Honey Bee Class

I want to share with you some perspectives that I observed at a bee class tonight. Yes it does involve EO's and drum roll....minerals. So I go to this class about bee keeping tonight. I am a bee keeper from way back, but felt like a little current information wouldn't hurt any. We are getting a bunch of bees this year and it was the supplier teaching the class.

One of the problems you have with bees are keeping them settled down and productive. As with all things agriculture how you prepare them for next winter is by doing certain things in the spring. In most agricultural endeavors you are always working way ahead of the current time frame. Bees are no different. This is where the minerals come into play. The guy teaching the class runs about 3000 hives. He said that only 8% of his income is from honey, the rest is from bee sales with the majority from pollinating of other crops, like almond trees. He has done this for about 20 years.

He said that the hardest things on bees is Glysophate (sp) the active ingredient in many herbicides. He says it is in everything. He said that what happens is it gets in and wrecks havoc with their immune system and then prevents the uptake of minerals by the bees. Since 80% of the immune system is in the stomach, guess what they have a belly ache. It makes them very upset. He has learned over the years that if he comes up on a hive of bees and they are pinging you. That means bouncing off of you, attacking you, etc. then the solution is to spray them down , basically misting them with this mineral solution, which is a wide spectrum trace mineral solution, very much like the PDM. Guess what happens? He said that the bees calm right down, they act like a colony of happy bees. They don't attack you any more and this happens within minutes after misting them with the mineral solution package. This is totally fascinating to me because of the psychological effect on the bees by using minerals. This is a partial reason why we used the PDM in the FTO mists. There was several seasoned bee keepers there that commented that they use the minerals to calm the bees rather than to use smoke.

Next was the EO connection. In dealing with various parasite issues in a colony. He reviewed a number of treatment protocols that are used for various parasites. But at the end he said that the best one he has ever used and if he was limited to only one product to treat parasites it would have to be the one that is a salve. He said that you make a little ball out of the salve and place in a couple of places in the hive. This salve has 15 different essential oils in it. He says it is a winner. Over the years I have had some bee keepers come to me and have had me make up a solution of EO's for their hives. They provided the formula that they wanted. Then one supplier actually has a blend made up for use in bee hives. So using EO's in the treatment protocols for parasites is a widely known and used idea. This an area where EO's work wonders, and that is in the treatment of parasites.
So there you have it, a good little perspective on minerals and EO's