Confabulation: Deficiencies Part 2

Deficiencies Part 2

As you see from part 1, the quality aspect of essential oils can be a matter of opinion. In part 1, I addressed only one aspect. Sometimes we end up in a big “discussion” with close friends over which oil is best or which company has the best oils. Unfortunately these “discussions” are based on myths that originate in confabulation. The reality is more or less based on personal preference and properly paring the right oil with the issue at hand. We are not considering the adulteration aspect, for example, in this discussion. That is another issue for another day. We are simply looking at quality within an end-user aspect.  To find out why the Confabbers do what they do, go back to part 1 and read the definition of confabulation.

Let’s shift away for a moment about essential oils. For now, let’s look into the root cause of confabulation in general. This condition largely takes place in the brain and brain function. It is believed that MOST, but not all, cases of this is caused by (drum roll please) ... a thiamine deficiency. A simple vitamin/mineral deficiency. Maybe it is a lack of or a lack of assimilation of it. If it is a complete lack of thiamine then no essential oil will help with it. If it is a lack of assimilation of thiamine, then yes, essential oils appear to help in that area. I tend to use the vitamin/mineral thing in the same thought as, in many cases, the two always seem to pal around with each other. They appear to be “co-dependent” on each other.

Guess what other area of disorders that is generally directly related to a lack of thiamine? Alcoholism. As a side note, I tell everyone that I am an alcoholic. How can that be since I don't drink? Well, it appears that my family has a slight thiamine problem in one form or another. From what I know about precursors and initial indicators, yes, if I drank booze, I might become an alcoholic. So I think it best to stay away from the stuff. But the other side of that is alcohol is converted to sugar in the body, and it is obvious what sugar has done to me. So ... connect the dots and take those odds to Vegas ... I think we know how the bet would go – LOL.

So, does that mean that a simple vitamin/mineral deficiency is one of the root causes of sugar addiction? Hint: generally the nervous system is the first to be affected by a thiamine issue. We will explore that in another blog.

Being schooled in the functioning of the human mind, coupling that with wide experience in functioning around people with alcoholism, confabulation and mineral deficiencies, I have every belief that these three areas are closely meshed together. In walking through each process, it makes perfect sense.

As a side note, after years of being involved in agriculture, the vitamin/mineral aspect may be a little more real to me than most people. For example, the thiamine issue rears its ugly head in baby chickens. It can show up in a short period of time. Maybe when you check on them at bedtime, all appearances are normal. By morning they have "Star Gazing" disease, a condition when they sit on their legs, lean back and at stare at the sky. It can be corrected with thiamine and, if administered in time, recovery can be within a few hours. This observation shows you how fast this whole process can work in some situations. Of course some conditions take longer to manifest themselves, and a longer time frame to correct the issue. Essential oils can play a big part in this when the condition is caused by a lack of assimilation.  In fact a lot of studies have been conducted in Europe with essential oils and animals, with many positive results having been recorded.

Getting back to the alcoholism aspect, there are several other psychological aspects that come into play in addition to the thiamine deficiency that have to be factored in. Essential oils can help. In some of the oils, blends in particular, we try to address the psychological in concert with vitamins, minerals and their assimilation. Are the vitamins and minerals there? If they aren't, how do we get them there, or get them to be assimilated?

Oh, I almost forgot ... what oil to take to help in this process? Organ Master is about the best one, in my opinion of course, to begin this process. There is no "one pill to fix the ill" when addressing these issues. If you want to buy into that confabulation then this isn't the place for your answers. But is there an essential oil or blend that can work more directly with alcoholism? We have several formulations worked up, tested and ready to go.  But they aren't in the line-up yet. Maybe in time. But there are possible solutions with what is in the current line-up, including more than essential oils.  So stay tuned, you may see some ideas come up that might work for yourself or others in this situation.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate talking with and working with all of you.

Best Regards,

Kent King