Lids Coming Loose

This question was being discussed and why it happens. Here is one of the views and my opinion on what the cause is likely to be. The problem here can be sourced to a number of sources. 1st. Is that the oils are bottled at sea level. At that point, the atmospheric pressure is at it's highest point, even on a good day. If the barometer is high, then it adds to the pressure. Then as the bottles are taken to a higher level, then the outside pressure becomes less. The law of nature is to equalize the pressure.

Since the glass won't give any, then the lids, since they are plastic, will have some expansion take place. Then contraction, then expansion as they move from a lower elevation to a higher, then lower, This will tend to cause the lids to stretch and then they won't be as tight as they were original. This type of an issue is very acute with processed food, such as say a bag of potato chips. Many times in the past, until they figured out the problem, they have had a whole truckload of open potato chip bags when they arrived at the destination. Here is what happened, Chips were bagged at a low elevation.

Normally the bags are fully expanded, this is to protect the chips from breakage. Then as they went over the road, such as over the Rocky Mountian passes, they would expand and explode open, as the bags were not able to expand any more than they were when originally packaged. So in an effort to avoid this issue, many types of food products are not shipped over the I-70 and I-80 routes. They are shipped the southern route, (I don't remember the freeway number). I know it may not seem like an issue, but it is microscopic in movement, but the oils are of low viscosity ie;, volatile. So you end up with leakage.

Leiann always forgets to check the tightness of the lids on her oils when she flies, even though the plane is pressurized, they sometimes do work loose. I have forgotten many times about this issue, having oils in my shaving kit, go to say, San Diego, open the bottles, and it equalizes the pressure for that elevation, when I get home I have a mess in the kit. Where i live, we are only a touch above the mile high level, I think 5,308 ft. as I recall. This can be a problem even with weather conditions.

Say a hot day, open the bottle, the pressure equalizes, close it, it cools, then heats back up, colls... it will have an effect. on the lids. That is one reason why some people like to keep their oils at a constant temperature, or with very little variation. This is an issue that we are actively working to fix. But we can only fix the issue in part at best, depending on the outcome decision. But I do have one solution.

Many of you have known or become familiar with the plastic milk sample bottles that you have seen Leiann with. Tresha has carried them in her store.... This is one possible option that I have pushed, What if the oils came in those bottles rather than the boxes??? Labels would be on the bottles as they are on the boxes. Would that help? But in the meantime, do the best you can do, with checking them on occasion, be aware of this aspect I guess and take preventative measures.


Kent King

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