Enzymes and EyeSight

I ran across an interesting titbit of information that I wanted to share with you. Since we are running a series of articles dealing with minerals and essential oils, it perked my attention. I am particularity interested in this as it brings into the mix the big 3 that is not really ever mentioned in any of these discussions, that being Enzymes. What are enzymes? Mostly an enzyme is a mix of Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen.

Then depending on the enzyme, various other components. Here goes; They have discovered that people carrying a certain DNA marker that is associated with blindness have been worked with to restore sight. They treated them with a certain enzyme and the sight was restored. People that have never been able to see have had their sight restored. They are just going through their final approval process to be able to bring it to market.

They didn't give a price for the "drug" but hinted that a million might be in the ballpark. So rather interesting. It is rather interesting to me anyway, because of the connection to this season of the year and this very point. In some circles, scientific of course, there is speculation that when Jesus rubbed clay into the eyes of the blind man, then the sight was restored, that he was really just applying a certain mix of minerals that that corrected the blindness. of course, I say, duh. They come from a negative point of view in that he wasn't doing anything magical, He was just doing a common thing.

Well if it was common then why did the problem exist in the first place? Next, yes, of course, why wouldn't he use natural law? Clay contains the most minerals and then, well... it makes perfect sense. For some strange reason, I just can't accept the concept that he was a magician. Sometimes I wonder why people just can't accept the fact that Jesus was a master scientist?