What does Carbon, Nature and Climate Change have to do with the life of Essential Oils???? Pat 1 of 3.

What does Carbon, Nature and Climate Change have to do with the life of Essential Oils???? Pat 1 of 3. 

I am sure that many of you might be aware of the flooding that is taking place in the Mid-West, and in particular, Nebraska. While many people, well some people, are laying the blame on Climate Change, but it used to be called Global Warming, but let's not argue the labels. Let's look at this issue and how it applies to the quality of an essential oil and even further, food and our quality of life. 

The first thing that we must remember is that the climate is never a constant and never has been as far as any rational and understanding scientist will attest to. Just because an individual has only observed one change that happened during their lifetime does not mean anything more than that. For example, in the spring of 1983, we experienced the same flooding devastation that they are experiencing in the mid-west. It was awful. But since then we have experienced several drought/flooding cycles over the years since then. In the mid-west, they experienced severe flooding in 2011. But as you go back in time, these events can be documented the world over. In fact, at one time in history, the very area where I live, which is presently considered a high desert, was once a swamp, and at a much lower elevation than it is at the present. So chew on that one for a while. In fact, locally we have coal mining, which provides the bulk of economic activity in the area, they mine coal, underground, below the tops of mountain peaks at the 9 to 10 thousand feet elevations. Those areas were once low lands, swamps. Something pushed those areas upward, long before man came onto the scene. I am sure that would cause some influence on the local climate. But those events, much more than what we could call activities, are not with our control. So let's look at events or activities that are within our control or at least that we can influence to some small degree.

I don't know how many times we see the marketing hype of quality as it applies to the essential oil thing and by extension any food product. But it is nothing in compared to the extent that it is played up in the essential oil business. We see all sorts of marketing schemes that will claim that this or that company's oils are pure or even more than pure. What a joke. Here is why it is a joke,  Several of the "big" essential oil companies have had their oils tested by independent labs and in many cases, the results have come back with signs or claims of being adulterated. The companies defend their testing protocols with fire and furry. While we cannot verify the quality or extent of their testing, I have to trust that they honestly believe and can show that they have run legitimate tests on their products. Now how they interpret those results might be questionable, the testing may very well have been done and passed the standards they have.  My personal opinion is that some times they do adulterate the oils. Sometimes they don't. But one thing that I do know is this; Nature is the biggest more adulterate of all. Nature will adulterate the oils, without question.  No one out there can control for that one.  Nature will control things beyond what man, many applications, have not even considered.  

The thing I do find interesting is this, in all of the hype out there, I never see a whole lot about, if anything, ever mentioned about what happens long before the Essential oil, so to speak, is ever formed within the plant. Another thing I do find interesting is that when quality is talked about, the GC's are produced to attest to the quality of the oil. All a GC shows is a collection of the individual components of that particular sample. Then to add insult to injury, that can vary depending on the skill of the operator running the machine in attaining a quality report. This skill is akin to the skill of a poker player, playing poker.  So when you look at a GC report, you hope that it was done skillfully and that the numbers will give you at least a ballpark idea of the number of where the individual component "might" be. Then from there, we beat each other up over who has the best and purest essential oils.  This whole deal is just about the most childish and foolish manifestation of stupidity that can be witnessed out there. In reality, it is an admission of the lack of understanding of this whole deal. 

I want to divide this up into maybe 3 parts because I can't really explain it all in one post. First off, it is too long for most people to finish reading as it is. Secondly, I am sorry that I have to go into long discussions and to quality each step. This is mainly dying to the hecklers out there. If you don't go into great detail, you give the heckler and opportunity to jump in and do their thing. Lastly, I try to do these reports/e-Lectures in a form and setting as if we were in a classroom setting and that I was presenting the lecture/discussion. So in this format, I try to present the material and once finished, we can discuss it all day long. Many times the questions along the way are answered in the next paragraph. So at the end of the day, I would like to present this material and then discuss it from there. 

So in the next 2 parts, I want to go into the details of what happens before the essential oil is even formed in the plant. Part 2 will deal with the below the soil's surface and part 3 will deal with what happens above the surface of the soil.  So hang in there and I will get the next two parts as soon as time permits me to do so.  Again thank you for your time and interest.

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