Preparing for Gardening

Gardening; a prep tool for next year.  Maybe it can be used this year for some people. But you do need to start this process this spring, in order to have prime material for next year. The on going saga with the soil and nutrition area. Ah that is a good discussion. Yes it can involve EO's. I will go there in another post.

I wanted to get into this more, but in short, you prepare for next year right now.  So.. give some thought to this.  You need a good soil mix for next year.  So dig a hole somewhere in your yard, say 4 feet by 8 feet, about the size of a piece of plywood and dig it about 1 1/2 feet deep, pile up the dirt around it as you will be using this dirt.  Should only take you about 15 or 20 minutes.  Get some horse manure as that will be the easiest to work with.  But any manure will work for a base.  The exception to this is chicken or turkey manure, you will need some, but not much as it is "hot" and is too rich for a base, but is needed for nitrogen purposes.  So, throw in a few inches of manure, take your plants from the garden that you normally throw away, throw in this hole, weeds will be OK, it is better tho that you use the foliage of the weeds before they go to seed.  Throw in a small layer of dirt to keep the material in and from blowing away.  Just throw material like this in, but please do not throw in wood, saw dust, branches, etc.  It will not work like people thinks it will.  Leaves are OK, but not unprocessed wood.  Processed here is defined as rotted, after it has rotted, then it might be OK, but marginal at best.  If you can get some poultry manure then use it as it will provide nitrogen, which is vital for the decomposing process to work.  You will need to water it once in a while as the moisture is necessary as well.  Keep it wet, but not too wet as to keep it from leaching out the stuff that is being formed.  Once you fill in the hole throw over several inches of dirt to keep things in tact.  Once the weather cools down, maybe a little tarp to cover the hole, well it won't be a hole any more, lets call it a mound from here on out, to help keep in the heat that is generated.  The heat is necessary. If you can find some worms, throw them in along the way.  Come spring, you will have a big mound of the richest nutrition for your plants for next year.  You will be happy with the results.  If you have further questions feel free to ask as I have been told that I am hard to understand.  (I understand myself just fine). I'll see if I can get someone to translate for me. lol.