Cow Farts???? Really???  and "Some" Human Intelligence

In today's world, we hear a lot of politically motivated and emotional driven ideas and solutions. One of those is Cow Farting. It is promoted as being a major cause of "Global Warming". This blog is not about discussing the Global Warming issue. It is all about cow farting and those who promote it. But first, let's qualify our position. We are constantly being bombarded by emotionally driven issues, really that is what it is. In working with this I wanted to discuss an issue that is really important because of it being important. At the very center of the whole controversy is that of creditability of the people discussing it. 

  In another state, not far from here, you have a hotbed of people feeling like they are on the forefront of being on the leading edge of fixing the environmentally related problems or potential problems. These people really are well-meaning. Don't get me wrong, they are sincere, at least that is what I choose to believe. Hey, I am sincere as well in my ideas on how to protect the environment. I think that most people looking at the way I see it will see many others in this area of the same mindset. Nothing weird, just time-tested, time-proven ideas that appear to have worked well for more years than I am old and I say old because I am pushing that time when AARP contacted me a long time ago about being qualified, due to age, for their services. I qualify for the "seniors" discount at restaurants, so... Anyway, in that "other" state, they have passed laws that in effect and directly imposes a "tax" on cows, you know those loveable 4 legged creatures that chew their cud, yeah, those. I love cows. These people claim that these cows fart and fart and fart so much that they are contributing to global warming. They claim that cows add about 1/3 of the gasses that contribute to Global Warming. So to combat the problem they feel like they should tax the cows because of their contribution to Global Warming. As a general idea, they are imposing a tax and then they have said that they don't know how they are going to use the money to fix Global Warming, but they hope to find out a way in  5 or so years. OOOKKKAAYYY. Yet these people are telling me why my politics are all wrong, they tell me that I should be OK with all manner of "stuff" on TV that I find to be in bad taste. Anyway, you get the picture. Now I am going to explain to some of you where they have missed the boat and as to why they have no creditability in what they say. Because if they get something like this so wrong, what else have they gotten wrong?

  Did you know that it is impossible for a cow to "fart"? Yes, they cannot fart. In fact, these types of animals that are known to have a multi-compartment stomach can't fart. Some animals like Horses and Pigs can fart, they regularly do. They have a different type of stomach. Their stomachs are really pretty close to being like a human stomach and I do believe that humans do fart. But these animals like cows and sheep have these multi compartments stomachs. When they eat, it goes down into the one part, called the Rumen. It gets digested around a little bit, a little bit of Methane is created. Yes, they do create Methane. Methane is the main gas that the "Intelligent" people are concerned with. Yes, they are concerned about Carbon Dioxide as well. But in these cases, the old cow or sheep still does not "fart" or as farting is also known as "passing gas". When a cow or sheep eat their yummies, and as it "ferments" around in the Rumen, it creates these gases. Now at a certain point they essentially throw up their food from that stomach into the mouth and they chew it and chew it and chew it.  Various types of yumminess will create different amounts of gas. This process is called "chewing their cud" The more official term is called "eructation". In this process the cow or sheep will "Burp" and the gases will exit their digestive tract through this route. There is no farting taking place. Now, don't you think that these so-called intelligent people ought to have enough sense to call it by its proper terminology? I mean if you are talking about farting, it should refer to some activity related to the rear end, where the "poop" comes out of? If you are properly labeling and talking about what is really going on, shouldn't you call it "Burping"? Yes, both are expelling gas, but the method is important in this discussion. So cows and sheep, burp. They don't fart. But what happens when they can't fart? What happens when they can't burp? Well, they bloat. The gases are trapped in the stomach. The gases continue to expand or develop and to the point of killing the animal. What happens is the gas causes so much pressure that it essentially cuts off the animal's air supply due to the lungs not being able to expand. 

   Now, these so-called intelligent people claim that they don't yet know how to cut down the amount of "gas", ie; methane and carbon dioxide and many other gases from forming in these animals. They are using this tax money to study and develop methods on how to drop the gas levels. What these intelligent people don't realize is that all of the research and development has already been done. Oh, I see, it wasn't their idea, so the idea doesn't exist, got it!  

   The main idea to cut down on the gas production is change the way the cows are fed. Corn and Soybeans are among the largest producers of gas in the Rumen. At the very root of this whole problem is the fact that most people out there today do not recognize that many of these things that "they" say are not that important, like Vitamines, Minerals, Lipids, Peptides, and on and on  These are hugely important. Then to top it off, the crops are not mineralized as they should be, so the foodstuffs that go into the rumen cannot digest properly, so it sets there for a longer time than it should and "rots" and produces more gas than it would otherwise have time to produce. Cut salt from the diet, yeah, right, the gut has to have salt to work. So the ones that do recognize some of these issues, will feed minerals, for example, in their raw form. This is defined as being ground up rock, fresh from the mine. This method does work, it is just inefficient. Like maybe single digit percent wise. But when the "rock" has been applied to the soil, then taken up by the plant, efficiency goes way up, like in the 90% range. Plus it is arranged in proper ratios, etc. Then when the plant(s) are consumed, we see the gas levels go way down. Plus, we have the carbon sequestering taking place at a greater efficiency and larger amount. That then translates into fewer greenhouse gases. Oh, that is right, they don't really want to actually fix the problem, they just want to talk and tax.

So what do we learn from this? #1- Cows can't fart. #2-Those that are running around saying that Cow farts are the cause of Global Warming well, refer them to point #1 and add that cows burp and they likely don't even know what Global Warming actually is or what causes it. Better yet they have no idea on how to fix, at least, some parts of it.  And I am supposed to take all else they say at face value? OOKKAAAYYYY.