Robbie's Revenge

Robby's Revenge.
My friend Robby from San Diego told me about a anti flea formula that he made up. It worked really good. What his issue was or is, is with fleas in his cats. I guess he has a serious on going issue with fleas in the area
where he lives.
I am not sure if you would want to use it on humans, but on animals, it should be good. But then again, as I say, when it comes to animals and humans.. humans are just another species of animals. So.. since it is not an
officially endorsed commercial product, it has no label and therefore any use of it is "off label use". 
 He said that he made it up by doing research on his own and with some gut feelings to top it off. He said he sprays it on the fleas and it just dries them up and they fall off. I don't know if I would apply it to a Fido or Sylvester in the house. Maybe sneak over to the neighbors yard and apply it. Then when they fall off, you won't have to deal with the after effects (dead fleas). 
So here is the formula. Take a one ounce mister container, fill it 1/4 of the way with Grape Seed Carrier oil, then fill it up to the 1/2 mark with Kukui carrier oil. So the container now has 1/4 of Grape Seed carrier oil and 1/4 of Kukui
Carrier oil in it.
Then add the following oils into this carrier oil mix; 10 drops of 1st. Defense, 10 drops of Black Pepper, 10 drops of Peppermint oil, 10 drops of Rose
Geranium and 10 drops of Rose oil. Shake it up and apply it to the animal. Always shake before using. It is alright if you shake yourself, as well as the bottle before using.
Then you would mist it on the animal. Mist on the ears, under belly and tail. I would think that you would mist anywhere you would have the fleas present. You don't have to drown the animal in it, just a fine mist will do the job. It
wouldn't hurt to mist the animal once or twice a day over several days. By doing the mist like this, you won't over dose the animal. If you drown the animal, also known as drenching the animal, then yes, it would be over dosing, but the misting is somewhat self regulating. I have never used this mix.
But as far as I am concerned, if Robby says it works, then it works. I
would think that someone would may want to tweak it for their own specific needs I see nothing wrong with adding some PDM to it or some Eucalyptus oil. But keep in mind that this is the formula that he made up and used and it worked with positive results.
I was told that he put it in the old app. But he can't do it in the new app.
So there you go, Robby's Revenge.