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Say What? How Do You Say Ylang Ylang?

Jul 09, 2017

Does this ever happen to you – you hear or see something and BAM! It brings back a memory? Not a déjà vu – when you feel like you’ve seen or experienced something you’ve seen or experienced before. No, it’s more like a “click” – like a puzzle piece fitting together.

I had this experience with Ylang Ylang essential oil, as in, “how do you pronounce this?” Just looking at it, you know it couldn’t be as easy as “WHY-lang” or “why-LANG.”

I have heard Leiann say “uh-LANG uh-LANG ” is an option, but she seems to prefer “eh-LONG eh-LONG.” She mentioned the pronunciation depends on your native language.

For fun, if you really give it some thought, take “e-LONG e-LONG” and put the emphasis on the first syllable. You can make this oil name sound like a donkey. Try it yourself. Out loud. I double-dog dare you.

No matter how you (amuse yourself by) pronounce(ing) it, Ylang Ylang is an essential oil to have for serious issues. Life can be stressful and leave you frustrated, even angry. Ylang Ylang helps soothe this tension, even by helping relax muscles when your facial expression matches your teeth-grinding mood. While you’re using it on your face (with a carrier oil), you might just find that it helps soothe irritation and decrease oily skin.

Stress can result in headaches, insomnia, depression, sudden shock, high blood pressure, eczema, compromised immune system, external and internal infections, even low sex drive. Before you decide to just douse yourself in Ylang Ylang to wash all your troubles away, remember that a little Ylang goes a long way. Even though it is non-toxic and non-irritating, it can cause headache or nausea if you use too much. And if you use prescription medication for your high blood pressure, remain on those medications and only make adjustments under your doctor’s care.

Ylang Ylang can even help your head. Use it with jojoba oil or in shampoo to stimulate hair growth. Is your scalp oily? Ylang Ylang can help reduce the problem.

How do you learn the safest ways to use Ylang Ylang essential oil? Get the book or the free e-book. Foundational Aromatherapy is the book by Leiann King and Brenda Wright and is available here:


So whether you’re having a sha-la-la-la or a whoa, whoa kind of day, you can always just shoobeedoo lang lang over to your bottle of Ylang Ylang. Not only did it remind me that it can be “Yesterday Once More,” where Carpenters’ song lyrics click in place in my brain (at least somewhat) – it also reminded me that this essential oil can help make life more joyful.


Written by Lori (Roberts) Wilson


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