might consider using an oil for nerves on the topical application oils.  Those might include Helichrysum, Ravensara, and Cypress for the most likely ones that most people would have. One could use some of the Pepper oils as well as some of the Mint oils, as these oils all will "wake up" the nerves. Some of the other oils that might affect some internal action, might be the Organ Master blend, Rosemary, Basil, and Ginger. I say on these oils, "might" or "could", as not much is known about the mineral its self and how it actually functions. But understanding some of the associated actions, one is likely to get a good idea of which one will affect a supporting action potential and maybe even provide for some mineral acquisition for the body.

Further Discussion and Summary;

In order to understand the role of Krypton better, one might look at the amino acid that it associates with and its actions and purpose. Isoleucine is used as part of the converting of ketones. There are other actions that it participates in, but those explanations are too lengthy to list here and really is outside of this e-lecture's focus. Just knowing the simple parts is enough. Just know that it is essential to the biosynthesis of proteins. So from that one can see the role that this mineral can play in relationship to the stomach and spleen. Then by extension to the immune system.  Since this amino acid cannot be synthesized it must be obtained from food, foods that are known to be good sources of this amino acid is as follows; Fish, Cheese, Lamb, Poultry, Sea Weed, and eggs. 

So there you have the basic rundown on Krypton. Not much is known directly about this mineral, but its effects have been observed. More study is likely to come in the future, anyway, hopefully, it will. Just know that it is related to energy digestion, and nerves. Remember that this mineral is called an Essential Mineral. When they say, or call something like this, an essential.. it means that it can't be synthesized in the body. It has to be obtained from outside of the body. So in the strictest sense, this is an essential mineral. 

Thank you for your time and interest in this mineral.