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My Intimate Secrets About Cedarwood

Mar 01, 2017

I want to start my post off by sharing something personal. If I haven't shared this yet I am sharing it now. I have strong Native American blood in me, and I have a way of fine tuning into the vibrational energies of plants, as well as what God our creator (or the Great Spirit as Native Americans call him) has to offer me.

My feelings on Cedarwood essential oil are that if you are going to use it, use it gratefully. It took a whole tree to get such a small amount of pure essential oils into your palm! Indians used the whole tree, seeds and all. There was no waste.

Because it was believed that the tree itself carried protective properties from their native ancestors, Native Americans carried a piece of cedarwood around their neck for added support.
Whether my ancestors knew it or not, those necklaces kept the pesky bugs away!

Cedarwood was also burned and used as a purifier to cleanse homes and sacred places from negative vibrational energies.
Today in this chaotic world, where our world is running with so much mixed energies and emotions, it's easy to get lost and feel like you are not truly following your path, or you just feel pulled a million different directions.
I find myself reaching for Cedarwood oil often, to simply get grounded and feel more at peace with myself. It's like a reset, recharge or reconnection. This is my story.

I am positive that Cedarwood will give you the same benefits of getting in touch with your heart, if you gratefully pull it off your shelf and give it a try. My personal tip to you is, carry it in your purse, smell it or apply when you feel like you need some centering.

Check out Cedarwood in the book I co-wrote with Brenda Wright, Foundational Aromatherapy and learn about the added benefits.

Safety notes: not to be used by pregnant women, as it could cause miscarriage and not to be taken internally, as it could irritate stomach.


Written by Leiann King.


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