Understanding the Nature of Life

Preview and Introduction
Hi Everyone, 

In relationship to a new book, that I was finally able to get, which I made a post about, I have decided to go through and do a book review on. A number of people requested a book review because it looks like it is very complicated. So as I thought about it, I decided that maybe a lecture series would be best.

So we will treat it like a class that I would be lecturing on and using this new book as the source material for the lecture series. In this book, it discusses and demonstrates the mineral contribution to DNA and to RNA. It is rather heavy into the genetic aspect, but not in the typical mathematical language but rather the basic physical language that most of prefers and can relate to. I will use a few other books as source material as well. But this book would be the primary text. So just briefly; The book covers 64 minerals, the supporting and key minerals that contribute to the control and function of each mineral and each associated mineral. Yes, I know most of you are used to the 90 mineral stuff, but actually, there would normally be 92 that fits that category, but normally there are 2 minerals of sorts that aren't discussed and those 2 are Oxygen and Nitrogen. Both of these are important but who am I to say that they should be discussed. The other difference between 90 and 64 are things like essential fatty acids, amino acids, etc. we will touch on these in this lecture series, but only from an association and contribution aspect and how they function with each of the minerals. The 90 or 92 numbers will not stay the same. They will move upward as more of these elements are discovered, classified and categorized.  I know of several that are in this process as of present. 

Some of these minerals are used in the DNA sequencing as many as 36 million times. Many minerals not as many, but usually upwards in the millions at the very least. Considering that it is the generally accepted idea that we have about 25 thousand DNA strands as a human being. Most plants actually have many more DNA stands than human beings have. Let that concept sink in for a while and play with that idea. So with this idea of what I have mentioned, one must also keep in mind that it is of the utmost importance for us to have a proper balance and proper ratios of each one. When you consider that one particular mineral is used more than 36 million times, it baffles our ability to comprehend, unless, unless, we understand some really basic facts.  That is what we will address in this series of lectures.
  We will be looking at the contributions of these minerals in a ppm aspect, (parts per million), rather than percentages of daily requirements. This makes things much more easy to understand.  There will be at least 64 lectures, some will be short, some will be long. I will show and demonstrate how essential oils are actually are and provides nutrition. What??? Yes, they can play an important role in nutrition. So when you hear some person that is supposed to be educated and refers to essential oils as just some smelly stuff. Get them out of your life, you don't need that kind of negativity and stupidity dragging you down. How do you like that for originality???LOL>   I will show which oils and which mineral they provide on a ppm basis. However, it is limited in some oils depending on the weight of the mineral, but with C02 extractions, it all is there, if it is in the plant, to begin with. I will also show the same with herbs.  For example, Germanium. We find it in Ginger Root herb and oil. We find a number of oils that carries a significant ppm to contribute Calcium. Many oils don't carry a lot, but they do contribute to the balancing of the ratios.  The list goes on and on. 

We will look at various health issues and how the DNA aspect helps and hinders the disease process. We will look at the GMO and non-GMO functions and what they are. Same with Organic and Inorganic. We will look at the synthetic chemical contribution.  Remember a while back when I offered a $50.00 prise to anyone that could find a certain reference?  No one has stepped forward yet to claim the prise. Why?  Because it doesn't exist. But in that discussion, we looked at certain Herbicides and how they work. In simple terms for those that are just joining us. They cause uncontrolled growth of certain plant cells. We also learned that cancer is simply uncontrolled cell growth. In simple terms, those herbicides simply kill the plant by causing the plant to have cancer. When you factor in the lifetime of these annuals, the time it takes to kill the plant and convert the numbers over to human equivalent ratios... guess what, pretty consistent with the rate that most cancers take to bring down a human being from the starting point to death. Shocking as all get out. We will look at how that interacts with the DNA.  We will also look at radiation and its contribution to the distinctiveness and alteration of DNA and RNA.  That is why I say that I will not have a microwave oven.  I am one of those, "Downwinders". We will learn what those are. That is why I have such a "glowing" aura about me. Yeah, that is what being radioactive does to you. lol.  I was also an NBC specialist in the Army, with most of those activities centered around the N part.  So I learned a lot about the stuff. I also say that even if God himself came to me in real life and told me that a microwave oven is safe, I would tell him to take a hike.  I also say that if I was a military commander, I would use a nuke any day as opposed to using chemical or biological warfare.  Nukes are much more humane. They can be controlled, whereas the other 2 can't and that is what is imposed on our food supply. Then we wonder why...??? (fill in the blanks). 

So we will cover a lot of material. I will try to pump out each lecture as fast as I can. But we will be taking all winter to do it. So a good winter project I guess.
Anyway, since I am somewhat of an Albert Einstein groupie... he once said, "Understanding the nature of the problem is halfway to its solution".   In this lecture series, we will come to understand the nature of the problem and we will explore some solutions, solutions that you can actually work with. So until the first lecture... take care and we will see you then. 


Kent King

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