Good Night Testimony

Last night I was visiting with a friend. He asked if I had anything that might help to deal with some little kids. Here is the situation, his wife is in charge of the little 4 and 5 year olds in their church congregation. It is called the nursery. He said that they climb the walls and won't set in their seats. So I gave him a solution of Good Night, PDM and distilled water. About 1 ml. of Good night, 1/2 ounce of PDM and 1/2 ounce of distilled water. I forgot to mix the EO into a touch of salt first, so he has to shake the bottle a few times before using each time as the EO won't stay suspended very well in the other liquid with out the salt. It was placed in a mister bottle. So today they tried it. Before the class started she misted a few sprays into the room before the kids came in. The room is about 10 x 20. She asked another adult that came in if she could smell anything, she said that there was only a faint aroma of it. Then in came the kids. They said that the kids all came in, looked around, set down and they stayed in their seats, paid attention to the lessons, calm as could be. That was for 2 hours. Needless to say they called and were ecstatic with the results. So they will try it next week. Plus I gave him a sample of the new formulation for the calm mist for the FTO line. They want to try the Good Night mix again next week. I hope they try the other one too before very long. So anyway, interesting observation. Also as part of this "event" we talked a lot about autism, how we have used these mixes on autistic kids with remarkable results. He was so excited that he went and talked with his friend, who has 3 or 4 autistic kids and they want to get with us and talk. They are really needing help. Anyway, as a result, when things like this happens, it makes all of this stuff worth while.

This helps to demonstrate that you don't need to do a continual/non stop exposure for remarkable results. Also you help to avoid habituation. Constant nonstop use usually leads to habituation, which leads to a stronger and more extensive exposure being needed for effect. Which is something you want to avoid, especially with autistic situations. You want to hit with a mild exposure and get out. Then observe and measure. With this blend you are dealing with a number of oils that is believed to work with a physical balancing of several parts of the brain. By using this approach you are simply helping to do a balance and then allowing the brain its self to function as it should on its own accord.