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Understanding the Nature of the Problem- SOLUTIONS to deal with Biological Warfare.

May 19, 2020

This is the second installment in this discussion. I chose to use the term Biological Warfare for two reasons, one is that it is actually a state of warfare and it is also a state of war to actually deal with his stuff. In the first discussion, I made mention that pretty much everyone that has passed through puberty has been exposed to these weaponized pathogens. Also, I made mention that fully one-third of all the health issues are because of these weaponized pathogens. Many health issues are also traced back to nutritional deficiencies. With those, we can mechanically make a connection, essentially a stimulus/response type of solution to solve the problems. Same with psychological driven health issues. The ideas are all pretty canned as to identifying the problem and coming up with a solution. But when it comes to these weaponized pathogens, it becomes much more difficult. Well, most of the time. It seems like once the actual base source of the issue is identified, there is already a solution at hand. Sometimes when we know the solution, it makes identifying that pathogen much easier. But it is not always a constant concept as with these weaponized pathogens, you must think of this in terms of a GMO type of pathogen. As with these types of "life forms" they can be and are usually very erratic and do not follow a set pattern of attacking a host life form. IE; they attack at random and hide. If you were to think of the ultimate guerrilla warrior, then you might be able to gain some insight into their behavior. They come out of hiding, attack, then retreat back to a hiding position. Once they retreat back into hiding, it becomes very difficult to root them out. The thing with weaponized pathogens is a weapon in all major militaries the world over. They all have them and these weaponized biologicals have been used in warfare since the earliest recorded history. But the stuff we are concerned with is in the here and now, the world we live and function in. I used one biological called Brucellious bacterium as an example. This is in no way the only one to be concerned with but it is the most common, for the most part, and the one that is the easiest to adapt to various settings and uses. I also compared the similarities to the present day Cova-19 deal and how much it and the Brucellious one resemble each other, ie; not a lot of difference between the two. Maybe the C-19 is based on the Brucellious, I don't know and have no way of knowing but just work with it. Hopefully down the road, we will learn more factual information. OK, now let us move to solutions.


The first way to deal with these things is to have an immune system that is working in your favor. Most of you are aware of what that takes, so I won't belabor that issue. I would just like to mention that drinking the right amount of clear liquids is important. I feel like keeping your pH within the range that it should be is vitally important. As long as you are reasonably nutrified your body will keep that balanced, ie; you shouldn't try to push it, artificially, way up into the high alkaline numbers as some people do is not a good thing. If you keep it at or about neutral or so, the body will adjust as it needs to, which it is always doing. Next would be to eat a balanced diet. But in deciding what a balanced diet might be for you, explore various diets and see what works best for you. I want to discuss a concept with you in the next paragraph along these lines.

One of the types of diets that are discussed out there is a unique concept but is rife with emotional-based variants that don't add up, but the concept is valid. Selection of a diet based on your genetic/DNA make up. So how do you do that? I will use myself as an example. I have lived my whole life within a 90-mile radius of where I was born. (With the exception of the 2 years of living in England, which they ate a lot of food in that area that I was already programmed to digest and process). So has my ancestors, on both sides for like 6 to 8 generations. So our base diets have been pretty much the same during that whole time. There have not been many variations. So for me, I would consider trying to stick to foods that are found within that arena, as my DNA is programmed to obtain the bulk of nutrients from those foods. So when a different food is introduced, my body doesn't have to do much changing to adapt to process it, as long as I am not introducing new types of foods that it has to "re-tool" to process, things work well. So with each of you, you need to study how this might play out for you. If you have enough to work with then this type of diet development might work for you. DNA programming of this type needs generations, in many cases, to make various DNA programming changes. But as a safe harbor type of diet would be to treat your self as a horse. How is that? Have you heard of the term, "Healthy as a horse"? As a general rule, horses are really a pretty healthy animal. As to diet, their diet is really a simple one. Keep in mind that a horse does not have a Gallbladder. So if a person has had that organ removes, then they would be well on their way of eating to be healthy as a horse. In simple terms, a horse eats a simple diet, at least the healthy ones do. They eat almost constantly, they eat a high fiber diet, they do utilize oil in their diet, but as they eat constantly, the bile is dripped and not "batched" so they can process oil but in small amounts over time. They do eat carbohydrates, but usually, they are fed carbs when high physical performance is required. Well, technically they are fed carbs based on their energy level needs for the day on a daily basis. By using carbs in this way, you will get more energy from a lesser amount of carbs. Plus, the carbs are usually in a none or least amount of processing as possible. Basically a horse is a healthy life form, he eats a simple, high fiber with little day to day variation and does not pig out, but eats small amounts constantly. We will talk more about this diet thing in another discussion.

Now here I might ruffle some feathers. One of the very few things that will help root out these weaponized pathogens from a cell where they are hiding is an essential oil. Essential oils have the uniques ability to pass through a cell wall whereas many other nutrients cannot. Well, they can if a certain procedure is followed. Leiann gives an excellent discussion on this in her lectures, but in general terms, the essential oil molecule will encompass the acidified nutrient and escort the nutrient through the cell wall. The essential oil will totally mess with the mutated pathogen within the cell and will drive it out. This repelling action is based on a number of factors but limited to the following, pH, electrical charge of the mutated pathogen, and placement of the actual nutrient within the cell its self. There is an idea out there that Homeopaths and Essential Oils don't work very well together. That is totally false. They work very well together. A person well versed in the use of oils and homeopaths, using them together as a modality can work miracles. Another modality that works wonders is skin brushing. More on that in another discussion.

Other products that work well in this war against mutated pathogens are simple things such as salt, clay, and herbal teas. There are a number of physical modalities that need to be used within a whole program of being proactive in this struggle. If one were to do this stuff, miracles will be experienced. I am not just blowing smoke here, as I have seen many people do these things and have been able to pull their "one foot out of the grave and throw away that slick banana peeling under the other foot".

The struggle to gain control over these weaponized, mutated pathogens is a real war as they cause so many unidentified health issues. Acknowledgment of this aspect is necessary before you can even begin to formulate a solution. Once you understand the nature of this beast, then the solution becomes clear. I hope you will work with these ideas and consider the concepts as you apply solutions for a better life and lifestyle. Don't allow these mutant pathogens to take you down.

End of Discussion.


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