Carbon Fixing Plants

In the long discussion, I made in regards to Carbon Fixing Pathways, I made mention that I would give you a list of plants that follow each pathway.  But that promise is going to be hard to keep. So I will give some generalities and then at some later date, as we talk about different plants, we will make reference to which pathway that particular plant tends to follow. 

In the whole scheme of things, the CAM pathway is the oldest type and the C3 and C4 have a tendency to evolve from the CAM pathway. Both evolving for their specific reasons.  The CAM pathway finds plants that are succulent and in arid regions. CAM pathway plants make up roughly 7& of the plants of the world. Most of these plants are angiosperms, ie; flowering plants. 

The C3 plants make up roughly 90% of the world's plant species. But within this 90% of the world's plants, most of the world's plants here are the plants we use as food for humans. Within this grouping, we find plants from the Cabbage, Daisy, Legume families. Grasses, such as Wheat, Rye, Oats, Barley, Rice, Orchard grass and even Kentucky Blue Grass.  Most of these plants will be found on the north side of the 45th. latitude. Where we find cooler temperatures, good levels of groundwater and distinct seasons. 

The C4 plants make up roughly 7% of the world's plants. Here we find Corn, Sorghum, Grams (hairy side oats, black, and blue), and broadleafs such as Pigweeds, Saltbrushes, and Lambsquarters.  Most of the C4 plants will be found south of the 45th. latitude. 

Many plants will find their origins in the CAM pathways but have evolved to using either the C3 or C4 pathways, but will revolt back to the CAM pathway when they get heat stressed and under drought conditions. Then there are other plants that will use parts of each off and on. So that area can get to be a little confusing. You might hear of the C2 pathway. This really isn't a pathway specifically, but rather is photorespiration. Most of the photorespiration takes place in the C3 pathway, so any C2 reference is really part of the C3 pathway.

This evolution over time of the plants from one pathway to the other is essentially a reaction to their environment. But as always, we see "the man" trying to mimic nature. As a general sense, this is what GMO is. One of the major projects we see taking place is the job of changing Rice from the C3 pathway to the C4 pathway. The rationale is that since Rice is the most important food source in the world, then it makes sense to "evolve" the pathway from C3 to C4. Since a plant in the C4 pathway is 3 times as productive as one found in the C3 pathway grouping. Well, makes for more of this basic food. Rather you agree with this idea or not, it is what it is. 

Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Connection.

This whole study has enormous, as in huge, consequences as it applies to aromatherapy and essential oils. In a simple perspective, one might say that plants from the CAM pathway will be at the core of dealing with physical ailments. Then from there, you can follow the trail to C3 and there you find these plants that will nourish and give support to both the emotional and physical body. However, the emotional support is usually tied to the C4 through the CAM plants, but in reality, will have its roots based on a physical ailment as it's origin. Now going the other way, from CAM to the C4 plants, you will find them to work best on emotional and physical ailments with the emotions being at the root of the issue, ie; emotional driven. So the C4 plants will give support and aid to the emotionally driven issues, even if they appear to be physically based.  

The novice person will find this confusing. Once you get educated with plants, where we find the essential oils sourced from in the first place, then this makes a lot more sense and is much clearer. But this is for those that are truly trying to solve a problem. If you are just playing around and not really interested in solving issues, then you would not want to understand these concepts.

Another factor in this is the idea of electromagnetic related and how it applies to aromatherapy. In essence, if the electricity isn't right and if it is flowing in the wrong direction, then anything you do will produce all sorts of funky results. This whole thing about Carbon Pathways has everything to do with electricity. This electricity is and has to be present for the photosynthesis to properly take place. In order for this aspect to function, you have to have specific minerals present to conduct this electricity. This is one of the roles that essential oils can play and that is in effect to help the electricity to do its thing, a critical part of the whole. 

I hope this helps to make this whole new (new to many of you anyway), the concept a little bit clearer. We will be talking more about this idea more often and with more clarity. Take care and until nest time.