Personal Development Fact #1

Personal Development Fact to keep in mind. Item #1.

If you announce your goals to others, you are less likely to make those goals happen because you loose motivation.  Why? Because of the satisfying of self identity.

So why is this so? This is somewhat multifaceted because on one hand you have people that has no real creative powers so they will take you idea and run with it. Generally those type of people have the means but not the creative brains to create the initial idea.  They will take your idea and run with it and won't share with you. On the other hand, by telling other people of your goals, you move yourself from the excitement of the creation to having sharing the idea and having some satisfaction fulfillment from just voicing the idea. Then you loose some of the motivation from the creation of the idea and that is a perverse sense of fulfillment and your motivation goes down. Plus it moves you into the negative side where you start having doubts before you have the strength developed to overcome the negative road blocks that are naturally there. Plus, you need to embrace the negative road blocks, they aren't there to stop you but to help you if you embrace them and use them for what they are, road blocks to the narrow path that you are on. They are signals to possible failure points in light of the choices of other people. They can be very good friends. But by announcing your goals to others, it gives them ideas of how to create more road blocks than is needed.

The moral of the story?  Play your cards close to your chest and keep plugging away. You will then be able to solidify each step along with way. That will ensure your successful out come of your goal.