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What is the Deal with Clary Sage and Sclareol?

Apr 10, 2021

Our discussion today is going to be centered around Clary Sage and Sclareol. The discussion is going be centered around the particular variety of Clary Sage with the Latin name of Salvia sclarea L., fam. Lamiaceae (Labiatae). There are other types of Clary Sage with different Latin names but this particular one has an important component within the needed therapeutic parameters to affect the specific targets that we will be looking at. We will also explore some myths surrounding Clary Sage in general and specifically.

Most of you are likely to have a hate relationship with Clary Sage because it might raise your estrogen hormone levels and give you cancer. This is a myth and I will show you how it is a myth, but also can be true. When I look at a GC/MS report on Clary Sage, I focus on this one component., first off right out the chute. This component will tip me off and many others to the quality of the report. This element is rather heavy in the list of "ingredients" in Clary Sage. So two things have to be considered if it isn't showing. First off the element is heavy, so it takes a lot of effort to bring it over and up the column to be measured. All Clary Sage oil will have it in it. But how accurately it is detected is another story. It takes a lot of skill to bring the heavier molecules over and up the column in these types of measuring systems. Anyone can bring over the lighter ones and run them up the column, that doesn't take much skill. But with the heavier ones, that is another story. So, if none is registering it tells me that I can't have a lot of confidence in the report as to accuracy. Generally it gives a person some general information about the sample, but not much more than that. At that level it is OK for general aromatherapy use, but for clinical level, no so good. It also tells me about the actual method of extraction. Most Clary Sage is steam distilled. But how it is steam distilled makes a difference. Most steam distillation takes place by inserting the steam into the bottom end of the steam chamber, forcing the steam to flow upward and then out the top end, on to the cooling coils, then onto the condenser to be ready to be removed and prepared to be moved onto you the user of the product. Since the Sclareol is a heavy molecule it makes for a difficult move to go upward, unless it is bonded to a lighter molecule and thus making ti possible to be more easily moved upward. This only happens in a long shot and doesn't make for a high quality element/component.

So the typical method for getting the most Sclareol is to use the Hydro-diffusion method of steam distraction. In this method the charge, which if the plant material, is placed in the steam chamber over a grill on the inside. below the grill is holding tank, if you will. The steam is forced into the material from the top of the steam chamber and thus forcing the collection of the elements/components to collect in the holding tank. Once that process is completed the contents of the holding tank is drained off and Clary Sage oil is prepared for the end user. This method works pretty good for the collection of the heavier type molecules and in this case the Sclareol. This method is used for other oils but we are only taking about his one oil and one component, otherwise this discussion would get too long. So when you look at a GC/MS and the Sclareol has a remarkable showing it gives a person much more confidence in the given report on this sample. This method kind of gives you an Absolute that is derived from steam distillation and not chemical extraction. I say gives you "kind of an Absolute", but not fully an Absolute. Hopefully it gives you an association reference. However, it still is a steam distilled product that behaves as an essential oil, which it is in the strictest sense, and you use as an essential oil.

Sclareol is a very important element in the fight against a person taking the big C-Ride. In studies it has been shown to kill Colon Cancer and Human Leukemia cells by the process of Apoptosis. In Tisserand's book, which most people that are serious about essential oil use will normally have, discusses a number of these studies and makes specific references to them. Also, it has been shown by a number of other creditable sources that this is consistent with their research as well. Based on the research that has been done, Sclareol is, in theory, a possible and very powerful tool to use in the big C-Ride program.

No, I haven't forgotten about the Estrogen aspect. I know, I know, some people have had serious and documented concerns about the estrogen producing aspect of Clary Sage. One aspect about Estrogen is the fact that it can cause hyper growth. This aspect is necessary when the sperm is introduced to the egg and then inserted into the uterus. It has to attach to a blood supply real fast and have a hyper growth period, growing to the point that it has secured a food source. But then almost as fast as it went into hyper mode, it drops back to a slower growth speed.  This process is basically run by the hormone system. This hyper growth is the connection to the C-ride and this is where that estrogen and C-ride myth factors in  If you already have a C-ride deal taking place, then it can combine with other factors and maybe make a contribution. But alone, it won't really put you on the C-ride. Once the hyper growth of estrogen does it's job then it then drops and the programmed pace of growing or essentially baking in the oven takes place, lol. Testosterone does play a role here in the process. Progesterone also factors in here but as a secondary, down the line factor. But what actually directs the activities? There is one mineral that is at the control point of the regulatory aspect and that is Boron. Boron regulates the balancing of the Estrogen/Testosterone operational activities.

So if a person is Boron deficient, which a very high percentage of the population is, then the Estrogen aspect of Clary Sage might be a concern. Just keep in mind here that Clary Sage does not provide the Estrogen, it is a precursor/promoter, if you will, to the production of Estrogen. If your Boron is at therapeutic perimeters then the Estrogen can be a blessing in many ways. Estrogen also plays a major part in the Calcium balance in the bones and it also plays a major role in weight loss. I should say several Estrogens, as there is not just one, per say, Estrogen. There are many types. So in simple terms, you can't loose weight if you are low with most types of Estrogen. A man can't get a "boner", ( I am trying to be light here, bear with me),  if the estrogen is low, the woman can't make things work good down there in her personal recreation area. Plus, your bones will be weak and break easy without decent levels of Estrogen. But this is driven by Sclareol for the most part and controlled by Boron with major contributions from Silica and Lithium.  So if your Boron is where is needs to be and you use a high Sclareol Clary Sage Oil, then the chances of you taking the C-Ride  with Luke and Colon is greatly lessened, recreational activities can be alive and your bones will be stronger. Basically, things below the belt line, on both genders, will work better. You will likely loose weight.  An important factor is that your bones being about as strong as a match stick will not be a part of your life.  Of course you need to do other things too, like eat a decent diet, drink water, lessen stress and all the typical healthy check marks of the life cycle.

The bottom line with the Estrogen issue with Clary Sage use is this, if you are Boron deficient, then yes, you will likely have negative issues with Clary Sage as it relates to Estrogen, and in particular the Sclareol element. If your Boron is where it needs to be, then you will likely experience positive results with using Clary Sage. I have tried to be simple here and of course other nutritional elements will factor into this deal, but that is the general, overall idea.

But if you are pregnant, seek some ideas from someone at a much higher pay grade than me. Anymore, pregnancy is such a wild card, one really needs to be hands on, face to face with dealing with that issue.

BTW, Sclareol has sweet and rather balsamic, woodsy aroma and is Amber in color. Clary Sage oil, well just say this, I love it. Most decent (general aromatherapy use type) Clary Sage essential oils are very good. But if you want the super powerful type (clinical type), it needs to be the variety that I mentioned. It also has a powerful calming effect on most users. Some people have described the calming effect as being much like if a person has used Lithium, properly. Some people have that have used Sandalwood EO claims it has a similar effect. So, is Clary Sage a poor man's?...poor woman's?...  Sandalwood or Amyris alternative? Perhaps so as to many aspects, I am not sure on all aspects. Maybe you can play with it as see for your self.

I have tried to be brief and to the point here. I hope it has been. Until next time, have a good day.

End of Discussion. KK



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