Gritty Oils????

I had a question asked of me, I thought it was an excellent question and I gave my response. I wanted to share the question and answer with all of you.
I have a question about the Trauma oil. I’ve had this bottle for maybe a year and it’s turned “gritty”. I’ve ordered a new bottle but just curious why.

Kent King XXXX, This is a very good question. OK, we have a gritty aspect to it. Can you see the grit? Or can you basically just feel it? I have heard of this stuff happening, but normally with oils that are older. But here is what I am thinking, and this is why I say, Thank you for asking this question. As you may or may not know, I am doing a series of E-Lectures on minerals. I tie in the essential oil aspect to it as well. Anyway, I have been showing where the oils do contain minerals, I explain how this works. So here is my take on it. Several of the oils used in the Trauma blend will likely contain a long list of minerals and in particular, 2, that I would say would likely be top on the list. Of course, without analyzing them, I am only speculating. Potassium and Calcium would be found in several of the oils in this blend at high ppm levels. Because of several factors, they could be crystallizing. There is nothing weird about this, just normal organic chemistry going on here, so the grit is likely one or more of these minerals reconstituting themselves from a dissolved solid state. The likely minerals would be Potassium and/or Calcium. Maybe shake the bottle vigorously to help dissolve the crystallized solids. I seriously doubt that it would likely be anything else, like an oil that has gone bad. If it was a bad oil, then we would have seen the anomaly manifesting on several different oils, either singly or in other blends. But we haven't seen anything at all along these lines. So based on the information you have provided, I would say that this is what is going on.


Kent King