Thieves Type EO Blend

Thieves Type EO Blend.

New oil that you can blend. Thieves type.
A while back it was mentioned about the 2 most popular oils from the 2 big MLM companies out there. Some people would like the one Thieves type blend to be sold at Youngevity. It is a complicated process to bring out a new blend or single. In that process it requires that a certain level of potential sales have to be looking pretty solid to justify the new offering and there has to be a hole in the lineup that can be met with that oil. I don't think there is enough sales to justify this type of a new blend, since we already have 2 oils that fits that category, 1st. Defense and Y-23 Immune. But to meet the requests from a number of new people that have chosen to buy their oils from Youngevity that used to work with the one company, it appears that the best solution is to give you a formula that will meet that need with the single oils already in the lineup. So here is the formula for a Thieves like oil blend.
Parts; Oil.
2 Clove Bud.
2 Eucalyptus- globulus.
1 Lemon
1 Rosemary
1 Cinnamon Bark. (Optional 1 more drop, total of 2 drops). 
Mix the oils in this order. You can use an old bottle that is now empty, from any one of the listed oils. Don't use an empty bottle from any of the other oils. It can and will likely mess with the flavor. If you like a stronger cinnamon flavor or bite, then add one more drop to the mix. IE; 2 drops of Cinnamon instead of just one drop. 

You would notice a difference with the current Thieves blend and this blend. This formulation is to mimic the OLD Thieves formula. I guess they recently changed their formula, at least that is what some YL people have told me.  The new formula isn't something to write home about. In the new formula they use Cinnamon Leaf oil ( and Clove Leaf instead of Clove Bud as well), at least from all appearances, even the label on some indicates such.  am sure there are many reasons as to why they changed and maybe they are legitimate, but one thing for sure is that the price of the oil doesn't reflect the price difference between the Bark and Bud oil as compared to the Leaf oils.

The Bark oil can cost as much as 10 times to as low as 5 times as much as the Leaf oil, based on the Country of Origin and the component levels. The other leaf doesn't have as much of a spread. Also, the Leaf oils are good oils, for some purposes, but in blends used for human use that may be used for oral administrations, it can make the blend real funky and all messed up. When I was sick a while back, a month or so ago, with that vong goo that was going around, I found that the new Thieves was worthless in combating that disaster. I then tried to test the On Guard since I have to do the same thing as this, for some people. It worked a little bit, but nothing to write home about. A treatment lasted about 3 or so hours and worked OK, but not great. So I resorted to Y-23 and that kicked the vong goo's butt for about 8 to 10 hours before I had to take another dose. You know the whole thing about using oils is that we aren't suppose to use them internally. For the most part, about 98% of them shouldn't be used internally for any reason. Nothing to do with safety,(yes it is, but for this discussion, no), everything to do with being wasteful and ineffective, essentially throwing your money away. But some will be used in such a way. Off label I know,but hey such is life. If this works out for every one, perhaps we can look at doing more of this type of stuff.
So there you go, I hope it works out for you. If you have questions, let me know. As always, thank you for your friendship and for our discussions.


Kent King