Parasites and Kidney Stones

Do you have one or more of these telltale signs of human parasite infestation?

  • low energy
  • itchy ears, nose, or anus
  • memory lapses
  • bloating and gas
  • brain fog
  • back pain, shoulder pain, or thigh pain
  • rapid heartbeat
  • eating a lot without satisfying hunger
  • numbness in the hands
  • burning in the pit of your stomach
  • drooling during sleep
  • grinding teeth during sleep

Many times people experience these problems, they look for one simple quick fix. Not that simple in many cases.  One of the problems that is associated with the above problems is the parasite deal. Not all of the above problems are parasite problems, but the majority are. I know we don't like to see it that way, but the facts are the facts. Now one aspect is the kidney stones.  Many people experience this issue not one time in their life but many times.

One of the main sources for stones, I know the current propaganda out there says otherwise, but parasites are the main source.  Usually it is Liver Flukes. What happens is that when they decide to "frolic", that is what the literature says, their words, not mine. Parasites, in particular these Liver Flukes, migrate from the liver to the urinary, bladder, kidney areas. Then as they frolic, they scratch on the linings/walls of the before mentioned areas. As they do so, the body attempts to cover up the damage by calcifying the damaged areas, and when it can it actually calcifies over the parasite itself, then it "processes" the parasite and then the calcium should dissolve over time and is reabsorbed.   So you end up with a calcium of sorts buildup.  Under normal circumstances it is normal and not a problem.  But when the calcium sloughs off, it then is free floating and then gets drawn into the tubes and then you have "stones" passing.  There is situations when a parasite is not present, maybe damage of some sort will cause the calcium build up and the stone sloughing takes place and so on.

So when you look at these situations, it might be wise to consider the actual cause of the problem, but in this case, about all you can do at this point is to try to acidify the waste water system and how you can drop the pain levels, time is the culprit in fixing it as the stone will usually pass before the stone can be dissolved.

When I talk about the parasite issue, I am not just pulling crap out of the air to make myself look like I'm on the cutting edge.  This is all from my friends that are at least Internal medicine level, literature and from my own observations and experience.  So the long term deal here is proper nutrition.  Here is the basic scoop,  most of these problems are from parasites, we don't like to think of it that way, as these parasite issues are 3rd. world issues, we are not 3rd. world right?  But a parasite's job, according to the laws of nature, is to break down dead and diseased tissue in preparation to return to base/natural element.  If the tissue is healthy then the parasite has no purpose and will not find a host. We can look into other areas of parasite infestation, and we will at later times. Hope this might give some perspective.