Consumption of Essential Oils

Today we will be discussing, in general terms, the whole deal with the reason why we don't use oils internally, as some companies teach and promote. For those that like a quick drive by reason as to why, here goes one for you.  It is a total rip off and essentially a scam to get you to buy more oils.  Also, those that promote consumption really are demonstrating that they don't know their own anal hole from a hole in the ground.  So how is that for a quick drive by answer?

Now from this point on we will discuss the whole process of why and what is going on.  Once you understand this stuff, you will be light years ahead of those idiots and you can be exponentially better at what you do. Many times we have discussed the First By Pass concept. So what does it mean?  This is very important if you work with aromatherapy. In our body we have one system called the Hepatic Portal System. This system consists of a number of veins and arteries that essentially pull elements from the small intestines as part of the digestive process.  This blood flow takes these elements, which consists of things coming from nutrition, medicines, etc., the whole nine yards. It then directs that blood flow through the liver for processing.  From that point, the blood goes through the liver and it's processing before being directed to the heart for distribution through out the body. This system starts at the lower portion of the esophagus and continues to the  upper portion of the anal canal system. This Hepatic system draws from the area between these two points.  So this means that most anything that travels from the beginning of this system to the end of it is likely to be taken up through the receptors and set through the Liver for processing before entering the circulatory system. This does not mean that every single thing that enters the digestive process gets processed and sent to the liver, but most things do.

Some of it gets through the system and gets directed into the next system, which we will discuss later.  But most things do get taken up and sent to the liver, this is how things work, if things are working half way right.  Some substances will get inactivated through this process, so what you send down the old pie hole, will get inactivated once it hits the digestive process. This is an area that has a real wicked chemical mix and not a lot gets past it. Some substances require this process to become active or to complete the conversion process to become something different. Many medicines actually depend on this aspect as part of their synthesizing process.  While that does is leaves some substances being able to make the trip through that mad house to be processed or not even processed and thus eliminated out the back door, so to speak.

So now we come to this point, as to why I say these people are idiots that promotes the "drinking" of essential oils.  Based on the realities of the human body and it's systems, it leads on to conclude that they are very lacking in their knowledge to the whole deal. Now when you have a very well educated and experienced practitioner that is treating some specific issue, then that is another story, That practitioner is assumed to have several ways to monitor the reactions and do do something if it all goes south (fails).  But for the average person to use the essential oils as most of these people teache, is inviting trouble. Plus it is a total rip off and a scam. But if you like to throw your money away and do more harm than good to your> body, then go for it.

Now there is other ways to take oils and get the use from them.  In part, here is 3 ways. One way is under the tongue. See this is a very effective absorption point.  It avoids the running through the liver system that we just mentioned.  However, I do not know for sure if the FDA considers this internal use or not.  In reading some of the literature, it is, at least in my mind, sort of a "not clearly discussed" area.  For most people, I am sure they would prefer to avoid this aspect in an effort to be more safe than sorry.

In some circles they teach the use of suppositories. This is another one of those "not discussed" areas. Many times it is kind of distasteful line of discussing the use of the oils. However, it is a very effective method of application, but sort of "anal" in thought, and of course most people like to think they have progressed beyond the anal stage of development, so they avoid this area as much as possible. lol.  Again this is an area that is of not quite sure because of conflicting instructions from the FDA, so that it is not quite sure if it is cool to teach that or not.  When I say not discussed, it means that in one place it says one thing, then in another something else.

Then we come to the other aspect > and that is "Transdermal", which means to be absorbed through the skin. This is an excellent application method.  It does filter in many aspects, it also has some self regulation aspects as well.

This actually leads us up to the next part  of this whole discussion. Earlier I mentioned about another system.  Here goes with that one. It is called the Internal iliac vein.  This drains the lower 2/3 of the system (and some body areas) and sends it directly to the Inferior vena cava, which by passes the liver and it goes directly to the heart.  By taking advantage of this system, we are able to have the essential oils to be absorbed, transdermally, and directed directly to the heart, thus by passing the liver metabolizing.  Once it gets into this system, it gets distributed very quickly through out the whole body.  How fast does it get circulated?  How fast does the blood get sent through the whole body. This is why a small amount can go a long way.

But then again, we see some people putting large amounts of oils and oils that are considered to be "Hot" directly on the skin, which becomes a problematic issue here as well. Of course if we hold a small amount on the skin for a longer length of time, for essentially a time release effect. By the use of a carrier oil, we see very little, if any ill effects.  Of course the blood will eventually get run back through the liver, it makes it so that the essential oil is very widely distributed and the amount of EO that hits the liver through the normal blood flow is very small, at any given time, thus enabling the liver to not be over taxed.

When the EO is presented in a large amount as done when it is taken down the old pie hole, it can become problematic for the liver and that part of the process.  Now that is the case for the EO's that make it past the acid bath in one piece so that it can be sent on to be processed by the liver before entering the blood stream.  Other wise if the oil was neutralized, then what good did it do for you to take it that way. Plus the EO's are already a converted acid that is able to enter the blood stream with out being processed through the digestive process.

So when I hear the term, "Our oils are pure enough to take internally" I sort of go puke, puke. Not on the oil aspect but on the stupidity part of the statement. I think it is safe to say that just because we are willing to eat something, does not impress me much with regards to purity. I mean get real, how much rotten food, polluted as well... do we eat every day, the rancid food we think is just fine, because we don't realize the food is bad?  It was determined to be "pure" enough to eat, right?  Maybe a better tag line would be more effective, maybe???

So in closing we have to consider the use of Essential Oils as being a good thing when used properly and a not so good, when improperly used. When i say improperly used, means that it MIGHT have a negative effect on your body, but it WILL have a negative effect on your bottom line, money wise.  But the proper use of Essential Oils WILL have a positive effect on your bottom line, money wise and will most indefinably have a positive effect on your physical body and a hugely positive effect on your emotional health.

I hope I have explained this in a way that is understandable to the average person. Yes, I use folksy language, but many times that language is very clearly understood.  Of course if you see things differently, then you are free to offer your opinion and perspective. I have no problem with that. If you have questions, feel free to ask and all of us can discuss it so that everything is clearly understand.

Thank you for your time and support in our Essential Oils and Aromatherapy learning process.