Cedarwood oil safe for use while pregnant?

Cedarwood oil safe for use while pregnant?

(This response is generated from a
question asked about if Cedarwood oil is safe for use during
pregnancy, then later in the question, it mentions the Latin
name, with is referencing a Juniper oil). 

First one needs to properly identify the Cedarwood oil being referenced. Problem; Many times
"Cedarwood" can reference the Cedarwood oil like C.alantica, aka; Atlas Cedarwood. If you are referencing this oil then it is considered to be toxic by the French side of
aromatherapy. It is also considered to be potentially abortive and/or neurotoxic by the same. It is likely because of the high Ketone levels. although it is on the low end of the scale of being on the caution list, none the less it is there. Now if we are looking at the Juniper based oils that
are sometimes called Cedarwood oil, then you have this going on. Franchomme, Penoel and Valnet and some lesser known French-based Aromatherapists and books, all have a
combination of the following regarding the Juniper ones or also referenced as Cedarwood. These oils contain either no Ketones or very small amounts of Ketones, so that the Ketone
issue isn't the problem here. The main concern is that they are generally considered to be Diuretic. Since it is a diuretic, it can be a problem in pregnancy as the baby will
generally draw all of the hydration needs from the mother that it needs, the mother can suffer if she isn't properly hydrated, so it becomes a problem directly for the mother and in indirectly for the baby. Then many times you don't know for sure if they are referencing the Leaf-twig-wood oil
part of the Juniper or the Berries. These oils can have vastly different properties and end effects.

Also, the molecules of some of these oils are vastly different in size and the larger molecules can have an overpowering effect on the smaller molecules, I need to make sure to add, potentially or sometimes to this aspect. So in the bok, one must be on the caution side and control for the most common perspective, so to speak, so a generalized caution is noted.

Also, one must not mix up the discussion. The question starts out by asking about Cedarwood, then mentions the Latin name then talked mostly about using it as a bug repellent, then mentions the pregnancy aspect. Then the whole answer is focused on pregnancy, avoids the bug
repellent aspect. So you have all sorts of questions and answers going on here and makes the whole thing confusing. As far as my perspective here, I would be very careful because Juniper oils are excellent for parasites, etc., and many times the woman's body during the first trimester is
confused as it thinks the fetus, in many cases, is a parasite, so... anti-parasite meds... me thinks one needs to be cautious, as in very... But by the 2nd. trimester, the woman's body has come to terms with that little bug and has decided that it isn't a parasite after all. But for me, I
would try other options and consider other factors before I would go hog wild on suggesting Juniper oil or Cedarwood oils, any of them on a pregnant woman, especially during the
1st. trimester. Even though I am of English descent and am a strong advocate of the English style of aromatherapy, I am first and foremost of the French style aromatherapy background. Leiann is pretty much of the same mindset, of the French medical aromatherapy, anyway. So in the end, the
reason for the caution in the book.


Kent King