Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils Cause Cancer!  Really???  

Recently in a FB message that was posted, the person said that a Health Care Professional had indicated to them or to one of that person's friend, that the Tea Tree essential oil and Lavender essential oil causes cancer. 
 Sometimes a statement like this is misunderstood or not understood correctly. Then on the other hand, some people in that type of a position will actually believe something like this and fully, without question believes it and will tell anyone that will listen, that very thing. Many times this is a sourced from a place of learning.  That source can be traced back to the same type of setting, so a revolving weirdness and misunderstanding and has no known source.  Sometimes this whole idea is couched in a concept known as "Confabulation". Anyone can be subjected to this. shall we say, short coming of understanding. 

Here is the definition from Wikipedia. I use this source so that anyone can go there and learn more about it and gain a better understanding about this whole concept. However, here is a short cut and paste from that source; In psychiatry, confabulation (verb: confabulate) is a disturbance of memory, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.[1] People who confabulate present incorrect memories ranging from "subtle alterations to bizarre fabrications",[2] and are generally very confident about their recollections, despite contradictory evidence.

The world of essential oils and aromatherapy is ripe with these type of ideas and teachings. All of this has largely raised its head since about the late 1800's to early 1900's. For the most part you can consider this a 1st. world plague. Before that time the treatment, healing and cures were largely based on first hand understanding sourced from experience. Then somewhere after this time and developed as time brought about an emphasis on earning money and lots of it based on a different course based on the treatment of illnesses. So a lot of different ideas came to the surface with this as the background construct. 

As many of these courses of action gave way to failure, some people got the idea to turn things in a different direction, which was to use the old ways as a way to make money and a lot of money. So in order to do that they had to create drama and lots of emotionally charged drama. This evolved into a model of Classical Conditioning which pared natural cures, IE; the old ,to counter the other new way of doing things. Now if you are getting confused with what was the new way and what was the old way, you are thinking rationally, you aren't going crazy. It is this way to keep you confused. You are also likely confused about the topic of this article, you thought it was about Tea Tree oil and Lavender oil causing cancer, right? We are going somewhere with this little tour, we will get to that point before long, so hang in there with me.   

As we move along in time to the present time, we have people all over the board. One can present absolute proof, beyond question that this procedure or that product will cure what ever ill you are faced with.  Yet on the other hand, another person can provide proof, beyond question, to show just the opposite. Then someone will come along at the same time with an alternative that proves that the other two parties are wrong and they are right, with proof beyond question. Are you confused yet? I am, and I am writing this stinking article. I use that word stinking to elicit a subtle connection to the oils, since we are talking about them.  See I am drawing you in, this is how these various "interests" drag you into the arena of making an emotional decision. Which leads you to take an absolute position to the topic, and of course it is hoped, and if the person has done a good job with drama and emotion, you will agree with them. Confused yet? I am so lets let this set on the shelf and talk something that makes some sense. 

Cancer is scary thing.  Why is that?  It is scary because it is so misunderstood. Of course anything that is not understood, should make any rational human being at the very least, concerned with some anxiety mixed in, which when quantified is simply defined as being scared. The state of being scared can propel a person to really come to an understanding of the issue or it can drive them into some strange, psychotic state, which makes the situation even worse. So as we try to understand this more, with some clarity, I would like to present a favorite quote of mine by a person that I am groupie of some sort to, that person being Albert Einstein.  He is quoted as saying that understanding the nature of the problem is half way to it's solution. So lets approach that understanding the nature of the cancer problem. 

Cancer is simply the abnormal growth of a cell. How is that?  Well lets go on a little walk. From the moment of conception, well really the influences can be traced to long before that time, by donor parents in some cases.  But lets just start with the moment of conception. Once you see the picture, you can fill in the blanks that are there, before conception.  As a fetus develops, many, many switches are turned on and off at appropriate times, in the right order and on for a certain amount of time. In many of these situations of a switch being turned on and off, that procedure is never, never to be reactivated again, ever! At least according to the natural course of the development. Nature or God, which ever you choose to view it as, either way it amounts to the same thing. So anyway, the "creator" did a marvelous thing, several fail safe switches were put in place.  That mean that some switches are nothing more than a switch that turns on or off and other fail safe switch. Many times these fail safe switches can be many, you know like say a 1/2 dozen. So the message has to go through all of these switches, before the message is actually received by the cell that it is intended for. I like to picture it as we see in the corporate business world, all of these bureaucrats that has to give their OK, along the line before anything happens. For most of you, I am sure you see the picture, crystal clear. right? Lets move on to the next part. 

After conception takes place, we take off down this road of development. If all goes well, we don't draw that card that says, end of the line dude!  In theory that is many, many years down the road. But somewhere along the line one of those end switches, gets switched on, almost always and in reality by accident, but never the less, the cell switch gets turned on or in same cases a fail safe switch gets activated and starts the process of activation down the line...and the damn thing won't turn off.  All of these other switches that signals for turn off, does their job, but the damn growing cell won't turn off. It just keeps growing and growing. Many times it begins to consume all of the energy from their neighbors, it just then grows exponentially until it consumes the host. There is some evidence that actions that takes place before conception can and many times will influence the expression of these switches in the off spring.  But in simple terms and in line with Einstein's observation, we now understand the nature of the problem.  So we are now half way to the solution of this cancer thing. Yes, we really are half way to the solution. It is the second half of this deal, the solution that gives us heart ache, confusion and pain. So lets look at the solution.
 Whoa, wait a minute, this is getting way to long. So lets call this Part #1 or 2 parts of the discussion: Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils Cause Cancer! Really???

So hang in there, Part #2 is coming real soon. But in the mean time, chew on this whole idea, get a good handle on it.  Till later..