Gardening, Nutrition and Oils



Hi Everyone, I have a good positive item for discussion that is not directly linked with aromatherapy but indefinably in an indirect way. As we move forward with the seasons of the year, those in the northern latitudes have already began to put their gardens to rest for the year. Those found in southern latitudes are starting to give serious thought to the deed.

The information that I draw from for qualifications are from the works of Dr. William Albrecht and Dr. Weston Price among others as well as my self. In the last discussion we talked about clay and how the minerals are essentially attached to the clay particles. Minerals are in organic by definition. One must not confuse this type of inorganic with the more traditional use of inorganic of being derived from petro chemical production.

The inorganic that we are looking a is to mean non biodegradable. But nature does in essence does a similar action and that is to weather away the larger particles and eventually making it into a water soluble form. This takes place in the soil. So in simple terms you might see the soil as a stomach of sorts. Once the minerals are dissolved into the water, and in the words of Dr Albrecht; rearranged and aligned in the proper ratios and order so that the plant can then use the material for its growth and development. Once the plant has done its job, then we can use the plant for our good, as that is the only way that we can utilize the minerals. So those of you that are familiar with a product known as PDM, That is a product that is made my running water through a mass of decayed plant material, in a reserved state, and the water leeches out the minerals and then that water is used. It is a reasonably good and effective way to get the minerals and have them utilized by the body. Otherwise you have to eat a plant product and then have your stomach break down and decay the plant material and carry out a leeching process and then your body can absorb the minerals that are contained in the plant being eaten.


Now as we learned in clay, we have various colours of clay. This is an indication of dominate minerals to be found in the clay. Various parts of the world and even from one local are to another can contain various ratios of minerals or even a dominate mineral only. So it is with the various essential oils. We have the variation between the plants themselves and their characteristics but the vary same plant can vary a great deal when sources from very close areas.

Now in Dr. Albrecht's writings he takes a strict approach it by saying that the only real way that the minerals can be taken up is through a plant. He gives a number of examples through out his writings to support his view point. For me personally I think it may be in just the way that it is written Because in my experience in dealing with livestock, some minerals in their raw, inorganic form can and will help an animal, however, I am sure when compared to the same amount being utilized through a plant is far more efficient and effective.

Then we come around to Dr. Price’s presentations. He traveled around the world and documentation the effects of the proper usage of minerals on people and as well as the lack of minerals or a mineral in people's diet. One of his indications of a diet lacking in minerals is the observation of the middle third of a person’s face, as observed vertically. The first thing to show the bad effects are the teeth. This is presented in buck teeth, weak teeth and even cleft palate and a dish faced nose. Eye placement is also a factor according to him.


Albrecht's work in his writings is mostly limited to the US and Canadian areas. Here he shows the best areas for electrical/radio ways transmission through the soil is centered around the 97th/98th parallels of the US. .He says as you go west the soil becomes more alkaline. This is due to the lack of water to break down and weather the rocks, which is essentially the minerals, break them down to be carried into the soil and on to the plant. As you move east of those lines the soil becomes more acidic. This is because the more water, as in rain water, will tend to leech the soil out and the minerals contained there are less and less as the amount of water increases. The exception to this is of course the central valley of California. This is due to the ocean and as the wind sweeps across the water, minerals are picked up and over time they were deposited in that area as the clouds had to drop weight before they could climb over that mountain range. Then once the clouds made it over they carried some water, but not enough to weather the rocks in a speedy manner, then the winds would carry the dust which contained various minerals and deposit those minerals across the great plains.

However, once you get over the mountains in California which you then find the Great Basin. Here we have a lot of concentrated areas of minerals. One of which is the PDM source. Another source is a local company that mines and ships various concentrations of minerals to a lot of areas. I have a friend that has 4 big rig rucks that has a dedicated route of hauling these minerals out to Wisconsin for farming use, with these trucks, every week. Many times he has to contract with other companies to haul even more. He is not the only company that does that. So one would wonder why would you have to haul minerals out for use in an area that is lush and green and extremely productive. Well because the conditions are different. Those soils are dark and rich with high amounts of things like enzymes and other various forms of required plant growth materials, but lack the minerals, as they have been used  up. So replacement of those is necessary on an on going basis. Now another way for the minerals to be returned to the soil is with fire. This is really a short cut in the process. Because the plant matter is burned away and made available for immediate use. The minerals that were in the plants that is. At this point in the process.


Albrecht introduces an idea that is a real mind bender. He does not advocate the rotation of crops. He says that the plant material from the crop needs to drop where it was grown. He claims that the plants actually produce their own vaccines, so to speak, their own immunity through the use of the previous plant growth matter. He gibes a long discussion and backs it up with facts to support his point of view.

So how does this apply to you? Many of you grow gardens or do container gardens. What you will want to do is to not clear cut and throw away the plant matter after you have harvested your crops from your plants. One way would be to till the plant residue back into the soil. You would want to do this action this fall. This is so that it has time to break down and decompose before spring. A good nitrogen source will help in this process. Alfalfa is a very good source for this. Perhaps the simplest way to go buy a bag of alfalfa meal, which is ground up alfalfa or maybe even a bag of rabbit pellets to till into your soil. It really is pretty cheap and a natural form of a nitrogen source. The  nitrogen will speed up the prep work of the material for next year. Of course you can get some of the “magic dirt" and use that in the process as well. Then as an alternative you can place all of the bio mass on a clear area of soil, and burn it. Basically cremate it, lol. Then along with the nitrogen source and magic dirt, place on the garden and work into the soil. It is always best to prep the soil for next spring, this fall. If you are confined to doing container gardening, then no problem. You do just this very thing, just on a smaller scale. Everything else would be the same. So how does this apply to essential oils. After all that is the purpose of this group, right? I am hoping that you might get a glimmer of an idea of how the plants function in nature. When the plant material drops and eventually finds its self leeching into the soil out in the wild, where it drops. I hope you can see the concept of Wild Crafted Plants. Then you have Organic production where the plants are not subjected to the non organics of petro chemical manipulations, but subjected to the inorganic of natural products such as minerals. One must keep the two versions of inorganic in their proper places. Then we have the next form of where the plants come from and that is "farmed". Just because a plant is farmed, does not mean it is bad. Some farmed plants are of very high quality, yet others are of very low quality. Here one does everything possible to insure that no matter the source you do all that can be done to make sure it is of the highest quality available for that plant essential oil offering.

So the question goes begging; Does Essential Oils contain Nutrition? Well the answer is yes and no. In the steam distillation of a plant, much of the stuff comes over in the process. Actually the magic number is the molecular weight of the item. Generally anything under a molecular weight of 300 will cross over into and with the  oil. Anything over that weight is usually too heavy to move over. Many of the petro chemical elements are under that magic number. This is why this is whole "pure" thing is so important in aromatherapy. Pure is referencing, in reality, the absence of the petro chemical elements. Of course with some people, if it "ain't there", they add it to the oil. That is known as adulterating the oil.

So if that nutritional element is under that weight, then there is a good chance it will be there in the oil. Now to add a curve ball to it, in the newer processes of obtaining essential oils, you have the Co2 and SCo2 extractions processes, in those everything comes over. However, those oils are considerably, as in way more, expensive than the steam distilled ones or the pressed types.

But then you have the pressed types, everything is there, pretty much, so I lean toward saying, yes they contain nutrition. The only sad thing is that I don't know if you can take enough of the oil to make a lot of difference nutritionally, unless you are using them in a homeopathic aspect. Here we would have another mind warping activity to learn about, and we will. So lots of exciting things with the oils as you learn more about them. So if you are in Leiann’s school, please get with the program. Once you get those basics down, then we can move on to a lot of fun stuff. It is kind of like when I was in psycho school (Psychology), we wanted to hurry up with the brain stuff so we could walk Pavlov's dogs.

Well in the stuff I am trying to convey to all of you is sort of part of the school. But in order to get the school certified a long list of criteria is listed but a lot of this soil stuff isn't. I think those certifying people would have a psycho melt down if it was included. It would be outside of their "construct" (box). lol. But even while walking the dogs, about all we talk about is the brain stuff. there you have something to sleep on.

Kent King