Personal Development Fact #5

Personal Development Fact to keep in mind. Item #5.

You will be happier spending money on experiences rather than possessions. 

How many of you have bought and bought "things" in an effort to bring a sense of happiness to yourself?  Did it bring you happiness? If it did, it wasn't a whole lot of happiness and then as soon as the new wore off, it became a source of dread. 

Many people have learned this from living a life of affluence. But when you spend money on experiences, it is usually over a short period of time, the memory making didn't have a chance to go stale.

The whole experience is fresh, alive and that is the way you will remember it as you recall it at future times.

Plus it gives you hope to be able to revisit the memory making situation again.  But if you can't, then it is still alive and is a positive and good thing for your mental state.  

Possessions tend to depreciate over time, become useless, a chore to care for which gives you a sense of dread and a negative taste in your mouth, figuratively speaking. 

Moral of the story;  Cut back on the money you spend on your possessions and divert some of that money to experiences. You might enjoy life a little bit more.


Kent King