An issue of Adulteration???

Since this group deals with nutrition as well as oils, I ran across a statement that I want to post here. It comes from Hoards Dairyman. It is one of the premier dairy magazines in the US. It is credited to W. D. Hoard, the founder of the magazine, he made the quote 133 years ago. Here goes the Quote,

"Every adulteration or counterfeit of a food product is a blow at the farmer himself. Between the farmer and the consumer stands the adulterer, the counterfeiter, the fraudulent mixer of food and substances that, whether harmful or not, are a cheat upon the consumer and an outrage upon the farmer as a producer of food, robbing him of his rightful market".

This quote is found on page 486 of the August 25, 2018 issue of Hoard's Dairyman. This quote is also found on the same page that discusses the controversy over the plant milk market labeling stuff. All of these plant-based "Milk" products will likely be changing their labels as the FDA is coming down on them using the term milk, because it does not meet the lawful description of milk, according to the FDA. Rightfully so, as they don't have the same nutritional profile as does animal-based milk will have. Doesn't mean they aren't nutritional, it means that they may not be the same as or anywhere near having the same profile. An aspect of this drive is to make all products comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act. This act is very far-reaching, I mean far-reaching. Much of it is good, much is not so good, according to just about everyone. I see it about 60% good, 40% bad as far as the world I live in is concerned. But overall, it is what it is.

IN the above quote, you could move the word food out and move in the world oils and the same applies. That is what people like me, and there are many in this group, that tries to serve in this role for the consumer. As more and more people come to more knowledge on all things oils, there is no reason why anyone that applies themselves can do as much and be just as skillful as anyone out there.

Just a few thoughts for the day.

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