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Surrender and Wild Flower

Feb 01, 2017

It is about time I get the rough idea out there about these 2 new blends that we get the information out there and ahead their introduction.

Let me lay some ground work first. We have been looking at several aspects of the emotional side of this whole aromatherapy arena. For the most part most aromatherapy programs and the offerings presented by most companies center around replacing your doctor and working mostly on physical issues. The replacing your doctor is a rational idea in some aspects but In our day and age, in this country, that might be even a little more important since the Affordable Health Care act is quickly becoming anything but affordable for most people. Of course the government agencies are really coming down on people creating and selling essential oils. In some aspects this is rational but also irrational. Irrational because many times people with good intentions try to work beyond their ability, training, education and qualifications. Many times this can be good or sometimes it can be bad. In doing a lot of the aromatherapy research and development  we are trying to walk that fine line between what is OK and what isn't OK. However, I think we have a good basic foot print to be complementary to the other products offered by the company as it applies to physical needs. The company could use some help in the emotional side of the road. You will notice a little more emphasis and focus on the emotional/psychological applications of the oils. We are currently working on an emotional program which will be similar to the Results Now program.

One must recognize the influence of stress and the devastating influence this monster has on our overall health. This is what the core of the program will be addressing. We really don't have to "invent" a program, we just have to work with it for a while and "prove" it to make sure it is consistent across the board for the people that we are targeting. I will discuss this in another blog. For right now, we need to discuss these two new blends.

Surrender is a blend that was originally developed to help a person come down from a stressful situation. It is different than the Earth Scent in that it targets a different set of parameters.. The Surrender is more of a brain specific type blend where as Earth Scent is more of a physical type blend. You would need to read about the targeting of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to better understand this concept. That discussion is found in the 4 parts of the Sleep discussions.

Wild Flower is a blend that targets brain activity and works similar to the Heaven Scent blend, but Heaven Scent targets the physical aspects and Wild Flower is total brain activity. Both are designed to "lift" a person up.

When you are bringing a person "down" it is not as simple as lifting a person up. I came up with this idea of how to explain it and I hope some of you can grasp it. Not because you can't but because of my limitations in explaining some things. Most of you will likely have access to some man or maybe even yourself, that has a Handy Man Jack. This is an all purpose jack that is basically a lever and pin type of a leverage/jack. The way the jack works when you are raising something up, it goes directly up, from one resting point to the next without any downward movement. When you are raising a person up you do it much like with this jack when raising up. Now when you go down, it is another story. With each stroke of the lever to produce movement downward, the jack will raise up a little bit, to release pressure on a pin, which then disengages and the leverage which is held by another pin. Then the jack works its way down. Have someone give you a demonstration and then you will grasp it clearly.

So the idea that you have to raise someone up a small bit before you can lower them down is how it has to be done, if you want to be successful in the task. That is the way that Surrender works.

Both of these oil blends share several oils in common. However, there are some different oils in them. Each has a faint Rose aroma. This is critical. Both have pin oils, both have Lavender and some citrus oils. But the overall difference in aroma is that Wild Flower has a slight tone of Jasmine and Surrender has a slight Ylang Ylang aroma. Wild Flower has more oils in it and is a slightly more complicated formulation. Both have one oil that is used in aroma enhancing and an totally new oil is introduced, Cocoa. Cocoa is not that nice of an oil when used alone, but it is wonderful when used in a blend. Those of you that have roots in the past from a big oil company will find a familiar aroma that you will thoroughly enjoy in this blend.

Several times in discussions about developing some perfume use blends, I have to say that I am not very good at that type of formulation. There are several types of mind sets in working with formulation of oils. I am more of a medicinal blender. There are some people out there that are really good at aromas. Those are respectfully called "Perfumers". Usually you are not very good at one if you are good at the other. The people in the middle are referred to as the Synergy blenders. Usually they do a good job in all 3 areas. Generally the medicinal and perfumers aren't supposed to set at the same table at family dinners, kids are not suppose to be friends, etc. Stupid I know, but that is the aromatherapy world. Anyway, with these two blends many people have reported that they love using them as a perfume. So I guess we got lucky on the aroma side of the fence with these 2 blends. Works good on psychological/emotional needs and perfume needs. But then again, sometimes you use perfume for emotional and psychological service.

Here is the list of oils in the Blends, Surrender; Bergamot, Cocoa, Lavender, Long Leaf Pine, Osmanthus, Rosewood, Spruce and Ylang Ylang. Wild Flower; Bergamot, Clematine, Cocoa, Jasmine, Lavender, Mandarin, Osmanthus, Orange, Rosewood, Spruce and Tangerine.

So as you can see there are many shared oils. But they are vastly different in function. These oils will be part of an emotional kit that is upcoming. They will be part of an emotional program similar in concept to the Results Now program,but far more intense and specific.

The points to remember are; Surrender to bring you down and calm you. Wild Flower to boost and revive you.  You would use them as a perfume, on the temples, in a diffuser and any other typical topical applications. Dilution is optional, according to personal preferences. Using them neat can be over powering for some people. I would love to discuss the emotional program more, but this post is too long as it is and that is a whole different program, plus the propaganda (lol) isn't finished on it yet.

Again, thank you for your time and interest, I enjoy working with all of you.


Written by Kent King.


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