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Styles of Aromatherapy

Feb 20, 2017

First off there are 4 main lines of thoughts with aromatherapy. The German method. says that you are only suppose to smell essential oils. Never do you apply topically or ingest. If you do they freak out. Then you have the English Method. With this one you can smell and apply topically. Then you have the French Method. With this one you can smell, ingest and apply topically. Then lastly you have the American Method. With this one anything goes. I guess at YGY they have chosen to follow along the lines of English Aromatherapy. The FDA has basically come down on just about everyone in the American and French lines of thinking, they say, NO you do not follow or teach certain parts of those. They started with the 2 main big companies following the American and French methods. Because of this misuse and misapplications of the American and French Methods, it is deemed best to follow the English Method of Aromatherapy. It tends to be safe and yet allow more applications to be served than just the German Methods does. Now as to another aspect, the problem you get with ingesting is that you basically hit the Liver with a big work load and many times it causes more harm than good. To understand this aspect further you can study the "First By Pass" or the "Liver First By Pass". Those terms are used interchangeably. You know if you are under the care of a medical professional then that person is on a much better position to deal with internal usage, it then becomes a different story. But for the average person on the street, then it really is a wiser and more rational course to follow by doing essentially, the English Method.


Written by Kent King.


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