Personal Development Fact #2

Intelligent people are more likely to underestimate themselves, while ignorant people are more likely to believe they are brilliant.

You can look at this concept and it won't take you long to notice a pattern of ignorant people tend to make some real dumb choices. When talking to those ignorant ones, you will find them to come across as arrogant, they do not see others as being at the very least as smart as they are, much less more smart than themselves. Jail house lawyers is one group that comes to my mind.  But the intelligent ones tend to keep more focused, what they do, they do well. They freely acknowledge others to be as competent and capable as themselves. They openly and freely give credit where credit is due.
This whole deal is explained in within behavior science as "Illusory Superiority".  As to graphics, a better explanation can be shown in the Dunning-Krugger Effect. I wish I could show a graphic of it here, but I can't. But you can look it up and study it out. Totally eye opening.

Moral of the story; Since most of us share the common area of interest in the Aromatherapy world, this can be shown here.  When we first see people learning about essential oils, they soon find themselves knowing everything about the oils.  Then as they learn more, they find out that maybe they don't know quite as much as they thought they knew.  But that is not totally true as the real thing is that it is just the confidence level. Then after a while as your confidence builds, the more you fall into the intelligent side of the equation. So this whole topic is really not an issue of intelligence, but rather an issue of confidence. That is the key to understanding the Dunning-Krugger Effect.    .