You love essential oils, you want to know more. Sometimes it can seem daunting all those oils! I'm here to make it simple and fun for you in our Foundations in Aromatherapy  course at the Applied Aromatic Institute. This is an introductory course with meat and gravy (gluten free).


You love to learn but you are busy. I get that. this is a go at your own pace in your own way. Do it a little at a time or lock yourself in your minivan for week! ( yes I've done that!

We cover all the basics from History to simple anatomy. The important stuff like which systems are most effected by essential oils and how to use them wisely and safely.

You will be able to know intimately 20 of the top essential oils. And how to use them to create your own blends. 

This course is for you if you are a parent, teacher, massage therapist, individual who is passionate about your total health, or a distributor who wants to deepen there knowledge to sell more oil.


Take adbantage of my special deal. Only $97.00