Intimacy and Fooling Around Part 3

Intimacy and Fooling Around Part 3

Intimacy and Fooling Around. Part 3 of 3 Parts.
Caution, adult material will be discussed.
Hi Everyone;
We now find ourselves back to discussing, shall we say, "kinky"?  Well this isn't that kinky, but it is sort of intimate.  In previous parts we have learned that the whole ED thing and by extension CD is pretty much a parasympathetic nervous system driven activity. That means that we don't do a whole of thinking about it, it happens naturally. Once something is triggered, it is on auto pilot... until we can't stand it any more and then the sympathetic nervous system takes over. But we are not talking about that part in this discussion.  So when we look to assist in getting the "old dog" to get off of the porch, we need to look specifically at what helps that part of the body system.  We have learned that one particular oil has been, by all appearances, shown to perhaps, help the function. With the male participating side, it don't happen unless the flag pole rises.  With the female, she can still participate but the reward isn't as rewarding as it could be.  So in this effort we need to look to treat both genders. The solution is the same in both genders. We will learn what that solution is as we progress through this discussion.

The causes are many for this dysfunction.  As we age it tends to hit males much harder than it does females. There are a number of documented reasons for the condition when looked at from the physical side.  A number of micro nutrients are heavily involved and requires an elevated intake level of those minerals. To get the exact amount and rations is difficult at best, so a general overall good diet with supplemental minerals will usually cover the deficiencies. Hormones tend to play a huge role in the function of the penile and clitoral erections and accompanying activities. I have used the two terms to better define each, but in reality the term, "Erectile Dysfunction" should be sufficient for both genders because in the strictest sense, the term ED does apply to both genders equally. However, the biggest assault on the prime performance levels related to this condition is long term chronic stress. Other wise known as emotional and/or psychological based challenges. As time is factored in with the chronic stress levels it tends to lessen the response to stimulus and then that leads to a diminished ability to performance levels and even performance itself. So we really need to treat the source of the problems. In doing so we treat the parasympathetic nervous system, we treat the caused of the stress from the physical origins and we treat the psychological/emotional challenges.
When we introduced the Man Up essential oil blend, the general first thought was,"Hey if this oil is used, then the flag will rise on the pole". Well the thought is valid and it does help, but it only treats one of the 3 areas.  I have mentioned about Organ Master essential oil blend. This is just about one of the most important oils to use, but still it only covers part of the area.  So in keeping with the rule of 3, we have another essential oil blend that balances out the 3 most important oils in treating this condition. That oil isXY Blend.

So a new program that I would like to see pushed, for obvious reasons, is what I call the, "Mr. ED, of course he was a horse program".  How is that for a name?  So in this program we have 3 oils. Man Up, Organ Master and XY Blend. I would hope they would put them into a pack and sell it as a 3 oil pack and generally when they do packs they discount it slightly.  Call it the Mr. ED Pack. In any case, I will do a write up on the 3 oils to be used in this way, sort of like that is done in the FA book. But it would have to be done carefully to be compliant.

This is how you would use the oils in this program. Take the first oil of the program. In reality I don't know if it matters which oil you use first, just use them in the order that I am suggesting.  There is a reason why and I will explain as I go. The first oil to use is Man Up. Apply it by putting a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub both hands vigorously together, breathe in 3 deep breaths through your mouth, exhale deeply after each intake breaths. Then do the same through your nose. Then rub the hands across the ears and through the hair.  Only do one of the oils. Then at and 8 hour or 12 hour interval use the Organ Master oil in the same way.  Then 8 or 12 hours later, do the same with the XY Blend essential oil blend.  Then at the 8 or 12 hour interval start over with the Man Up.  Do this on a consistent basis. By the time the 10 ml. bottle of each is used up, things will be working pretty good. Most people that have been doing this with aromatherapy will recognize this method as being a time tested and true through and through method of applying essential oils for maximum benefit. If you want to be simple and quick quick with it all, just dump a couple or 3 drops into your hair, rub it a bit and go on your way. Hair absorption is also an excellent method of essential oil application.  Most men will find these methods more to their liking as it helps them to avoid smelling, well quite frankly, like a French Whore House. Which is why most men tend to avoid the use of essential oils. Most men are in work environments that make such a smell/aroma a little hard on their egos. So these oils tend to be very subdued with root or citrus based aromas.

There are some herbal solutions/helps to this issue. It is claimed that eating the whites on the watermelon rinds will tend to assist in the production of nitrous oxide which is the driving force in part of this, but that applies largely to the sympathetic nervous system, so a topic for another discussion for the other side of the road.  Then the reputed "Horney Goat Weed".  This is those little puncture vines that kills your kid's bicycle tires.  What they say is you pick this and make an herbal tea out of them, then drink it. Supposed to help. So in light of these solutions, perhaps the essential oil route might be a little more simple and cleaner. It is much quicker and easier. So maybe the EO route is the winner for this condition.

Keep in mind that the oils used in this manner will work for most ED situations.  I have had a number of people, both quite a few men, and a few women, say that it does work. I say a few women, because in EO settings not many women talk about their ED issues, but men, in aromatherapy settings, that is the number one issue that becomes the golden question. "Do you have an oil for ED"?  Yes it is my friends!

So with that we will end this discussion. Thank you for your time and I wish you well as you consider and use these oils for enhancement of your intimacy aspect of your life. Pretty low cost and extremely effective therapy the way I see it.