Personal Development #6

Personal Development Fact to keep in mind.
Item #6.

Decisions become more rational if they are thought out in a foreign language. This helps to avoid deep seated and misleading biases.

One of the big challenges with a native language is that we find many different meanings of works based on specific locations, customs, and point in time in history.  The English language is one of the worst languages for double and even triple meanings and applications of any given word.
Many languages that are classified to those of us that speaks English as our primary
tongue, a foreign language can benefit greatly by this concept. Most foreign languages have only one meaning to a given word and many times that meaning shows very little
variance over time. I find this beneficial to be as I have a vague understanding of several languages, French, Spanish and Navajo.
I also have a working knowledge of another foreign language, that being Old English.  I find that even though I am very limited in those languages, I can do some thinking in those and it really helps me to see things
in a clearer light.

Moral of the story; Many times thinking in another language and thinking it out in that language, will many times remove your personal biases and allows you to see it through a different lens, IE; seeing it from a different perspective.  this can be very refreshing.
Kent King