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Moo Juice Part 2

Feb 02, 2017

(Editor’s note: In part one of this series, Kent professed his love for milk, introduced us to some lovely dairy farm ladies (cows) including the queens of the milkers, the Holsteins and (cue the scary music) the GMO connection.) 

Hey everyone,

From this point on I am going to talk about a case study that I have been involved in. We will address other aspects of this later on and tie in the nutrition and essential oils and their role in all of this.

I have a friend who has a dairy, produces very high quality milk and actually cares about the welfare of his cows even down to an individual cow basis. This dairy runs about 65 twice a day through the barn.

My friend had to purchase a little extra hay last year to make it through the season. He bought a few semi loads from another friend of mine that farms just up the road from where I live. By all rights, this hay farmer is a very good farmer. But he plants Roundup Ready alfalfa. Then comes my friend that has the small dairy. He has, for the most part, all old breeds of cows. Most of them are Milking Shorthorns, with some Jersey and a few Brown Swiss straight bred and crossbred. He does have about a half-dozen straight Holsteins.

It was observed that when he started feeding the Roundup Ready (GMO) hay, the cows started to exhibit pretty much the same signs that humans exhibit when eating food with this particular chemical having been used on them. They had gut issues, emotional problems and were generally messed up. (Yes, milk cows exhibit emotions, real emotions. I want to discuss some case studies with that as well at a later point.) Within three days of reverting back to the hay he raised, the problems began to go away and within a week the cows were back to normal.

He observed that the Holsteins presented no problems – all was normal with them. The Milking Shorthorns tolerated it but did present enough problems to show that they were having problems with the hay. The Jersey cows did much worse and the Brown Swiss cows almost died. After being thoroughly vetted, the conclusion was that the issue centered on the GMO hay.

I have one branch of my family (second cousins) that is big-time dairy farmers. I am at this dairy several times per week. They do things pretty much right with about 2800 cows going through their barn three times per day. They have about 1000 Jersey cows and the rest are Holsteins and Holstein crosses.

They have some real issues with some of their cows. The problem cows are the Jerseys and some Jersey crosses. It has been observed that the connection between those cows doing well – or not – is the hay. Feed them GMO hay, they start to go downhill. All you have to do is drive by the sick cow pen and you know when they are feeding GMO hay. They buy a lot of hay from various sources, which do not all grow GMO hay.

In all of this, all of the cows are being fed GMO corn that has been sprayed with this one herbicide.

It has been concluded that the cows can tolerate a moderate amount of the stuff, but at some point they become overwhelmed. The cows with the mutation in the gut seem to tolerate it much better than those that don't have the mutation.

When translated over to us as humans, we end up having the same issues that these cows have – simply a depletion of minerals, which causes a whole host of other issues. This chemical binds several critical minerals and removes them from the body without the body being able to assimilate them. For the most part these minerals are calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc. For some strange reason these minerals are some of the main ones that a lot of us appear to have a depletion issue with.

Is there a connection? Stay tuned to the next part in this series. We will look at the role essential oils play in the correction process as well as these minerals. For now, let’s take another breather and process the information.

Best Regards!


Written by Kent King.


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