Strontium 90, Caesum 134, 137

Yesterday I was able to listen to at least part of an interview with a guy on the radio. I wish I could have listened to the whole thing. Based on the discussions, the guy was highly qualified in being able to discuss the material. Plus some of the stuff that he discussed covered some stuff that I already knew. He was consistent with that, so I trust that the other material that he talked about would be factual as well. 

One of the pints that he was talking about was the issue with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan. As you know it had a meltdown due to a flooding of the facility caused by a tsunami.  It caught my interest because he was discussing Strontium and in particular Strontium 90. I am doing a series of articles on minerals and the next one is Strontium, so... just part of the background research anyway. lol. 

Some of the highlights of the discussion; Strontium replaces Calcium in the bones. Radioactive Strontium 90, replacing calcium and that will lead to cancer.  When it is in the surrounding tissue you end up with Leukemia. He said that this type of exposure from either eating the food from that is or drinking the water will give you Leukemia. Well, as he said, not actually likely, but it is a guaranteed that you will get Leukemia.  No, if and or buts about it. Down the road, no question about it.  I know the official reports about the claim that there are not any elevated levels of cancer, so all is well.  It happened in what, 2011? Well, it takes more than 7 years for full-blown cases to show up, so down the road, 15 years, 20 years. massive Leukemia cases.  That is what history has shown us.  Anyway, This also causes Parathyroid cancer. Even if people exposed to this level of radioactive contamination, they will usually get some forms of Psychiatric Disorders,  Bone issues, Digestive issues and Kidney related diseases. This is consistent with what the Army and additional researched sources taught me from when I was playing army dealing with this stuff.  

In addition, they are or will be dealing with Caesium 134 and 137 contamination. In many sources, they claim that the effects are hard to estimate because of the lack of understanding of these 2 sources.  But one thing is known is this, it will be close to 100 years before people can live and function in that area of this power plant without being very adversely affected. Normally I am very pro-nuclear on many fronts. But as they discovered, this plant was poorly designed, and poorly maintained. Those factors lead to the meltdown. Normally, if things are done right, things like this doesn't happen and/or won't happen. 

All of the propaganda on this situation claims to compare it to Chernobyl. Well, that is misleading. The two can't be properly compared because they are different in many aspects Chernobyl is showing progress on the recovery front, but for humans, many more years. Yes, some older people still live there, but the type of defects caused by the Chernobyl meltdown affects people in the development stages. Plus the dose levels were higher. so they say. The one in Japan causes a different set of effects. So there is an issue of strange things showing up in the water that most of the propaganda sources seem to be trying to keep quiet. But eventually, the truth will come out. Hey, it might just go the way of the propaganda sources claim it will go. Only time will tell. 

One really cool thing about this was I was watching a live feed on the news about the meltdown. If you did not have an understanding of a nuclear explosion, you would have missed it. But guess what? Yeah, I did not miss it.  As the feed was showing the plant, they were talking about some of the concerns. Then all of a sudden, I saw the energy wave from the blast. I said out loud, there she blows, a few seconds later, some of the buildings started coming down. It was the coolest, neatest thing, that energy blast ring. Wow, once in a lifetime thing.  The one big difference between Fukushima and Chernobyl is that the Chernobyl blast went up. The Fukushima blast went down. That is why the "official " reading numbers are different between the 2 episodes. But right now, Fukushima is just flowing like a house afire with highly contaminated radioactive water flowing from it. As long as the Japan thing is burning out of control, which it is still at present, the radioactive water will continue to spew out. The 1/2 life of these elements are nowhere near that point yet and won't be for a long time. Furthermore, they have no idea when they can stop it. I guess they will just let it burn its self out. Let er', burn baby. Is the motto. lol.  But then again, they have no choice. 

So there you have it. He also talked about the whole methane thing. I will do another blog on that one later one. The psychopaths and sociopaths (both are the same), seem to have the answers, but they are so, so, so wrong.  They seem to think they can violate the laws of nature and get away with it. Well, you can't. Nature has already provided a way to deal with this stuff, but even though they preach nature, nature, nature, they don't believe in it. 

Have a good day.


Kent King