Cleansing and Constipation

Yesterday I was involved in a discussion about a somewhat serious condition that an older man is currently working with. The guy asked me about what he could do for his health condition because he has come to a point of not making any more progress with what he has been doing. 

One of the things he has been doing working on his liver. We talked about the need to cleanse his liver and work with it as he knows he has a fatty liver. He has been doing some things to help his liver cleanse. But the problem is that he isn't healing the liver as he cleanses it. We discussed this aspect and when we finished, it said it makes perfect sense. What we talked about was the need to heal as it cleanses and in my opinion, the Organ Master Essential Oil Blend works very well for this condition. What it is designed to do is to not only assist in the cleansing but also in the healing of it as it makes progress in restoring its self. 

Many times in all of the various programs that are developed for this purpose, many of them only do part of the job. They really do a pretty good job of cleaning, but they don't do any of the healing or will only skirt the edges on the healing aspect. The healing aspect has two angles on it. One is to heal over the paw parts that have had the "dirt" scrubbed off. Then the other side of the so-called coin is the issue of constipation. 

So how does constipation become involved in the cleansing of the liver? Well, since you asked, lol, here we go. Most of constipation-related to the liver takes place in the Colon. So what happens here in the Colon? This is where a lot of the reabsorbing takes place. Think about this for a minute. The stuff that was cleaned, gets dumped from the various organs, to be carried out with the trash. One of the main elements that will be reabsorbed is water. As a general rule, the proper consistency of the "waste" gets regulated. It makes it so that it isn't too "runny" or to "solid". If you are dehydrated to most any degree, it makes it very hard to add water to loosen the "waste' product. But most of the time, aside from the dehydration aspect, most people will have plenty of water in the "waste" due to stress, undigested food, etc., so the body tries to do its job and reabsorb to a point of proper consistency of the "waste" product. So if these toxins that you have been "ejecting" from the various organs end up staying there for an extended period of time, the chances of them being reabsorbed. Most of the time they do just that because of most people being constipated.  

A person's body needs to "evacuate" after each meal. Usually, this will come at different time periods, but for the most part, within the half hour period of time after a meal. So if you are eating 3 meals a day, you should set on the throne at least 3 times per day.  Many people will set on the throne shortly after waking and before the first meal of the day. So for them, it would be 4 times per day. How many of you that have raised children have noticed that you have to change their diaper shortly after you feed them? Same thing with potty training animals. You keep them away from food overnight. Then you feed them first thing in the morning, shortly after they have to be set out to do their business. As we age, we really shouldn't be changing. If we do, then it is an indication of a problem. 

The point here to this whole deal is this; in any program that you do to help you get well, it will always involve cleaning the Liver. To properly clean the Liver, you have to get rid of the "toxins" and other junk so that it doesn't get reabsorbed and recycled. Cleansing also involves setting the stage for healing. Also, if you don't have at least a reasonably rational balance of the right minerals, vitamins, enzymes, acids, etc., and in the right ratios, the detoxing/cleansing of the Liver isn't going to be as efficient as it could be or that it needs to be to affect proper recovery. Most importantly is that you have to be able to haul out the trash, get rid of the trash so that it doesn't just get recycled. 

So some key points aside from eating the right combinations of foods and this would involve being "boring" and consistent with your diet. That would mean eating the same food or food types that require the same digestive setup at each meal. It doesn't mean that you have to eat the same thing 3 times a day, what this means is that you have to eat the same digestive food type and at the same time each day.  In my opinion, if you were to use the Organ Master blend as part of your "healing" process, you will find your efforts will become exponentially better as you use this blend and follow a consistent dietary schedule. I have seen it time and time again as people follow this type of a program in their quest for better health.  You can also add oil or an oil blend that deal with digestion to help this process "move" along with better results. Also if you add something to help your emotions, you will feel a lot better about the whole deal. 

So to recap; select and use 3 different oils. First and most importantly is to use the Organ Master Blend. Choose a digestive oil to help that process. Then select an Emotional support oil. You need this oil to use as a reward to yourself. You must always reward yourself for doing any effort to improve your health. Now don't get wrong, you need to add this oils program to whatever programs you are choosing to follow. If you do, you will find that you will get more favorable results. For the most part, you will find that the essential oils, will help whatever program you are doing, work better. 

So there you go for now, thank you for your time and interest.

Kent King