How To Plant A New Lawn

Here is what I would suggest for you to do so that you can have a nice lawn.( A person asked me for some advice on planting a new lawn.  Here is the advice ).

1st DO NOT, till the yard. What you want to do is to scrape it. SCRAPE it clean. If you till it you will turn all of the weed seeds and fox tails in it and then they will plague you for years to come.  The fox tails and other undesirable grasses will over take you yard in a matter of years. So by doing i this way, the fox tails and other weeds will not over take your lawn.   Plus it will fluff the soil, essentially, then it will settle unevenly for years to come.  

The soil has a lot of gypsum in it and it will settle, unevenly I might add. Even other soil types will settle unevenly, but not to the extent that your soil will. Then in a few years you will have to have a 4 wheel drive to cross through your back yard. Well not really that bad, but you will feel like it. So what you need to do is have it scraped clean, pull everything to the south, and put it in a small windrow/pile so that this winter you can burn it. I had pictured that your yard was only to about the big shade tree or just a bit beyond. But I half way wonder if you may only want to take the new grass as far as the trampoline, which is at the 1/2 way point of your yard.  Here is why, several reasons.

Water, it will take a lot of water to water that much. We don't know how this up coming winter is going to be, water wise.  Unless it really gives us a lot of water, they might have to cut back on the amount of water they will give you or raise the prices through the roof.  Also, that will be a lot of work for you. Then the expense of it might be a little more than you would like. So go that far and concentrate on doing a real good job, then if you want then next year extend it beyond to where you would like it to be. But if you have other reasons and can do it with no problem, then I guess you can go for it and do it all this year.

2nd, You are going to water the bare soil real good. A light spray is best so that the water soaks in. You will wait 2 to 3 days and then water it again, really good, light spray. then you will plant after a few days after the 2nd watering. Then to strep 3.

3rd, This is how you are going to do it on the planting. with the ground scraped clean, you are going to spread the new grass seed over the area you want to plant.  Do this when there is no wind blowing. Then come in on top of it with some soil that you get in the bags. Most any kind of garden mix will work good. You will spread about 4 bags of it over the area, on top of the grass seed, from your house to the trampoline.  Past that it would take 4 more bags.  Then you are going to get some of the mineral stuff with a high level of calcium in it. You sort of need the calcium, but not the ones with iron in it. You have plenty of iron in the soil. The other stuff will provide the micro nutrients that you will need for now. They cost about 15 bucks a bag at the local feed store. You may need them to order it in, if they don't have it. 4 bags if you go all the way out on planting. You will spread that on top of the grass seed. You will also need to get 1 bag of fertilizer. Get a mix of nitrogen, Potassium and potash.  It will have the first number at maybe 10 or so, the next number in the 20's or so and then the last number say like a single digit. You will spread that all over the areas that you have spread the other material over. 1 bag if you go to the tramp and 2 bags if you go all the way out. Then in the areas where the lawn is getting direct sun light you will sprinkle the straw very lightly over the areas. You won't need to, but you can, put the straw under the tree or in the shaded ares. That is why I figured that 3 bales is what you would need to go to the tramp line if you sprinkled the straw lightly over the whole area. Then you will water the whole area with a very fine spray/sprinkle. You don't want the water to not soak in, if it runs then it will take the seed and additives with it and you will have bare soil with no grass. You will water it quite often, just watch it and as the soil starts to get dry spots then water it again,. You will soon see the new grass coming, then just nurse it along. Once it starts freezing ice, then you need to back off on the water. You don't want the ice on the new grass longer than just a few hours in the morning. By the time the real ice and actual cold weather comes then you can back off, roll up your hoses and let nature take its course. The grass might look  like it is dead, but it isn't. Come spring, as soon as the frost is gone for the most part, it is warming up, then start watering it. Maybe 2 times per week, for a while then just play it by ear, as needed on the watering.

4th. If you do like I have suggested, you will have a very nice lawn come next year.I am sure that others might think they have a better idea, maybe so, but this way will work if you do as I have suggested and follow the idea to the best of your ability.  You will have an elprimo back lawn area. If you have questions feel free to ask, I will do what I can for you.  

Ken King  

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