Cancer!  Really???  Part 2

Now we will look very seriously at the solutions. But first lets look at how we arrive at choosing the solution or best course of action.  In order to understand the best solution or course of action to take in dealing with cancer, or in more realistic terms... How do we figure out switch is turned on and how do we turn it off?
Now that is a wild card, even for the people out there that are considered cancer experts or oncologists as they are officially known as.  In simple terms these people are in the thick and thin of it and have, usually a great deal of first hand experience in dealing with this condition.
Translation to this is as follows; Look, we have seen this type of cancer condition and in more cases than not, this or that procedure seems to work in a solution to the individual's condition, more times than not. Most of the time these people are schooled and experienced in the pharma approach and the solutions presented in that arena.  The problem and the magic of that line of thinking is that if those people calls the bet right, they really get it right.
But that bet is a real narrow window of opportunity. In order to target that window and get through it without breaking it or knocking the whole house down, the condition
is solved, fixed, corrected, or some word along thoselines.  I have seen these people get it right,and I mean really right. But on the other hand, I have seen a lot of those people really miss the mark and I mean missed it.
However, I am not going to say that I know more than those people. I would really hate to have someone put that level of responsibility put on my shoulders. I don't know if I
could handle it and i hope I never have to be there, on either side of that fence. So lets leave that arena and move over to the natural side of the road. We can have some
interesting discussions over there. 
What happens over on this side of the road is that we have people that in many cases, are at a
bigger disadvantage than the pharma people, in making bets on what switch is turned on and what might cause that switch to turn off. What generally happens on this side of the road
is that a person says, hey I know of a person that was cured from cancer by doing this procedure or by using this or that product. Hey, anyone can get lucky and call a bet on the
money every once in a while. But the big issue here is that most of the time the person trying to figure out what the best solution might be, doesn't know what switch is on or
the behavior of the consequences of that switch being turnedon, down the line. So they are simply groping in the dark.
So you might have one of those people saying, Tea Tree EO and Lavender EO cures cancer. Then the pharma side person says, oh no it doesn't, in fact if anything it causes cancer. The problem is this, they are both right and they are both wrong. 
So how can a person be both.  Well it is simple. In some cases the Tea Tree oil has been shown
and consider to be effective against CERTAIN cancers. Totally ineffective against other types of cancers. Same thing for Lavender oil.  So if the pharma person is looking
at a cancer that the Tea Tree is ineffective against, then that person is right. If the person on the natural side, just happened to guess it right, then the Tea Tree is
effective against the cancer that that person has, then the natural person is right. Same with Lavender.  Now another one that blows my mind is with Spearmint oil.  Blows other
people's minds as well, even those that knows a lot about cancer.  How is that? In legitimate studies, those doing the studies have observed that Spearmint EO is effective
against most Prostrate cancers, not I say most, but not all, but at least enough of them to consider that in general terms it is effective against Prostrate cancer. So why does
it blow people's minds?  Because in these various studies it has been shown to be totally ineffective against Breast cancers. It blows minds because if it works in one, it should at least in theory, work on the other. It is a complicated explanation, so lets just leave it at that,
works on one, doesn't on the other.  We use all sorts of products and ideas to combat this condition. Herbs, oils, food,minerals, fatty acids, acids, fats and the list goes on
and on of things that are used to combat this condition.
What is a mind blower is that sometimes it works, what ever it is, but all too often the selected solution.. fails.  Cancer is very complex and complicated. I have explained what cancer essentially is and in very simplistic terms, how to fix it. But the fix is the million dollar question. It is a crap shoot at best.  So how do we improve our odds in this crap shoot or perhaps a poker game that is essentially rigged against us because of the nature of the game and the lack of understanding of how to play the game and win. So lets look at a possible
According to a lot of people's theories, we as humans should live to be say 120 years old,
maybe eve 140 years old. It appears that some peopleBut we don't. Sure we hear of people living much longer than that. But those are not the norm, they are the exception to the rule. But for the rest of us.. We need to understand the concept that disease is simply a condition where by nature is just doing what it is suppose to be doing, same as with most parasites, and yadda yadda, and that is taking diseased tissue and returning it to natural element. When the
organism is healthy and functioning as nature intended, then the person is consider to be healthy. Short of that it is not healthy and nature is just doing what it is suppose to be doing and that is eliminating the problem as seen in nature, breaking it down and returning it to natural element. Yes, oh yes, we have all of these fancy terms for everything. Hey, they, whoever makes these calls, will call a certain condition when found in a white person a certain
name but when found in a black person it is a different name. What a joke! Plus they have different protocols for the treatment of that condition, depending on the color of the skin and guess what.. sometimes both protocols work and sometimes they don't, irrespective of the skin color. 
So what is a process or shall we say protocol that will help us to not fall victim of nature
coming around calling because it got a signal that me or you are a in a condition that calls for being "recycled"?  Think about this, when a person is cremated, I am told that there is about 6 pounds or so of element that remains that didn't burn up and it won't. Those are generally considered minerals. Everything else was broken down into some form, because it no longer exists. But understanding how fire works, it is simply changing the form of the energy, so it
still exists in some form.. but the creation, no longer exists. So in reality what can we actually do?  We can and really have no choice in the matter, and that is to try to eliminate, as much as possible any influence out there that can or will likely cause one of those switches to be
"accidentally" turned on or to have a condition to evolve to where nature's cleanup crew is notified of a spill on isle "fill in your name here on the line____________".  I don't
think there is a person reading this that doesn't have an idea of what that means for them and what that looks like for them. So I think it is safe to say that in this day and age, we are all involved in a spill on "isle, 'your name here_______". If we don't clean it up,then nature will. So
... where do we go from here?  Back to the title of this article. Does Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil cause cancer?  I really don't think so, based on the studies that have been done.
But one thing is that it appears to help in the clean up on isle_____, as does all of the other oils, herbs, foods, minerals and on and on. The challenge is to figure out which one or ones, of anything works best for you and your unique situation. 
Now up to this point it appears that we have only looked at the physical side of things. If that
is your observation, then give that person a star on their forehead.  You are completely correct.  But the other half is the emotional side, the spiritual side or in terms that
most people can understand, the software. Until the last paragraph, we have focused on the computer hardware, now we need to look at the software. OK, lets go there. Shall I let
you in on a little secret???  Now listen closely... the solutions are pretty much the same,on the natural side of the road. Really it is, at least in 80 to 90% of the picture. Think about it, for the most part, you fix the hardware, the software fixes itself. You fix the software, the hardware takes care of its self.  I actually think it is less than the 10 to 20% that is not covered by both,more like 5% or less, but hey who is keeping score, lets be fair and say the 10 to 20% range that isn't. We have given you solutions to 80 to 90% of the problem that we suffer from,
in this discussion. So another time we will look at the10 to 20%, less in my opinion, but who is counting, right?, in another discussion.  
So the big question goes begging.. does this or that cure cancer? Likely not. But what does is
a whole big program of distancing yourself from nature giving the call on the intercom of "Clean up on Isle________". Need more be said?  I don't think so. 
Thank you for your time. I hope this gives you reason and cause to think about your individual
self and what you can do for yourself. That is where the solution is found.
Kent King