Intimacy and Fooling Around Part 2

Intimacy and Fooling Around Part 2

Intimacy and Fooling Around. Part 2 of 3.
Caution adult material will be discussed.

OK, Now here we go again. In the last segment we introduced a number of topics; the number of topics are necessary as they all depend upon each other to function for the whole. In all of this there really isn't a stand alone, pun intended, aspect of it all. I take it that if Organ Master worked to solve the ED issue, then I guess you have the problem solved. But for those that may need some more ideas, here we go.

The whole ED situation is not limited to the male population, it also applies to the female side as well. Yes, the females has a better experience when the flag pole is standing, but they also have a corresponding organ that needs to be working in order to have a more fulfilling experience. That organ is called the Clitoris and it is very much like the penis, with some notable differences. It is found on the inside, along the sidewall of the female tool chest. Females can have a physical act of "love" with out it being erect, so to speak, and be OK. But when it is "erect" then the experience is much more fulfilling. In order for it to work, it has to be manually stimulated much like the male tool. However, it usually takes a little longer to get warmed up so we end up with the male needing to hold off for a while until the female is up to speed. In the last segment I mentioned the idea of the female needing a reason.  The reason is largely psychological and that is done through intimacy and for her to feel secure with giving the male a place. The goal is to have both genders peak at the same time, but that is difficult to accomplish without training and attention to detail. In order to achieve this on a physical level, the female too has to work much like the male's tool does. It has be engorged with blood flow. To accomplish this the mechanism is much the same for both genders. Physically you both use the same tools to help.  So we work with the parasympathetic nervous system as a first go to and items like Organ Master EO would be a step in the right direction. Of course there are many different things that would help, that goes without saying. However, many people need more than just a simple fix and that requires a little work over on the psychological side of the road.

So what are we dealing with here? When the male is young, his brain isn't as fully developed as the female's is. Sort of one tracked.  So there is no distractions to the flag pole rising.  Usually the female doesn't either, once she gets distracted to a single thought.  But before that she has a number of things running around in her mind and it makes it hard to concentrate. She is dealing with a considerable amount of stress; what if I get pregnant, what if we get caught, etc. But I want this, oh do I want it. So a considerable amount of stress going on. It is hard for her to concentrate, fully. The male is one topic centered.  It all happens way to fast, slow up dude, right? Do I need to paint any more of a picture here? His stress comes later, but that stress doesn't affect the "party" that took place earlier or is presently taking place.  Then as we age progress this thing. We get hit with a double whammy. On the male side, he is getting worn down physically, blood flow isn't quite what it used to be, picked up a few bugs and parasites along the way and all of these psychological hitch hikers are sucking him dry. Now he is sucked into a fight of the old Fight or Flight model of human behavior, IE; if we don't win this fight, there will be no need for the old flag pole to even function.  So when this comes about, the body is redirecting all sorts of energy to other activities, such as surviving the present battle. He is coming to the realization that things aren't the way he thought it was, ie; OMG, we are all just making this up as we go. Skating on pretty thin ice. Makes for a tremendous amount of stress, which makes it hard to concentrate and focus and that impairs the function of the parasympathetic to the tenth degree.  Then you have the female dealing with some of the same issues, even though she is no longer dealing with the same issues as before, which leads to the distraction process, the stress is at the very least the same.  Distracted yes, but not as before. This is translated to stress and when we have short term stress, which is usually considered to be good, a set of hormones are produced that leads to a quality reward which leads to a solid reward in the "love" department.  A natural expression of the whole reward system. But when you have the long term, long running constant chronic stress, a different set of hormones are produced. This leads to a disaster because all we can think about is the day in and day out "Fight or Flight" without a whole lot of the reward need being fulfilled. This constant production of stress hormones leads to other issues, inflammation of the cells the body. An apathetic psychological state of mind forms and in the end the reward is squashed and the first to go, because it is on the top of the food chain, is the physical reward relations, ie; love, both physical and emotional.  We generally refer to it as "Life". Sometimes life gets in the way of love.

So when dealing with good old ED and CD, we have to look at more than just the physical ramping up of the situation.  Many times it is a psychological factor that is contributing to the issue. Now comes the aromatherapy factor.  Aromatherapy is one of many areas that can help to a high degree in making this a non issue or at least lessen the negative impacts of life.  So when we look at treatments for ED and CD, we have to work on the emotional support side of the equalization process.

For the most part everyone is all into playing physical doctor with the essential oils. In my opinion we are so missing the mark when we do just that. We need to being using the oils to work on the emotional support.  The physical side is so easy to fix and work with that when you work on the emotional side of the process, most of the physical issues take care of themselves.  Now in all of this we are looking at people "normally",  people leading a normal life of living the dream. There is always exceptions to the rule, but we are discussing the 90% group here.

Now in one post earlier in a comment I made mention that one can use some Peppermint oil in a carrier oil as part of a lubricant. This will help with to wake up the surface nerves.  Many times we end up with situations where things are just not as sensitive as they once were. This can come from simple sources such as the tool rubbing on the under ware.  Sort of dulls the nerves on males.  Then things like pads or the insert things (hey I am male, I am not literate with some of the names, is it tampons?), will tend to dull the senses on females.  I think you see the picture. So something that simple, some peppermint oil in some carrier oil,  will orcan wake up the nerves, in both genders.  But that is addressing the sympathetic side of this deal, so not much of that discussion here, today. Maybe in another series.

I want to throw in some perspectives here, food for thought.  Based on some heavy duty studies, it has been discovered that a lot of exercise can lead to the tool dysfunction and yet at the same time too little exercise can lead to the same, yet the mechanisms are totally different. So this is another factor that has to be considered. Now for some of you women, give this some thought. It has been figured out that women that are carrying some fat actually makes this process function better than a thin woman does.  So what is going on here? Generally because of the world we live in many women produce their fair share of testosterone, just to survive, in their adrenals which leads to free flowing through the system.  Fat carries some enzymes that breaks down that testosterone into estrogen.  This translates into a bump in the female side of estrogen and when that happens when making love, it gives the woman booster shot of estrogen on the stress side of the road, which in turn leads to a higher quality "session".  I have talked with some of my friends who are man whores about this to get their perspective.  When explained to them, up on reflection, they all agree that from their experience, that would be pretty much true. In simpler terms they have said that they try to avoid the trophy women if they want a good role in the sack. I think there are some aspects that aren't factored in here, but the overall idea is there. I guess I will have to take their word for it, as they are sort of the experts in that aspect.  There is another discussion that we could have about the role of hormones on this very subject, but I am not sure I want to go there.  Sort of could be taken wrongly if the person wants to take it that way.  But it is a valid idea and it does make perfect sense. Maybe next time, have to think on it a bit.

OK, since I first posted this discussion, I have given it some thought, So I will try it here, please don't slaughter me, this is just a discussion about how powerful the hormones can be, so here goes. There is a theory out there and it appears in many or if not most cases to be valid, possibly.  The idea is that obviously the hormones need to be properly balanced in order for an implantation of the egg to take place. Now on the other side the theory is that the female can prevent the implantation because of hormone function. A number of years ago a politician that was in the early stages of the run for the Presidency, made a comment that a woman could get raped and not get pregnant.  Well that is sort of true. But it has conditions. Those conditions are IF and I say IF the hormones are properly balanced and functioning. That might explain why many times little girls that are sexually active, after menarche, either by choice or not by choice don't end up pregnant for years. It is simple, their hormone function is preventing it. But with the stress of being raped, etc., on their hormone function, it doesn't take long for the event to take place. But the politician was maybe looking in the right direction, but way off, totally off on the facts. He was claiming that the female could totally choose.  Well she can't just "choose"as a lot of that is the hormone functioning over in the parasympathetic nervous system.  However, this is sort of a mute discussion because in this day and age, who has their hormones functioning at the level they need to be to in order to carry out such an activity?  It just goes to show you that we are all really messed up in the area of not taking into account the role of factors that are not within our conscience control. It also introduces a person to the concept that we may not have as much control over our selves as we might think we have.

So far we have learned some of the normal situations that plague people as it pertains to most people as it applies to ED and CD.  Even though I throw out there one solution, Organ Master EO blend, there are other solutions as well for the physical aspect.  That will be discussed next time as well. Some of those are kind of cool. But we do have to look at the emotional side of things and look at it big time. Those will be attempted to be looked at next time. So until then, take care and hope all is well for all of you.