Coffee Beans, Salmon and Jet Fuel

How is that for a nice catchy opener about a subject that is centered around the aromas from these three items, well those three and many more. 
OK, let us run. 

Many times people will smell and oil, then another oil, then another one and pretty soon they all start smelling much the same, then after a while, they begin to smell the same. This happens quite often.  There are all sorts of different ways and ideas that people will clear their smelling apparatus. Quite likely the very best method is some nice clean fresh air.  You know the kind that you smell on a cold morning with the temperature just above freezing, with some snow on the ground and not another sound in sight, well, ah, not to be heard. I think your senses are clear by now. They are, aren't they? So how did we do that? Quite likey this was done using a principle that is associated with behavioral science, known as Classical Conditioning. In simple terms itis a situation that is created by pairing an experience with an aroma. If you recall in your mind, back in the early days of your life, you likely experienced a time in your life when this type of experience was yours. It was likely a very positive experience, so you make an association with a good experience and a good aroma. So we really didn't do anything. You did that all by your self, by experiencing an event and a positive experience.

We do this all the time. In my own life, I find an aroma that is both really positive and really offensive. Wait a minute, we were talking about a single experience and an event, now we are talking about one aroma and having it produce multiple experiences. If you reflect on this idea, I am sure all of you will go, ah, yes, I have had a type of experience of having an aroma produce mixed feelings. For many, this might be a stinky diaper on a kid. While it is, ug ug, man change that kids diaper, like yesterday. Yet, it reminds you of, no not of changing your own kid's diaper, but a remembrance of when your kid(s) was/were little, for example. Usually, that produces a smile on your face, and that stinky aroma smells just a touch better or maybe not even at all.  Yes, it does that to me too. But what about the smell of a skunk? As offensive as that is, it brings back all sorts of pleasant memories for me. It takes me back home, as that is what I call it when my life was at its peak on really enjoying life and multiple positive experiences. It takes me back to the farm of my youth, on the hay cutter, swather, when my dogs would come home with that rich aroma, they love you, you love them, so you tolerate it. When there were innocence and hope in the future. Then down the road, almost a half of a century later, you find yourself, not thinking about tolerating it, but wishing for that again. 

As you read my thoughts and my experiences, you might find yourself reflecting on a time in your life that reflected something similar. I am sure you are thinking about an aroma that does that for you, and, and, I am betting you have a smile on your face right now. Am I right?  With that smile on your face, let's move on to the present day. 

As we play with these oils, we come across all sorts of ideas. Sometimes you wonder, how in the world can people come up with idea and thoughts like the one I just heard?  I mean, that one is way out there, at least for me. Is that a similar thought to you? I am sure it is.  So going back to the opening idea of this blog, how do you deal with a mass of multiple aromas when they all come together as what seems to be one aroma? Well, fresh air works well. But in today's world, almost all of the air is already paired with an aroma, usually not one that we like, but hey, who is keeping score?  So since the fresh air is not always an option, people come up with different interim aromas to help a person restore a neutral place of starting over with aromas to clear the table and be able to distinguish the various, fine aromas again. You may have noticed that some people will use Coffee Beans to clear the table of mixed aromas. There is nothing really magical about Coffee Bears.  What the deal is, is this; they tend to overpower any other aroma(s). It kind of like pushes all of the other aromas out of the way. But then a magical thing happens. It doesn't stay very long. It is gone much faster than it took to show up. Perfume counters in stores like to use Coffee Beans for this reason. It allows the customer to experience the widest array of perfumes that they could possibly smell. After all, it is the object to sell them a bottle of perfume. But if after 2 or 3 different perfumes, they all start smelling the same, it lessens the chance of selling them that "magic" bottle of special aroma. There are a couple of other aromas that have a tendency of clearing the senses, those are Salmon and Jet Fuel. Now think about it, if you had some jet fuel at the perfume counter and have the customers smell that between smelling each perfume, Remember the other idea, Classic Conditioning, the pairing of an aroma and an experience.

But first, Salmon. many people will claim that Salmon will clear the senses. I am sure it will, especially if it is rotten. After having a fish set on the counter all day, well the fish smell in and of its self in the perfume counter, oh, that would be just wonderful. So let's think this through, Coffee Beans, Salmon (fish), or Jet Fuel.  Which one would you think would work best at the perfume counter? Remember, rather we know it or not, rather or not itis a conscious thought, we are creating that Classical Conditioning experience. Which aroma is likely to produce the best response at the perfume counter.  Remember, the Jet Fuel and Salmon is likely to not have their aromas to exit the stage very quickly. The choice is going to be Coffee Beans. They do much better if they are roasted. Green Coffee Beans don't do much of anything on the aroma scale. Roasted Coffee Beans works like magic on about 98% of the population. The rotten fish, the jet fuel, well, they don't produce a positive classical conditioning situation among that high percentage of the population. I am sure they might score down in the lower single-digit numbers, percentage-wise on their positive response scale. There are many, many, did I say many? Yes, I did, many different products out there that will do a good job in clearing the senses of the nose and have that neutralizing aroma to exit the scene very quickly so as to set a neutral setting for the next aroma assessment. 
So this whole deal with various aromas and clearing the senses has a direct association with classical conditioning. When you are creating this conditioning event, you do what works for the individual.  You would need to pair an aroma with an experience or an object, that will produce the desired outcome.  Roasted Coffee Beans seem to do a good job in fulfilling the role of an object/aroma to produce the desired outcome, that being to clear the senses and to leave the smelling sensors clear and clean.  
 I hope this gives you some "aroma" for thought. Hopefully it smells good.


Kent King