All of the FDA stuff

Pretty much everytime you turn around in the oils circles, you hear about the FDA saying this or that. I want to give you some background as to what is kind of going on. Here goes;
In 2011 a wide sweeping law was signed off on, it was really a souped-up version of a similar law signed off on in 2009.   

The law of 2011 is known as the Food Safety Modernization Act.  aka; FSMA. This law being referenced is in the United States. Other countries have passed similar laws or will be implementing similar laws or policies.  It is driven overall by the World Health Organization. Meetings have been held the world over and it is a thing that is a done deal.  When you hear of conspiracies, well this isn't a theory. it is a fact and yes, it is a conspiracy in every aspect of the word.  The conspiracy is to control the world's food supply nutrition and medical related aspects of all life.  Of course, it is done in the name of food safety. It is claimed, pretty much rightly so, that the laws haven't been updated since the 1930's. So this is an effort to do so.  Part of the reason has to do with the fact that when people have problems, they run to the government for remedy.  So they are going to fix it. 

What these parties to the solution don't realize is that the problems are really what I will be discussing in the series of lectures that I will be doing and discussing. It is not me saying it, it is many people, many people that really know what they are talking about. 

This law basically turns the FDA into an organization much like the IRS. It gives them powers to write policy and even laws, well, think IRS and you will understand FDA. They can regulate down to anything and everything related to anything that goes in your mouth. I mean everything. Most of these natural health organizations and companies that preaches herbs, natural solutions, etc., likely will get flushed. Or they will be so regulated that they won't really exist, exist as any resemblance to what they are today. It is highly likely that the EO world will be vastly different. right now many people and organizations in the aromatherapy world are calling their stuff, diffuser, or aroma or some other word. This is an attempt to get around these regulations. It will work for a while,  But won't last forever. They will squish that twist on the perceptions. The natural offered stuff will be vastly cut down. You will almost be required to use their synthetic, pharma solutions. 

The only real solutions that I see is for you to learn all that you can do to be able to take care of yourself. I am not talking about being a doctor, but in areas that you can. In the Kent's Korner of Leiann's website, I have an article posted there, entitled, Cuba; the Accidental Revolution. Read that article and then you will see some ideas and catch a vision of what you can do because these people have done it and are doing it. For example, they discuss that after the Soviets left they didn't have pharma medicine anymore, so they had to revert back to green medicine. What is that? It is the use of weeds (herbs), etc. as medicine.  That is a partial reason why I will be doing the series of lectures, via electronic media,  to help you gain some perspectives so that you can take control of your life or at least have some kind of control over your destiny.  

So remember, if it goes into your mouth, it is controlled or will be controlled by the FDA. They do have the legal authority to do anything they want, much like the IRS does with all things money, to anything food. This includes every step of the production cycle.  Eventually, it will be extended to include anything that goes on your body.  The only real solution that you have to work with this is to be a little fish in the big pond, one that they don't want to deal with and learn how to do what you have to do to take care of yourself. I hate to sound all negative, I really am not.  If you accept reality, work with it, then it isn't a problem. 

Key here, if it has anything to do with going in your mouth, the FDA has the legal authority to do as they see fit. people in other countries, you are under the very same controlling legal authority, only administered by your respective government.  In my opinion, the drivers of this are the following; Stupid people, people taking advantage of sick people by feeding them a line of false crap and big, multi natural money interests. 
So there you have it, the Food Safety Modernization Act. The reason for all of this FDA stuff you hear about.


Kent King